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JSON Validator Tools

The term JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. We can define it as a compact human-readable solution to represent a complex data structure. This form of data is useful for exchanging data between different systems that is understandable to the human eye. This is a widespread form of data and has different types of applications that are filled with simplicity and resemblance to readable text. So, we can easily say due to all of these parameters, JSON is used by most, if not all, communicating datasets.

JSON validator is a form of reformator that helps the developers to convert the JSON code into a lightweight data interchangeable format. Various online free JSON validator tools are easily accessible for developers.

With the help of this article, we will discuss various important factors in the process of JSON validation. We will also discuss some of the best online validated tools that are available for free. However, let us begin our discussion with the basics of JSON validation.

The Use Of a JSON Validator Tool

As we already discussed earlier, JSON codes are often the simplified version of a huge code that is used by the system for communicating with different services. So, while simplifying this process, the developers often end up creating a mess. To improve this process, various JSON validator tools can help them to tidy up the mess and create a clean set of data.

Even a few years back, JSON validator tools were only available as standalone software. This means the developers had to download software on their system and execute further verification and cleaning processes. However, recently these applications have been available in the form of web apps. This means the developers can perform all similar purposes without downloading any third-party application on their system.

So, we can easily say that the online JSON validator tools not only help the developers to save space on their system but also eliminates the extra hassle involved in this process. The JSON tools available online can be mainly classified into two categories. They are paid services and free services. The paid services are often unbearable for new developers as they cannot afford to invest in the business. So, in this article, we’ll mainly focus on the free JSON validator tools to improve the audience scope.

Reasons for Using JSON

The major reason behind using JSON is that it is independent of the programming language present in the system. JSON has indeed been originally developed from the JavaScript programming language. Irrespective of this, this protocol can not only execute different elements that are present in multiple programming languages but also effectively make them into a universal data representation process.

The major benefit of this system is that the code generated with JSON can be easily understood by all the systems. Some of the other reasons for using JSON are as follows:

  • It has a high readability because all the codes have proper formatting and can easily be understood by a human being.
  • The data format does not use a complete markup structure like an XML file. This moves the data set is very compact and can be easily stored.
  • The JSON code is very easy to analyze to logical syntactic components, especially in JavaScript programming language. This process helps the developers to simplify the data analysis process massively.
  • In the present application development industry, we can easily say that multiple JSON libraries are present for almost all the programming languages currently available. Therefore, the developers would have no problem implementing different features to improve the overall functioning of the software.

Understanding the proper format of JSON

One of the major benefits of JSON is that although it is based on the JavaScript programming language, the developers do not need to have any prior knowledge of this programming language to use this code. However, it is easy to guess that knowing JavaScript will help the developers to further improve the data creation process.

However, there are certain sets of rules that developers must follow in this process. They are as follows:

  • It is very important for the developers to ensure that the data is present in name or value pairs. The datasets must also be separated with the help of commas.
  • The developers must encapsulate all the object sets with the help of separate curly brackets. For the representation of an empty object, the developers must use {}.
  • For the representation of arrays, the developers have to use separate square brackets. Similar to object representation, while representing an empty array, the developers must use [].
  • For the representation of any member in the code base, the developers must use the unique key within the object structure.

Best Tips for Using JSON Validator

While using the process of JSON validation, various tips and tricks can help the developers to simplify and improve this process massively. We have gone through most of them and tried to shortlist the most important ones. They are as follows:

  • The developers can directly input a URL into the editor. Most of the online JSON validator tools will automatically scrap the URL for JSON and parse it.
  • The developers can also link the JSON URL to the JSON parameter. It is a very important step that can help the developers to verify the JSON code directly from the website. There are various online sample tests available to explain the functioning.

Some of the Best Free Online JSON Validators

As we already discussed earlier, online JSON validators are highly useful as they eliminate the hassle of physically downloading any software on the system. It is highly useful for developers who are running on a tight schedule and need to get the work done in a short period. There are hundreds of such online tools that are easily available in the market. However, some of them do not stand up to the expectations of a power user.

So, we have gone ahead and analyzed most of the popular names that are currently available in the market. Based on our analysis, we have created a list of the top selections. They are as follows:

  1. 1. LambdaTest Free JSON Validator

LambdaTest is one of the most reputed names in the world of application development and testing. They have earned quite a name because of their advanced features and tools to improve the test execution processes. LambdaTest offers a free JSON validator tool that comes under the category of LambdaTest Free Online Tools. These tools aim to improve the data validation and testing process for all forms of software development processes. With the help of these tools, the developers can easily validate the simplicity of the JSON code.

Since it is free, the developers don’t have to pay any charge for accessing all the features offered by this tool. With the help of this tool, the developers can ensure not only continuous test orchestration but also efficient implementation. For the sake of data privacy, LambdaTest ensures that none of the data is stored after the successful analysis.

While using this online tool, the developers can analyze all JSON data inputs that are valid. The valid data inputs in JSON include strings, JSON objects, and variables. It also has various security tools and abilities to enter random data to improve the accuracy of the JSON code. The interface of this tool is very clean and devoid of all ads and other annoying services. Thus, the developers can freely concentrate on their development projects.

  1. 2. JSONLint Free JSON Validator

This is yet another free online tool to validate your JSON code. The interface is very simple and welcoming to new developers. However, there are certain ads on this website to ensure that it remains free. The website also provides various basic data related to the process of JSON validation and its importance. The primary target for this data is to educate the new developers who are making their shift. This tool can detect and point out various line numbers in the code that contains critical errors. This is a very important process as it will help the developers quickly implement the debugging processes. With the help of this process, the developers can save multiple hours that they would waste manually finding the errors present in the code.

Although it is available for free, the developers and testers have the option of paying $2 per month to support this tool at their will. Although it is worth mentioning that if developers do not opt to do so, they will not be restricted by any form.

  1. 3. FreeFormatter Free Online JSON Validator

This is yet another online service that provides various interactive features for validating the data interpretation and handling processes. This platform also provides the developers with various random sets of data for validating the user interaction and user handling capabilities of an application. While using the JSON validator tool, the developers have the option to either paste the code directly on the website or upload the JSON file. However, it is worth mentioning the UI of the website is filled with various ads. The company claims that this ensures that all the services remain free and accessible to all developers.

However, at a certain point in the development process, these ads and popups might cause frustration among the developers. This website also provides a direct link to the Wikipedia page that explains the basic functioning of JSON for the sake of new developers.

Final Verdict!

So, we can easily say that online JSON validators are one of the most important tools for simplifying data sorting, data analysis, and, overall, the software development process. However, it is very important for the developers to correctly choose the tool as there are multiple tools available that do not stand up to the expectations of the end users.

In this article, we have tried to list the most dependable options that are currently available in the market. It is also important for the application developers to improve the awareness among their development team about the proper choice of JSON validator tools.

As we are slowly moving towards a market that will be completely dominated by automation testing, testers need to adopt all the fundamentals of this testing practice. The use of JSON protocol is one such practice.


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