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Cloud Computing and Service Models

cloud computing

Remember the time of traditional data storage? CDs, DVDs, USBs, Hards disks, were the storage places of data and private files. Now, the times have changed drastically, we are in an era where we are surrounded by unlimited data, which is collected, processed, and classified using advanced machine learning algorithms. That sort of data cannot be secured in any of the traditional storage places like before. Cloud Computing is the solution and has revolutionized the way businesses manage, save, and secure bulk data. Cloud Computing is nothing but a shared third-party platform, which helps companies to share the workload challenges efficiently and the data(applications) can be accessed anywhere and from any device. Cloud computing is cost-effective, as businesses do not have to worried about data security and storage.

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Based on the storage space needed by the company, they can choose what, where, when, and how they can consume cloud computing to ensure reliable and effective IT solutions.

Based on the storage space needed by the company, they can choose what, where, when, and how they can consume cloud computing to ensure reliable and effective IT solutions.

But a question for you is your data secured? In reality, they aren’t, and that’s the most challenging part of making the data secure. Though data encryption is the new and most used approach to keeping the data safe, it is not the right approach if we proceed without understanding the security needs and norms. Therefore, you need to understand data and its classification to understand its security needs,

Though the KNN algorithm is used to classify data, the main aim to use in cloud computing is to categorize the data based on security in the virtual cloud environment and classified into two groups: sensitive and non-sensitive data. From there, it is easy to distinguish which data need protection and which don’t. And RSA algorithms are used to encrypt the data and secure it. That’s how the KNN algorithm plays a significant role in cloud computing.

Below listed are the delivery models of cloud computing

SaaS (software as a service)

It is a service that recommends on-demand pay per use of application software to customers. This service is platform-independent. One does not need to install the software on their PC. Cloud runs the single instance of the software and makes it available for multiple end-users, this makes Cloud Computing affordable. SaaS service is accessible via a web browser of a lightweight client application. Who uses SaaS? End customers are the users of Saas. Universally easy to use from any platform, excellent for joint working also, allow multi-tenancy.
Example- Gmail, Google Docs, and drive, MS office 365, HR and help desk solutions and Customer relationship management services’ etc.

PaaS (platform as a service) definition

This service is for a programming language execution environment, an operating system, a web server, and a database. PaaS is a model service for developers, where users can – build, process, testing, compile their programs worrying of the underlining infrastructure. PaaS model allows users to manage the data & application resources, all the other resources are looked at by the vendor. This is a domain for developers, also cost-effective and rapid development. It has a faster market for developers and easy deployment of web applications. Finally
is Public or Private deployment is possible.

Example- Amazon web service elastic beanstalk, Google app engine, windows azure, Heroku, and

PaaS (platform as a service)

IaaS (infrastructure as a service) definition

This service offers the computing architecture and infrastructure, all the computing resources, but in a virtual environment, so that multiple users can access them easily. Most vendors are responsible for managing these four resources- Virtualization, servers, data storage & networking. On the other hand, users are responsible for handling other resources such as data, Middleware, applications, and Runtime. It is mainly for Sysadmins. This cloud provides the infra., enhanced scalability, dynamic workloads are supported.

IaaS (infrastructure as a service)

Example- Amazon EC2, GoGrid, and

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Below listed are some of the benefits of using Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is responsible for reduced cost and focused business. With the help of Cloud services, Companies can invest more in the business to get better profits rather than investing in hardware infra. And data storage center, which also requires human power to manage the data storage center. Here, the expenditure can be optimized by the enterprises and they can pay as per the of the cloud service.
With the reduction in expenses, the business venture can also rely on the cloud service providers as they ensure the security of the data. As businesses are totally on data fuel, protecting personal and financial information is a considerable challenge for CIOs. Improved cloud security highlights, however, have diminished the risks of data loss and cyber slyness. So, without worrying much, companies can choose the plan of cloud service, based on the sort of security they need for the data.

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Final Thoughts

There is a big list of benefits of using Cloud Computing, a few of them we have discussed above. The revolutionizing of data storage methods is an ongoing process. Where technology is not only updating every next day but, also the innovations to a whole new world. Cloud Computing is just a small part of the new technological world, which still needs to be fully explored. Cloud Computing is also a major part of IoT, as it stores all the information not only about the product and services for the company but also the using pattern of their targeted customers. Slowly Traditional marketing almost vanishes, and that area is being grabbed by Cloud Computing. If anybody is looking for a career change or revival, these fields provide them a variety of opportunities, where they can learn new and upcoming technology and can easily revive their careers. Going forward all we need to do is invest in the techno world, to get good returns, not only in monetary terms but also in knowledge terms.

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