Best Online Tools to Convert Image to Editable Text

Online Tools To convert Image to Editable Text

The time is gone when people used to extract text from a picture manually. They had to spend a lot of time doing this process.

The world is moving forward and technology has brought so many changes in human life. So, here we get online tools for converting images to text.

Online image-to-text converters use OCR technology to take out text from an image and make it editable.

Top OCR tools

The list of online OCR tools is very vast. It can’t be easy for new users to pick the best one. So, in this article, we will make a list of the top-rated image-to-text converters that users can try and make their working process fast.



This is one of the best images to text converters that provides precise results in the end and helps users to boost their productivity.

Prepostseo offers multiple features to the users. Here we are going to talk about some of the best things that the tool will provide and make working easy.

  • Provides an option to drag and drop images in the box.
  • Upload images directly from the device or google drive and extract text from there instantly.
  • Supports more than 30 languages. If a picture has text other than the English language, just change it to that specific language.
  • Data can be lost or deleted from the system if not saved. So, it provides an option to download the text that is extracted from the image.
  • This online OCR has an easy-to-use interface that every user can understand.
  • This image-to-text converter is compatible everywhere. Thus, can be used on any online platform and device.


This is another amazing online OCR tool that users can avail of to make the text editable and take out characters from a picture.

Users can make their workflow fast and free of errors using this top-rated tool. Let’s dive deep and talk about the features that users can avail of in this picture-to-text converter.

  • AI-based extraction that is powered by tesseract-ocr. This advanced algorithm makes sure that the outcome is accurate.
  • This online OCR tool supports multiple file formats. The only thing user has to do is click on the upload button and select the picture from the system.
  • Fast processing helps to boost productivity and make the workflow faster.
  • No need to make the account or signup before using the tool. Users can get direct access here without any registration.
  • This online tool provides the facility to enter URL of image and directly reach that picture present on the search engine.
  • The interface of this Picture to text converter is quite simple. So, the users whether they are new or old can understand all the features and their work.


In the list of best OCR tools, this is another amazing collection that can provide accurate results to the users and make their working easy.

Instead of working hard and taking out characters from an image manually, users can get help from this image to text converter by and boost their productivity.

Let’s get into the details and talk about the best features that users can avail of using this online tool and shift themselves from hard work to smart work.

  • Download the extracted file in the system. Thus, helps to protect the files and keep them safe in the device.
  • Provide an option to upload text on the cloud instead of saving it in the system. This is another amazing option to keep the data safe for later use.
  • Supports multiple languages other than English. So, make itself worthy for users all over the world.

Final words

Taking out text from an image is not an easy task. You have to put focus on the image and read every single line to write it on the paper.

To make working easy and boost productivity, users can go for the online image to text converters.

Here we have discussed some of the top-rated online OCR tools. Among these tools, prepostseo is the most reliable tool that users prefer to use.


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