8 Tips For Selling on Instagram Successfully

The biggest mistakes people making are they are not using Instagram as a place to monetize. They post without a strategy. It does not matter what business you are in, even if you are a personal brand or an influencer or a brand that sells on a not tangible product.’

If you are using Instagram in a business capacity, then you need to make sure that you are optimizing this platform to help you sell. The post shares 10 tips that you can start using your Instagram to make money and sell. These tips are as follow:

1. Be Clear With What You Sell:

This needs to be in your bio and your highlight strategy, and you must be able to communicate effectively what your business is about. If you are an influencer and you do not sell anything. If you are a personal brand, you need to make sure that your bio lets people know that you work with brands to create content.

Your highlight should say something like work with me or content that I have created or video testimonial or whatever it is. It is not about just selling products on Instagram, but it’s about having a mindset that Instagram needs to be very clear about everything from your tone, caption, bio.

Every good stuff needs to let their people know what it is that you are selling. Also, you do not want to be too salesy. No one wants to follow a sales Instagram page, and people wish to value and information about the product. See your selling points and offer that value. Also, offer that hook and authenticity to keep your audience engaged.

If every single post is about selling, no one will stay on your page, and people will get annoying very quickly because that is not the experience on Instagram. You need to keep in mind that you need to be clear about what you are selling or how you’re trying to monetize.

2. Gain Trust:

Gain people’s trust. People need to trust you, and they need to like you. They need to understand who you are. You do not need to sell it all but show up, be there for your community. You need to be there for your audience and show up in the stories and let them see who you are.

If you are someone behind the screen, then it is time to be on camera to let your people know more about you. If you do not like to do that, then post stories. This is a perfect way to start building trust with your community so that they can feel confident in buying product from you in the future.

It is recommended to set up your zoom call or find a way to get your community offline in a secret safe space and engage with them. Learn about what they need because it will help you develop better products, and you will serve them better in the long run.

3. Get Live:

No matter what platform you are choosing to sell. It can be Instagram Live Stream or talking to them like on a webinar or whatever it is. Selling live is a lot more effective than selling in a caption or an email. Because people feel you, they see your energy, and they feel connected to you in a way. For example, if you are selling beauty or handmade product online, you can easily find some brand ambassador to serve you within the company as that person you know goes live, and people connect with your live stream.

This is an amazing place to start. Even you, as the business owner, do not want to go in front. Try to find someone from within the company you think you know can highlight this position.

Getting yourself live in front of your audience makes you and your people more connected. It is the right way to showcase your product or service or yourself in front of them. You can use some IG live viewers selling service if you want to make your audience feel that you are more famous.

If you are a huge brand or personal brand or an influencer or someone on the content side, then this goes for you too. If you are selling anything, even if it is not a digital product, but you are selling panel workshop tickets or any service or whatever it is. We all know selling live really increases your chance of making that sale.

4. Sell in Direct Messages:

Try to use direct messages to your advantage, the DM. Most people will reach out to you via DM and may want to learn more about your work and find a way to work with you. This is a perfect way to take those inbound. You can request those people coming in and turn them into either a lead or an actual sale.

If anyone is coming into your DM, you can offer them a freebie. You need to get them on your list, then take them down some of your welcome series. You can sell them directly in the DM. So, you want to make it easy for every customer to be able to purchase from you.

Suppose it is a brand that wants to work with you and have a perfect landing web page set up or have a survey set up or some way to capture their information. Then you can send them a link right away, like an inquiry survey form or even get their opinion and information so that you can follow that lead and close the sale.

5. Creating Shoppable Posts:

Another good way to sell on Facebook or Instagram is by self-creating shoppable posts. First, you need to be approved by Instagram to have a shoppable post. This is happening way more, and Instagram wants to let creators monetize and have their e-commerce business set up. So, people can shop right away. If you are selling anything, you need to start looking into the shoppable post feature to sell directly through the posts.

6. Show Behind the Scenes:

Another best tip to sell on Instagram is to show behind the product creation scenes or whatever you are doing. For example, if you are an influencer and are on a campaign, even if you’re not on a real campaign and set your own to help get you to work, show that behind the scenes.

If you create any tangible product, show the factory; show how it is being made.

If you are a coach, show yourself preparing or looking like people. Trust most important and in the behind-the-scenes process. It always makes them feel like they are being let in, and they understand how it all works. So, if you can let people behind the scenes, it is a great way to sell on Instagram.

7. Share Reviews/ Testimonials:

Another great way to sell on Instagram is to share testimonials of people using your product or service. If people love whatever you are doing, they will find value in what you do and trust you. They will feel like a brand, and they will do the selling for you.

You need to work on getting those testimonials and work on getting to that for you. You must always provide outstanding service and good value, and then people will be more than willing to offer you a video testimonial. You can use that in your highlight and your posts as ways to help sell without having to be super salesy.

8. Use Questions Feature:

The eighth tip for selling on Instagram is to use questions and answers in stories to give your followers confidence. So, there are always some people who may want to ask questions before they buy. They may have concerns while purchasing, but they do not know. By enabling them to ask these questions and stories, by giving them that prompt, do you have any question about our upcoming product or upcoming service, or do you have any question about working with me?

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