Four Ways to Fix Hulu Error Code 504

Hulu Error Code 504

Hulu is a highly popular US-based streaming app, and of late, has garnered devoted attention from its users. However, in recent times, several users have reported Hulu error codes, in which error code 504 has been the most reported.

The Hulu error code 504 may sometimes be reported as error code three and is usually an internet connection issue. Error code 504 is, more often than not, a gateway timeout error. A 504-gateway timeout error is an HTTP status code – which means that the user’s internet service is experiencing issues, and therefore, displaying only an error code on the user’s TV screen.

Such a kind of error code, i.e., the Hulu error code 504, may be indicated when a different computer might attempt to be connected with another one, where the website indicating the 504 error does not control, but relies on. This further leads to a delay in communication between the two computers, and therefore, a delay in fetching content, ultimately leading to an error.

This app gives unmatched video and best live TV streaming services and became more popular with the newer generation due to its stable and user-friendly interface and we can’t let an error ruin it.In simpler words, the Hulu error code 504 means that a server will not receive a timely response from another server while trying to load a web page or fill another browser request.

Here’s how you might see the 504 error:

Individual websites are permitted to customize how they show the “gateway timeout” errors, but here are the most common ones:

504 Gateway Timeout | HTTP 504 | 504 ERROR | Gateway Timeout (504) | HTTP Error 504 | Gateway Timeout

Since this error is not a very concerning one and mainly relates to slow internet connections, there are easy ways to fix the Hulu error code 504:

The four primary solutions to overcome this error are:

Solution 1 – Checking your Internet Connection

Solution 2 – Clearing your Browser Cache

Solution 3 – Updating the Hulu app

Solution 4 – Performing a Power Cycle

Apart from these, there are other ways to overcome this error:

Solution 5 – Verify Hulu Server Status
Solution 6 – Reinstall Hulu App

Let us dive deeper into each of these solutions:

Checking your Internet Connection:

The first and the foremost thing you should do on coming across error 504 is retry the webpage by clicking on the refresh or the reload button. Further, check your internet connection and verify the speed of the connection.

To ensure a quality experience with the Hulu app, you require the following limits of internet speed:

– HD 720p : 3 Mbps
– HD 1080p : 6 Mbps
– 4K Ultra HD: 13 Mbps

Check if the internet connection speed is up to your requirements, or contact the ISP to fix internet connection issues.

Clear Browser Cache:

Refreshing the browser cache is another method of resolving the error code 504. Browser cache is easily susceptible to corruption, and may cause issues while streaming videos on the Hulu platform.
Usually, the web browser stores frequently visited webpages and multimedia on your device to reduce instances of server lag. Doing so enhances the response time; however, sometimes, the web cache may create sudden issues. Clearing the browser cache by clearing browsing data may help in resolving the Hulu error code 504.

Update the Hulu app:

Many times, you can fix the error by installing the latest update of the Hulu app. Making sure that your app is always updated to the most recent release can also help in avoiding the Hulu error code 504.

Perform Power Cycle:

Power Cycling optimizes the streaming conditions by reinstalling the functionalities of the entire network connection and devices.
Hence, performing a complete power cycle and switching off devices such as the router and the modem and waiting for a few minutes before switching them on can help resolve your issue.

Other solutions available to solve this error are:

Verify the Hulu Server Status:

Several users confirmed that they were unable to access Hulu due to the issues in the Hulu server. It is estimated the Hulu error 504 and other errors such as error 503 may occur due to the persisting server issues.

In such a case, it is highly advisable to contact the Hulu support team and report then about the error to analyze the issue and provide a suitable solution accordingly.

Reinstall Hulu App:

If none of the above-given solutions work for you to fix Hulu error 504, then simply try to uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app. Sometimes, turning it off and turning it on is the only solution!

Other ways to resolve such persisting issues are to use computer scanning and optimizing tools that are available externally. Several multifunctional tools easily detect issues in the system and resolve them without affecting the system’s performance.

These solutions are all pre-tested and easy to follow. Make sure to follow them as is until you find the one that works the best for you.


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