5 Ways SharePoint can Help You Increase Workplace Engagement

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Workplace engagement is a major concern for every business. Worldwide, a serious amount of time and resources are spent on engaging customers but not enough is spent on engaging the business workforce. According to statistics, this lack of engagement is costing businesses billions per annum.

So, what can be done to improve workplace engagement? How does SharePoint play a part in this?

In simple words, a lot of productivity is affected in a workplace due to monotony. This is where SharePoint comes in. With this revolutionary tool, you can greatly increase your employees’ engagement in the work environment.

Here are 5 few ways that will help you understand:

Make Work Process Easier

A lot of employees’ time is spent on repetitive tasks like filing, organizing, and such which can be made much easier with SharePoint. SharePoint’s automation offers convenience where files can be filed and organized as required by the software itself. To make things even more convenient, searching for documents in SharePoint is extremely easy which can seem to be cumbersome otherwise. This does not only reduce the work process for the employee but keeps them from getting frustrated and bored.

Reduce Meetings

In plain simple words, meetings are boring. But statistically speaking, meetings are also unproductive. In fact, surveys show that 25% of the time in a workplace is wasted due to meetings. Furthermore, it is only the first few minutes of a meeting where employees are engaged, after which it is a plain struggle to keep track. SharePoint can help you reduce the need for meetings. Instead, you can make informative videos for everyone and share them so that employees can watch them at their own convenience. This is essentially helpful for workers who are unable to be physically present due to geographical or other reasons.

Offer Stimulating Content

You can use SharePoint as a useful tool to increase productivity in the workplace. However, that will take some effort on your part as an employer as well. A good idea is to appoint a content manager who updates stimulating content regularly to boost the employees’ morale. This is especially useful as members from different teams and departments can read the content they like.


Think of SharePoint as a meeting place where different people come together and share ideas virtually. One might argue that socializing in a workplace is distracting but research suggests otherwise. Conversations and interactions keep the employees’ spirits uplifted reducing boredom which is a major cause of unproductivity. SharePoint can help members of a workplace indulge in quality discussions while getting to know each other through a digital medium. With a little development, it can be made into an extraordinary system. For example, by integrating SharePoint with Skype, you can enable workers to interact and share their opinions proactively during collaborations. This is especially good for remote workers since there is no medium for them to connect in a physical space.

Promote Creativity

The best way to increase productivity is by letting workers do what they do best. SharePoint allows you to do exactly that. There are many aspects of a job that workers may not like but have to do which discourages them from working happily. SharePoint removes the monotony from tasks like searching, editing, and organizing through automation which leaves the employees with time and energy to put in innovations.


SharePoint is a highly effective tool in making work more enjoyable by removing unnecessary repetition. However, it is essential that this system is encouraged in a workplace since employees unfamiliar with the tool cannot explore its full potential. It is recommended that businesses take necessary steps in training employees on how to use SharePoint.

With time, SharePoint can become a great tool to increase productivity and boost innovations in a workplace.

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