6 Ideas for Company Newsletters

Ideas for Company Newsletters

Whether your organization is small or large, it deserves an effective internal communication strategy. This type of strategy will help advance employee communication across all departments. It will also play a significant role in sharing vital information on upcoming events, anniversaries, birthdays, directives, and industry news. Furthermore, it will strengthen employee engagement, marketing strategy, and company culture.

All these events will help you form a cohesive work environment for the team members to work towards achieving a common goal. This is where the company newsletter comes in to make your work easier and less stressful.

The internal newsletter can help break down or organize internal information to let co-workers and even new employees know what is going on in other departments. Check out these company newsletter ideas that you can use to boost readership in your organization:

1. Message from the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

One of the top employee newsletter ideas is the creation of where the company’s CEO can post the message on a newsletter template. Once this place is ready, the CEO can share new products, upcoming projects, company events, milestones, and new policies. This platform will also connect employees with the company CEO.

Employee newsletters can serve as one of the regular or semi-regular features of the company newsletter content. In this sense, writing the CEO’s regular column should not be treated as a milestone for the company’s communications team. Doing so may diminish the CEO’s impact on the employee newsletter.

2. Create a Profile for Each Employee

Your next newsletter idea may include profiling employees. The newsletter content regarding your employees’ profile may contain their current work, career history, and professional achievements. This particular newsletter content will provide a great way for team members to know each other, especially when they meet physically.

The same case can apply to large organizations and companies across different geographic regions. In this case, co-workers who just communicate through social media platforms like Skype or phone will have an opportunity to get to know their colleagues in person.

3. Highlight Your Customers’ Case Studies

Regardless of the industry you are in, you will always have customers, clients, or stakeholders who depend on your organization. All these should be your target audience when it comes to your newsletter content ideas.

With that being said, take the initiative in showcasing case studies about your company’s history in helping other individuals or other organizations to solve their specific problems. This great content on your company newsletter can show your team of workers, including your new hires the type of work your organization does.

4. Include Team Spotlights and FAQs

Make sure to add some human interest to your employee newsletter. Include a little of your employee spotlight towards the end of every subject line. On top of that, select at least five frequently asked questions and email them to your employees to get proper answers.

Below are some of the common FAQs ideas for your email newsletter:

  1. What is the most outstanding feature of your company?
  2. What are your most memorable moments at the workplace?
  3. What do you listen to in your free time? (Music or podcast)
  4. What type of a  must-read blog are you into lately?
  5. What is your next holiday destination?

You can go the extra mile to generate other questions that will add some little human interest to your email newsletter. Each question should be easy and straight to the point to get timely employee feedback.

5. Take Advantage of Emojis and GIFs Visuals when Collecting Employee Feedback

Remember that company metrics and goals are easily understood with different types of visuals. As such, GIFs and emoji reactions can quickly entice your employees into responding to your questions promptly.

These visuals can also help your team of workers to maintain the fun feel of your company newsletter all the time. After all, collecting employees’ feedback is just a win-win situation on both sides. This is because your staff feels heard and appreciated every time they contribute their opinion. As a result, you end up getting the right feedback from your employee newsletter at the right time.

6. Include Training Opportunities in Your Company Newsletter Ideas

One of the most important company goals is to help employees grow in their careers. In this regard, use the company newsletter to tell your employees about courses, giveaways, conferences, webinars, workshops, new job openings, or job postings. Let them know about the available training opportunities on offer whether online or in person.

Satisfy your team members’ curiosity by keeping them in the know with a regular round-up of current affairs. Bear in mind that encouraging ongoing training opportunities will demonstrate that your company values professional growth and development.

Final Thought

To recap, your company newsletter should aim at promoting internal communication within your organization. Sharing vital information can help create a friendly and productive team that works towards a common goal. The tips highlighted above will help you create an informative newsletter that serves your employees and company interest in general.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan

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