8 Website Design Mistakes Hurting Your Users

A good content structure is as important as designing your website in the first place. Here are 8 website mistakes hurting your users, which you need to address now.

8 Website Design Mistakes Hurting Your Users

1. Your website lacks structure

Imagine visiting a website and finding plain text in it. What is your impression of your business?

A good content structure is as important as designing your website in the first place. The color scheme is essential. The best color patterns can highlight your website, but gorgeous colors and unattractive patterns are not a big deal.

Do you know what the most significant website design mistake is? Unresponsive and mobile-friendly website. 57% of users said they do not recommend sites not optimized for mobile phones. This year, 54.8% of network traffic came from mobile users.

The answer is simple. Make your website mobile-friendly through responsive design. You can use logo design services to help you achieve perfection.

2. Your website is not secure

Website security has a big impact on your customer base. In other words, think about it. Why do customers know that the website is not secure and conduct transactions? Having sites responsible for external attacks and threats is the most extensive website design mistake.

A secure website is accurate, and Google will notify you. Google marks these HTTP sites as “unsafe” and informs visitors that these sites are not trustworthy.

3. Your website is too crowded

With more than 40 hours of screen time per week, visitors will meet many companies like you, and you need to design a website so that they can continue to interact with you.

It is essential to get their attention, and you must be different from other people. Your website should be designed so that people will not skip it.

Unlike traditional businesses, lost customers in online markets are permanently lost.

4. The phrase that encourages action is not clear

Once people have read your content, they need to be guided correctly. Visitors usually want to subscribe to the scope or newsletter at the end of the page.

The footer should be designed to direct users to the portfolio and related content. In addition to contact information and copyright, you also need a website navigation link in the footer of your website.

Another critical website design mistake is the call to action. The call to action is like a sign, guiding the visitor to where he wants to go. The impact of CTA depends on where and how it is placed. It depends on the life cycle of the enterprise.

5. Your website is too late

If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, most people will leave the page. Do you know why?

Unlike those who read long articles in newspapers and magazines, visitors do not have time to read all the content on the site. Otherwise, the bounce rate will be several times higher.

Slow loading time or website speed is the most extensive website design mistake. Faster speeds will increase traffic and provide your website to a larger audience. Google also recognizes that an average load time of 1.3 seconds for responsive design is a best practice.

6. Your website needs a case study

Your business is growing, and people love it. What is more valuable than sharing your experience with customers?

The case study gained more views based on the 2018 needs report, as 64% of respondents shared this view with colleagues.

It will not be a good idea to not include a case study significantly if your business has been growing over the years. Your company has a story for the customer, and using case studies to design your website will increase the credibility of your business.

7. Your website is one-dimensional

Plain text can become tiresome when you find a website playing multimedia or embedded content. Plain text is also a website design mistake.

Pictures and videos are widespread and can be found on almost every top website. From there, you can add a newsletter for visitors to register.

If you have a paid web application, why not offer a free trial? Chatbots are very common, and customers find them useful.

8. Too many ads on your website

No one likes advertising. Imagine a website with multiple ads popping up and flashing on both sides. People are now waiting for the 5-second ad to disappear on YouTube. Who wants to stay?

View journal development. Their content is excellent. There is no doubt about this. However, some videos keep playing, with advertisements flashing on both sides.


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