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15 Best Free Construction Project Management Software – 2023

Construction Project Management Software

Software for project management makes it easier to plan, visualize, and monitor projects. It enables teamwork, resource management, and task distribution. It assists your team in completing projects successfully.

Let’s consider a different point of view. Is it harmful to your company if you don’t use project management software?

Yes. Because there will be too much back-and-forth communication, which will result in mistakes. It is impossible to keep track of resources and projects. You are unable to verify critical due dates, open tasks, etc, rapidly.

As a business owner, you understand how crucial project management is to your success.

Whether you work in a start-up environment and require a free solution or you are a member of an established company that wants to streamline its operations, there are many possibilities for free project management software.

Here are our top selections for the finest free project management tools that will enable your team to operate at its most productive level if you are concerned about the lowest point line and cannot afford to incur another monthly expense.

  1. Hive


Teams of various sizes can use the project management tool called Hive. Full project management capabilities are available for up to 10 people with Hive Free, the software’s free-for-ever subscription. This makes it an excellent free project management tool for small organizations, freelancers, and business owners who want to organize their tasks and manage ongoing projects.

Due to its intuitive user interface, Hive makes it incredibly simple to get started straight out of the box. Additionally, many helpful tools are available to keep your team organized in addition to the usual work management and collaboration functions. From a native chat to numerous project layouts and a convenient note-taking feature, the free edition of Hive gets the task done.

You may upgrade to Hive Teams for just $12 per user per month if you want to access more storage, add more users, or add “Apps” with additional features to your Hive workspace. Timesheets, analytics, shareable documents, and other features are among the extra benefits and features that Hive Teams offers to make your job more efficient.

  1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Businesses may take advantage of a number of strong features from Zoho Projects for sales and marketing, including strong integrations, secure cloud storage, and a few add-ons like Gantt charts and time tracking. The broader range of Zoho products, also includes a CRM system, virtual assistant applications, meeting tools, and a lot more. This makes it simple to combine software solutions in order to obtain the ideal fit and worth for the requirements of your workforce.

Zoho Projects is an excellent free project management tool for small organizations because it can be up to 3 members. However, you’ll need to purchase the Zoho projects premium subscription if your organization has more than three members. The enterprise subscriptions for Zoho Projects start at $10 per user per month, whereas the premium packages begin at $5 per user per month.

  1. Trello


The popular project management tool Trello is renowned for its efficiency and usability. Perfect for small organizations looking for a straightforward, user-friendly project management application. Trello, a well-liked go-to free project management tool for businesses and freelancers, provides workflow transparency with its Kanban-style structure. Therefore, if your team like working with movable cards and wants to shift projects around while keeping an eye on tasks, this tool might be the right choice for you.

The fact that Trello’s free plan offers an infinite number of cards and users is one of its main advantages. Trello is one of the most outstanding options when it comes to straightforward, practical solutions to keep your employees organized on a tight budget. However, remember that you will need to upgrade to a subscription pricing plan, which starts at five dollars a month per user, if you want to access the tool’s full functionality.

  1. ClickUp


If you’ve utilized any of the commercial editions of ClickUp, you are likely to agree when it is claimed that it is a tremendous project management tool. Nearly all of your project management responsibilities, permissions, and goals may be handled with ClickUp. Note that ClickUp’s free project management solution has limited functionalities than those of its commercial pricing levels.

While using the free version, you often click on a function you would like to use, but sadly, it is only accessible through the paid version. Nevertheless, You can still choose ClickUp’s free version over some of the other project managers on this list. Even though ClickUp seems diluted, it nevertheless has many benefits for small organizations and can revolutionize how your small firm manages its procedures. 100MB of storage, unrestricted tasks and users, real-time chat, and collaborative documents are some of the features available in their free version.

  1. Airtable


Airtable can be your company’s ideal project management tool after talking with your team regarding their requirements. The platform offers organizations seeking digitization, workflow tracking, and the creation of collaborative applications a simple and low-code solution. Airtable offers ready-made templates that simplify onboarding. The platform enables integrations with the most well-known tools, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Workspace, and Slack. With the ability to display projects and tasks on grid-like views, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and calendar views, Airtable delivers an excellent user interface and a truly collaborative experience.

With Airtable’s free plan, you can establish an unlimited number of bases, have an unlimited number of commenters and read-only viewers, have up to 1,200 entries per base, and have a total of 2GB of attachments per base. You can also have up to 5 creators or editors. A number of premium features, including custom-branded forms and automated table syncing, are available with the $10/month Plus subscription.

  1. Teamwork

Project management software called teamwork offers a feature-rich free plan. Multiple project layouts (List, Table, Boards, Gantt), sub-tasks, labels, connections, infinite task list templates, team chat integration, and many other features are included in the free package. Whether your team is remote or hybrid, teamwork provides you with everything you require to stay connected. The software’s free plan also offers user rates, projected time management, and billable time monitoring. By putting all project discussions in one location and being productive by automating workflows and eliminating repetitive activities, teamwork can help you spend less time on email.

  1. Plaky

A task management system for small and developing organizations called Plaky is totally free. It’s a simple and user-friendly interface with features that can be customized, making it simple to design each workspace in accordance with a team’s workflow. Some of its main features are guest access, time tracking connection with Clockify, a limitless number of users, projects, and assignments, table and Kanban board views, customizable templates, and permissions management on a per-workspace basis.

Plaky is a program worth considering if you’ve been seeking a cost-effective way to manage your tasks at work or on the move without sacrificing data security. The best part is that all of its features are accessible for free.

