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7 types of software SMEs must have

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Technology has become an important part today for every business. By using the right set of tools & software, one can increase the productivity and achieve its full potential.

Using right software can make any business run in a more efficient manner while simplifying the management process. With small and medium businesses spending a higher percentage of their revenue on software than enterprises. Software can help small business in automating the tasks, reducing cost, from managing all their demands and responsibilities to day-to-day operations.

Business Mailing

Whether you’re running a startup, small business, a freelancer or a large enterprise, finding a best and cost effective business mailing and collaboration solutions can be challenging task. If you have just started the business, business mailing is the first thing you would require to communicate with your clients. Cloud-based office productivity solutions can be access across any device, anywhere, at any time. These apps help organizations save time and money on software and IT infrastructure costs while increasing work productivity & efficiency. The best productivity suite provides business mailing, tools for video conferencing and apps like excel, powerpoint, docs etc. A few examples of cloud based productivity suite which includes the best business mailing software are Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Zoho Workplace.

Data Backup & Storage

Research studies shows that over half of the small businesses that lose their data close down after six months. If you’re running a small medium business, losing important data can be a huge loss. Cloud Backup software is very important In order to protect your company’s essential data. Data backup software prevents critical business data from being deleted or damaged. In case of disastrous events such as natural disaster, system failure, accident or physical damage, data can be restored from a cloud server where the backup is stored. Best data backup software helps you backing up critical data, restoring files, folders, shared drives, databases, hard drives and entire network servers. The backup software can be used by individual users as well as companies of any size to secure their computers, endpoints, servers, and networking devices. Some of the best data backup software are Dropbox for business, One Drive, Box, Acronis, etc.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management software provides business intelligence, automation and task management solutions to manage sales and marketing processes. A good CRM System provides features like prospects, customer interactions and complaints, tracking leads along with third-party integrations. Ultimately to improve business relationships. A CRM software helps companies communicate regularly with potential customers and streamline customer retention processes.It also helps manage client interactions and prospects through multiple channels. It ensures a streamlined process for customer relationship management, resulting in growth and higher profitability. Freshworks, Salesforce and Zoho are highly used CRM Software.

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HR and payroll

Human resource management Software is a system application for the HR and admin department in companies. SMEs can reduce their manpower costs by improving the HR Department through HR and payroll software. This software is designed to track employee’s attendance, FNF, leaves, payroll, and payslip which will helps save time and manpower cost and impact to perform at peak capacity. HRMS software applications can be deployed by businesses of all sizes – small, medium or large to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. When compared to manual systems payroll processing is fast and easy and eliminate human errors. Employees can apply for leaves, view their pay slips and reimbursements, and declare investments without the time of the company HR. Some famous HR and payroll software are SumHR, Greythr, Marga and Sage.

Accounting software

Accounting software is system application designed to simplify and improve the business accounting processes. It helps to manage and generate invoices, bills, revenue calculation, track & analysis inventory reports, tracking cash flow, and accurate distribution of payroll to execute. It provides essential accounting features like accounts payable and receivable, account journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance and much more. Business accounting software has become an invaluable resource to small medium businesses. It provides detailed tracking of every expense and reduces the chances of human error in bookkeeping. Some of the most used accounting software are Tally, and Marg.

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Antivirus software is specifically designed to protect your endpoint, servers and mobile devices against viruses, malware and ransomware that damage the computer and compromise your data. Antivirus software scan the complete system and removes if any virus is there. Cyber attacks are increasing rapidly across the world and SMEs are main target because of their lack of cyber security policies to protect against these attacks. In addition, due to quickly improving black hat techniques, small and medium businesses are always at risk of an cyber attack which may lead to data theft and loss. An efficient business antivirus also blocks and deletes all suspicious files from the device to enhance the system’s performance. Symamtec, Bitdefender, Sophos, and Trend Micro are a few of the top-rated business antivirus software.

Point of sale

POS systems are important for small business retailers especially for ecommerce. Point of sale software is a computer application used for billing. It helps boost sales by automate accounting and inventory for a small business like retail shops, medical stores, grocery shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets in India. Point of sale system software helps to reduce customer queue-in time with their advanced features like generating invoices, bills, and inventory management. For example Petpooja, Nukkad, Tally 9, Zopper are widely used POS Software.

These 7 business software including accounting management, HR Software, payroll management, and business antivirus are among many others which help small and medium businesses increase productivity and opportunity to grow in the competitive market.


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