Best Practices to Increase eCommerce Store Sales

Best Practices to Increase eCommerce Store Sales

Thanks to the lockdowns, work-from-home trends, social distancing, and all the safety measures, people started browsing online stores even greater than before. Although the shipping and deliveries took a little longer than usual, the year 2020 saw a huge rise in the eCommerce market. The eCommerce market rose to 20% in just three months in the US, which accounted for the stats of 10 years of growth. A whopping 146% rise in online purchases was recorded.

Every eCommerce store would like to see such sales every now and then. But to increase traffic and conversions at your eCommerce website you need to put in place a sound strategy and the right marketing tactics. The right web design tips and the practice of promotional tactics bring traffic and increase conversions.

In this article, we have shared an overview of how to increase eCommerce store sales by implementing effective marketing tactics and ecommerce tools. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin reading!

A beginner’s guide to Web Design Tips & Ecommerce Marketing 

A catchy web design, suitable marketing strategies, and pro tactics will take away all your worries when you wonder how to increase eCommerce store sales.

Keeping a sound knowledge of website designs and how they correlate to growing eCommerce business is vital. A combination of in-trend web design and a sound marketing strategy establishes brand awareness among online and offline customers. Doing so increases customer loyalty and drives sales.

Learn How the Best Website Designs Improve eCommerce Business Store Sales

Attractive and optimized web designs strongly enhance your business growth by improving SEO. The process takes your site to the top ranks in search engines and converts organic visitors to potential buyers.

Responsive web designs are the favorite of search engines like Google. The bounce rate which determines a site’s rank for SERP by Google is extremely high at websites that have poor web designs. It means visitors run away from poorly designed websites much faster. Customers are surely going to leave if they find an eCommerce website too messy, confusing, or incomplete. It has been observed that 90% of visitors left poorly designed websites in the middle of browsing.

A creative web design company has everything to offer in order to create exclusive and revenue-generating eCommerce websites. While looking for professional web design services one must always strive to communicate clearly with the team about the business goals and the probable website design which could positively correlate with the mission and vision of the eCommerce.

Web Design Tips to Grow Business

It can’t go without saying that a great web design is a sure-shot solution to your business worries. Awesome websites are the gateway to one’s business growth. A professional website design company will provide you with good web design which promotes trust in the market and among the customers.

Let’s look into the following strategies of professional web design services that bring traffic and improve eCommerce business store sales:

Keep it Aligned

No complications and easy browsing help retain visitors for longer durations at your site. Frequent pop-ups, suggestions, and too many ads take away the charm of your business objective. Products and the content should stay aligned with what your website was made to offer. 88% of shopping carts got abandoned in March 2020 due to no content alignment and loads of distractions.

CCC: Carefully Curate the Colors

A user is compelled to go ahead and browse further only if the website is designed carefully using the right colors and themes that are in perfect association with the brand and business. The right colors can brighten up your eCommerce website and poor choice in the same could totally drop your site’s overall look. One can start by using a relatable theme and single color for every CTA button. It will offer consistency and shall keep the visitors from getting overwhelmed.

Mobile Support

Mobile sales rapidly took to the pinnacle right since the onset of COVID-19. But, it worked wonders for only the eCommerce websites that were mobile-friendly. This is the reason why one must strive to get a mobile responsive site that may easily adjust according to mobile screens when a user has to browse and make a purchase.

Infuse the Benefit of Social Media

Instagram has been growing leaps and bounds these days with over 500 million active users every day. How’d it be if you connect your eCommerce website with social media like that and take the benefit of huge exposure amongst customers and influencers?

Compelling content, strategic hashtags, and the trending idea could help you establish a huge Instagram following very quickly. This can give the right amount of exposure and marketing platform to drive sales.

Engage with Live Chat/Bots

Live chat is used to cater to customer queries instantly. It’s a proven method to efficiently engage with visitors. You can have direct conversations with customers to satisfy theirs before and after shopping concerns.

Email Advertising

Email marketing hits the bull’s eye almost always. It’s the most suited marketing strategy to attract potential customers to your eCommerce website. People tend to check their email almost daily and what better way to advertise your new collection, promotions, or offers via sending a quick email?!


Ecommerce is a competitive platform for all kinds of businesses to launch products and generate sales. COVID-19 offered multiple reasons for shoppers to purchase online, thus boosting eCommerce sales. However, the results weren’t the same for poorly designed websites. A great web design is a key to eCommerce success. In order to keep your eCommerce at bay from a cluttered web design’s aftermath, we suggest you always seek help from a creative web design company with professional web design services. Adhering to a multi-channel pathway such as social media integration will also help you achieve positive results without significant investment.


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