8 Things You Didn’t Know You can Do with SharePoint

We all know of SharePoint as an extraordinary document management system. But that is only in a nutshell. SharePoint is a lot more than that since it offers some robust functionalities that can completely revolutionize the way you run things.

Here are 8 amazing things you can do with SharePoint:

Create Invoices: A great feature of SharePoint that most people are not aware of is that you can prepare invoices in it. Simply collect all the data you need from Microsoft Forms and import it to SharePoint. Now you can create invoices for all kinds of purposes. This eliminates the need for other invoice management tools and software.

Share Documents: SharePoint is not only a system that helps you manage documents but it allows you to maintain a centralized location where all documents can be shared amongst members. Furthermore, it offers some advanced security options that restrict unauthorized members from accessing sensitive files.

Create Your Own Site: In a time where the flow of information never ends, having an informative site about your company is a must. This is made easy by SharePoint which has a feature called Wiki site that enables you to create a site with some amazing options to cater to your needs. You can share informative articles, business information, updates, and discussions for company people to read.

Advanced Content Editing: You know that SharePoint is a system that allows you to share and manage documents but what you didn’t know is that it is also a great content editing platform. It can be an exhausting task to create a document in one software, then edit it with a third-party tool, then upload it on SharePoint. So why go through it? SharePoint offers advanced content editing options so you don’t have to indulge in other applications.

Shared Calendar: Why waste time creating events and tasks on multiple tools and send them to every team member individually? On SharePoint, you can create a shared calendar that all team members can see. You can also create groups here and add events. By highlighting types of events in various colors, you can make it easy for members to find events.

Automate Tasks: We all hate the monotony of sharing documents, then awaiting approvals, editing, and whatnot! What if this could all be eliminated? That’s exactly what SharePoint does. SharePoint workflows make the document flow easy by automating tasks like collecting feedback and approvals.

Versioning: Documents go through various editors which means there are multiple changes in the process. But what if, in the end, you settle on a previous version of the document? How do you undo all the changes? You don’t! With SharePoint, you can save all the versions of a document as it goes through changes. What’s more, you can even restore older versions.

Integration: In a workplace, collaboration is a necessity. But doing it on various platforms can be troubling. By integrating third-party applications with SharePoint, you can simplify various tasks.

When you approach a SharePoint development company, you should be able to get an application that you can use to its full potential.

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