CRM or ERP: Which system Works Best for Your Business?

CRM and ERP software both have robust features integrated into them which cannot be replaced. Moreover, you need to explore the core functionalities and analyze them to choose the best solution that adapts to your needs. In this blog, we will dive deep into the similarities and dissimilarities between these two technologies. Additionally, we will also compare which one will be the best for your business.

What is customer relationship management (CRM) software?

CRM software solutions are a set of algorithms to track and save all the customer data and interactions throughout their lifecycle. This system simplifies and streamlines operations on a single platform, which makes data transfer easy between all the teams. For example, the marketing team can source the data from various channels and platforms to organize the unstructured data into structured data according to your business model.

The best CRM software will integrate email, SMS, and social media marketing to penetrate a new customer base. The presales team can do the customer segmentation based on demographics like purchasing capacity, location, and preferences. They can also help to personalize the marketing campaigns, which will create a positive experience and brand image. Additionally, they can pass on the data to the sales team so that they can connect with the customer and close the deal to make revenue.

The sales team can record all the interactions between the client, distribute leads between employees, schedule appointments, and close deals. This software will also help predict sales, nurture the clients, filter leads, and create invoices. Furthermore, the customer service teams will have access to a complete overview of the customer lifecycle and interactions. As a result, they can provide an appropriate resolution to customer queries and grievances.

The top CRM software in India will help to enhance productivity, enrich sales, and provide accurate customer data. Following are the benefits of implementing the customer relationship management software:

  • Omnichannel marketing campaigns automation and manages them.
  • Analytics of purchasing trends and patterns.
  • Deliver a top-notch after-sales experience.
  • Automation of tedious and menial tasks.
  • Spot and penetrate a new customer base.
  • Simplify the sale process and enrich them.

What is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?

The ERP system is a set of algorithms that help businesses to simplify operations. The CRM software helps to concentrate on the sales team to make revenue and connect with the customers. The implementation of ERP is across multiple departments and integrates various teams. Additionally, this system helps to centralize business processes on a single platform so that you can get an overview of the real-time progress. Furthermore, the best system; will identify the errors and also send an automatic alert to the concerned parties. Implementation of this system; will your business in the following aspects:

  • Get real-time updates about the business process.
  • Automatic alerts about errors.
  • Handle the human resource processes.
  • Supply chain and production management.
  • Manage payroll and compliances.
  • Order and purchase processing.
  • Set best practices.

Which system should you choose CRM or ERP?

The business owners might be confused to choose which software should they implement. Because any organization will have the same aim to expand; their business and maximize profits.  Well, the answer depends on what exactly are your needs; so, before you plan to implement you should understand your requirements.

For instance, to maximize the profits you need to make more sales; you will require customer relationship management software. If your organization wants correct, detailed, and real-time interdepartmental data. Then you should choose the ERP system for your organization that helps to simplify operations. Organizations must cut down on unnecessary expenditures, but before that, you need to make revenue.

However, to keep the business running you need to ensure that you make profits from your organization. Your business will need CRM software to make; sales and achieve business financial goals. Your business will need an ERP system to simplify, streamline and automate operational tasks and decrease the cost.

Furthermore, you should consider the following aspects to choose the best technology for your business:

  • If your business needs an all-inclusive feature to streamline the entire operations; then ERP is the best solution.
  • If your business’s primary goal is to make more sales, enhance the sales team, and make more money to ensure business expansion; then CRM is the best solution for you.
  • If your business is looking to simplify, streamline and automate operations for the entire organization; then ERP is the best solution for you.
  • If your business needs to enhance the presales, sales, and aftersales team to make an impact and create a positive and loyal customer base then CRM is the best solution for you.


Research, development, and implementation of any software will cost your business money, efforts, and time. As a result, before you make a decision you should explore your needs, vendors, and features to make the best choice. Businesses need both the software at some point in time, but it is crucial to set the priorities right to make an economic decision.

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