  1. Indy

Indy is a fantastic project management application with a free version. The software includes simple productivity tools designed for freelancers, small businesses, and teams. It features templates for forms, invoices, contracts, and proposals. With the help of boards and lists, Indy allows you to organize your tasks. You can even mail clients directly from the application’s interface. You can keep track of your schedule and even track your time with an intuitive calendar. Indy offers 10 GB of free storage to all its users so they may keep all their stuff in one location.

You get a lot of what you need from Indy to run your independent business, and it’s always free. Indy’s Pro Package plan is $6.75/month if paid annually, whether you’d prefer additional capabilities like Zapier connectors, automated processes, and 1TB of storage.

  1. GoodDay

GoodDay provides simple task organization, increasing productivity based on motivation, agility, and transparency. All of the capabilities are accessible in Gantt, Kanban, Board, and Calendar views and can be customized to meet specific project requirements. GoodDay is simple to use for everyone on the team and is accessible across a variety of platforms. One-click launch templates, resource management, and milestone tracking are important aspects.

Upgrading to the Professional package for $4 per user/month unlocks additional features like advanced views and extensions, customized fields, user role modifications, and more for up to 250 users. You can start using GoodDay for free with a package that includes unlimited projects, tasks, and events for up to 15 users.

  1. Asana

Asana is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a project management solution with a free subscription for more than ten workers. With Asana’s free subscription, 15 users can collaborate, create an infinite number of assignments, projects, messages, and activity logs, and store an unlimited number of files (100MB per file). Asana is an agile application that makes organizing work processes and identifying bottlenecks and backlogs simple. Tasks, which can be combined into more significant projects and allocated to specific team members, form the foundation of the platform. The tool offers a variety of dashboard options, including calendar, board, Gantt chart, and Kanban views. A trial version with less functionality is available on Asana. Starting at $10.99, its subscription plan unlocks premium features.


You can manage projects with a team of up to 5 workers with’s free plan. Task management, dependency tracking, and a number of software connectors, including Slack, Jira, Asana, and HubSpot CRM, are all available on the platform. Additionally, provides all subscribers with free educational webinars, customer relationship management, and native social media management. Additionally, it contains a “panic button” function that enables users to shut down their whole account to safeguard data if their account is compromised. has apps for iOS and Android devices and supports an infinite number of documents. The project management software provides templates, checklists, boards, columns, app connectors, and task automation. Limited functionality is available in the free version, and the entry-level package costs $8 per month for each user.

  1. Wrike

Wrike can be the ideal choice for your company if it is small to midsize. The drag-and-drop Gantt chart the project management tool provides makes it simple to view task deadlines and dependencies. The in-app discussion, user tags, and approval/proofing module enable teams to work together. Wrike simplifies reporting to stakeholders by displaying data and insights on an aesthetically pleasing dashboard.

To execute activities, monitor KPIs, and produce reports, the solution also provides native and third-party apps. Unlimited users, cloud storage integrations (including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Box, and One Drive), and 2 GB of storage capacity per account are all included in Wrike’s freemium plan. The price per user per month for Wrike’s Professional package is $9.80.

  1. nTask

nTask is another program for managing projects that are on the list. Task management software makes tracking project development, fostering teamwork, and identifying risk easier. The application’s user-friendly design makes it simple to onboard new subscribers. Due to its availability across numerous platforms, nTask is extremely simple to use. Team administration, risk control, meeting management, bug monitoring, Gantt charting, Kanban boards, time administration, and payroll management are a few of the important features.

The free basic plan for nTask includes an unlimited number of workspaces, tasks, and to-do lists. nTask provides a free trial for both its premium and commercial subscriptions in addition to its free basic version. The price for the premium plan is $3 per month per user.

  1. Nifty

Nifty is a useful free project management tool for new teams, start-ups, and small organizations. Nifty can assist you with everything from basic to-do lists to comprehensive project planning with automated progress reporting. It’s a user-friendly platform for groups and visitors that lets you invite customers and freelancers to participate in particular projects. What’s best? They can view the projects without having a subscription.

The ability to track projects with integrated conversations, milestones, automation, time tracking, and more is available with upgraded plans. Using Nifty, you may keep files and documents organized in a single location for each project. Each project’s home screen can be altered to suit your approach. More than 1,000 connectors are available for the product, including those for Google Workspace, Teams, Zoom, and Google video calls. The majority of project management app features you’d anticipate they are in Nifty, along with a few pleasant surprises like built-in Direct Messaging and two-way editable Google Documents.

Starting with a free trial plan with restricted features, Nifty offers five different subscription levels. If you choose a premium plan, purchasing an annual subscription can save you up to 45%.

  1. Meister Task

MeisterTask is another excellent option if you’re looking for free software for managing tasks to get your project off the ground. A single user may work on an unlimited number of MeisterTaskprojects under the Basic plan’s free option. It has a customizable Kanban board but has limited integration options. With simple-to-use task cards that allow you to submit attachments up to 20 MB and leave remarks between team members, collaborating on an assignment is a breeze. MeisterTask has native mobile and desktop applications that you can utilize on many platforms.

The free plan provides you with a lot of tools to get your project management off the ground, even though it lacks a schedule or automated options. MeisterTask offers plans starting from $8.25 per month if you decide that you want more capabilities and the capacity to work on an unlimited number of projects.

Finally, How to Select the Best Project Management Software?

There are numerous applications available for project management. For this reason, it’s crucial to take into account your project management requirements before making a final choice.

Do you merely want it to keep things in order? Or to manage projects from beginning to end?

Make a list of your requirements, then search for specific programs with those qualities. Cost, data storage, capacity, user access, and integration possibilities should all be taken into account. CRMs, email advertising tools, platforms for marketing automation, web page developers, SMS advertising software, and all other services you utilize should be able to connect and share data with project management solutions. Without that, switching between tabs and copying and pasting data will take a lot of time.

Lastly, before you decide to acquire a tool, always try it out with your team first.


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