Ditch These Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2021

At present, social media marketing is one of the popular marketing channels. Consumers today are more socially aware than ever before. That’s why many successful businesses are marking a fortune from social media marketing. The USP of social media marketing is huge audiences and advanced targeting options that allow you to generate a plethora of profitable results economically.

Every professional marketer recommends businesses to employ social media marketing for fruitful results. You must also have started social media marketing, but are you aware of the legit strategies to do it. You might be making some mistakes that are damaging your results instead of growing your business.

As we near the end of 2020, and the whole world faces a tough time due to Covid-19, one thing is sure: We’ve spent a lot of time on social media this year. Throughout the year, consumers have not only continued to use different social media channels to catch up with loved ones, but they’ve also embraced them for product research, the latest news coverage, and hours of mindless entertainment. By considering all the facts, any business using social media for their business growth can’t handle a severe mistake that can harm their business growth.

Let’s discuss the common social media marketing mistakes you must avoid in your social media marketing strategy.

Irregular Posting

Consistency is the way to success on social media. You need to maintain consistency on your social media account and share high-quality content to have handsome user engagement. This happens with most business owners that they start the marketing in high motivation but that motivation fades off soon, and social posting becomes inconsistent.

The inconsistent posting affects your brand image, and people percept that you are irregular in every facet of the business. On the other hand, when you post regularly, people think you are consistent, committed, and credible. So, it’s on you which brand image you want.

Moreover, when you post regularly, you have more user exposure that increases your followers and business results. Social media channels’ algorithm is most likely to show the posts in the user’s feed from active accounts. If you want to interact with your audience and increase your brand reach, you need to be consistent with your posting.

You must have a social calendar that you should follow strictly to have profitable business results from social media marketing.

Sharing Irrelevant Content

Irrelevant content can be damaging to your brand. You should know a thumb rule for your content curation is, whatever you post should align with your brand values.
If you don’t have any content, you shouldn’t post anything that your brand doesn’t follow. Otherwise, that content will create your contradictory image and dilute your authority.

Your content should always include and along with your brand values. It’s not necessary to always include the brand in your content, but make sure the ideas you share are followed by your business.

So, create an effective content marketing strategy for your business and avoid off-brand content to drive the businesslike actions from your followers.

Moreover, you should also consider your audience while creating and sharing the content. Your content should meet the user’s intent and pass the value to them. Any irrelevant content degrades your credibility and reduces your profile engagement. So, make sure your content aligns with your brand values and is meaningful to your followers to fetch profitable results.

Considering Generalized Audience

Not everyone on social media is your potential customer. You need to be very precise with your audience targeting if you want high efficiency from your social media marketing.

You need to analyze and filter the right audience first, then create the social post and marketing strategy accordingly to have amazing business results.

There are various tools that help you filter the vast audience and target the right customers to have high engagement and conversion on your posts.

Being Inactive In Comments

This is the most common and hazardous mistake that most businesses make, and most probably, you are also making. You should be active in the comments and interact with your followers. You can get lots of insights from the comments and even strengthen your customer relationship. You should praise the positive comments and answer the queries.

You can also use your comment section to get some new content ideas. Like followers themselves post some ideas they want to know about, or you can ask your followers to drop the content ideas in the comments they know more about.

You can also know your audience’s pain points in the comments that you can work on to better serve your customers.

So, dive into your comments and have a chit chat with your customers there.

Deleting the Negative Comments

This is the easiest thing to do when you get a negative comment. But you are creating a negative image of yourself by deleting that comment. You should never make this mistake and try a different approach to set an example.

Instead of deleting the negative comment, apologize to it and offer something in compensation like a free trial or some discount. You should also provide the proper support if that particular individual has some issue with your product/services.

This way, you’ll show that you always care for your customer and believe in proper post sales support. This may intrigue the new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

So, never commit this mistake again and turn the problem into an opportunity.

Buying Followers

Buying followers seems effective, but it isn’t. You are never going to have something beneficial if you bought some followers. Facebook and Instagram have strict guidelines against this kind of mischievous actions. When you buy followers, those followers increase your follower count, but they aren’t interested in your content and won’t engage with it, which will dilute your posts’ visibility.

The algorithms analyze your posts’ audience response, and if it is low, it won’t or less appear in your follower’s feed. Hence, your legit users won’t even see your content. So, your increased followers negatively impact your account and damage the results.

It’s beneficial to stay legit and share quality content to earn more followers. When you create rich, engaging, and shareable content, then you will surely have increased followers.

So, ditch this mistake and never consider buying followers in your social media marketing.

Being Boring

This is more of a sin than a mistake. People use social media for entertainment or being updated, which is also in an entertaining way. Being boring is not an option on social media, and you’ll not get anything if you are failing to amuse your audience.

You should make significant efforts to your content creation to be engrossing. Make sure your content attracts and engages people.

Moreover, consider the new trending topics and create content aligned with them to entertain your audience and deliver your message.

Always make sure you are passing your message in a fun way. Never be boring; otherwise, social media audiences will ditch you.


These are some common social media marketing mistakes that business owners make, and you mustn’t. You can have significant results from social media marketing if you do it right.
So, forge your social strategy and fetch some profitable results.

If you don’t have social media marketing expertise, you can hire a social media marketing agency Toronto for the best-performing social media strategies which help you grow your business by creating and executing the right social media plan for your audience.

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