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Best Web Push Notification App For Shopify Store

Best Web Push Notification App For Shopify Store

In 2019 over one-fourth of the world population or 1.9 billion people came online to cross 3.5 trillion USD sales. With the pandemic locking everyone in their home, online sales will only tend to increase in 2020 and beyond. Hence, Shopify stores need the best Shopify web developer to sustain and succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

Even in this rapid rise of eCommerce sales worldwide, many marketers don’t know the many benefits of push notifications. From boosting conversions, promoting the purchase, and keeping users, it is time, Shopify store owners and those to start one should use the services of Shopify development company in the USA to develop the stores to unprecedented levels.

Ecommerce development company India is fast using all the benefits of push notifications for improving sales in Shopify stores. Hence hire Shopify web developers to use the best web push notification app. But with many useful push notification apps available now, it is challenging to find the right one to stand out in the crowded Shopify store market place.

Importance & Benefits Of Push Notifications

Apple pioneered push notification services in 2008, later adopted by Android OS and Microsoft Windows Phone OS. For more than a decade, it’s importance is only rising to be a useful marketing tool for developing Shopify stores. Many use the services of the best Shopify development company in the USA to use the best web push notification app for Shopify stores.

With push notifications becoming the leading marketing strategy for Shopify stores, it is essential to find the best app. There are many web push notification apps that specialize in the specific requirement of businesses. But it’s pertinent to know different factors before deciding on the best web push notification app as per the Shopify store stage.

The stage of the Shopify store

The significant factor to consider before deciding on the best web push notification app is to know its need for the Shopify stores. It is because specific app features that are excellent for a Shopify Plus store will differ from a brand new store. Hence it is crucial to decide the best web push notification app as per the Shopify store stage that includes the following:

1. For a new Shopify store

With a new Shopify store, there should be a need to focus on increasing subscribers. Hence it is essential to check the subscriber growth tools with many excellent features for the successful remarketing campaign to turn traffic into sales. Also, it is crucial to find the app offering multiple channels along with smart reporting tools.

Since the Shopify store is new, there will be more need to test different strategies to find out the right type of messages that work. Hence selecting the app with a wide range of automated message types will be best. It is also essential to find an app that offers a free plan and the one that will be efficient even after five years, as changing apps can be difficult after scaling the business.

2. For a growing Shopify store

If integrating a web push notification app into the growing Shopify store, it is essential to go for an app with flexible pricing. After implementing the push notification app, the business volume will increase, which will increase the costs. The app should also provide a dedicated strategy manager, as customer support is essential to deal with each case that will be unique.

Since installing the web push notification app for the first time, there will be a need to experiment with various messages. Also, there will be a need to optimize the re-marketing strategy and focus on awareness, conversion, customer loyalty, engagement at the same time in the marketing funnel. Hence the app that offers a wide range of manual and automated messages is best.

3. For a Shopify Plus store

It is essential to have an integrated and multi-faceted omnichannel strategy for a Shopify Plus store. Hence the best web push notification app that integrates well with all the additional functionality of Shopify Plus is essential. Only then it will be possible to boost sales and engage the audience through SMS, web push notifications, email, messenger, and others.

Since there will be a lot of volume and questions that need quick answers in the Shopify Plus store, it is essential to have an app with 24×7 support availability and with strategy managers and integration engineers. Also, an app with advanced reporting tools is vital to maximizing ROI by accurately assessing the web push notification campaigns’ full impact.

Factors to decide the best web push notification app for Shopify store

Apart from the Shopify store stage, there are many other factors to decide the best web push notification app that includes:

  • Pricing matters and that too for marketing automation, it’s expensive, hence choosing the app with the right terms of approach to pricing is essential.
  • Since both manual and automated push notifications, messages are important, choosing the best app that provides both messages effectively to have a significant impact on boosting sales is vital
  • To increase the subscribers, it is essential to implement an app with excellent remarketing  strategies to increase revenue on each push notification subscriber.
  • Keeping track of the push notification campaigns is essential to calculate the ROI to increase revenue, and hence apps with excellent reporting are critical for business development.
  • It is essential to look for a push notification app that provides customer support and advice for ensuring the push notifications work for the success of the campaign.
  • The push notification app that supports multiple channels is essential to build customer connection, increasing relationships, rewarding loyalty to develop the Shopify store.

Hence, finding the best web push notification app for Shopify stores considering all the above factors is crucial for all the Shopify development companies. Hence hire Shopify web developers to find the best app as per your store’s stage to boost sales and develop the store.


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