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Guide to Selecting Good Chatbot Development Companies in India

Chatbot Development Companies

Chatbots are here to stay, and they have become a necessity for most businesses in the present era. When you have an excellent chatbot for your business, you can get a strategic edge in the market over your peers that don’t have a chatbot for customer support, interaction, and guidance for your product/service.

A reliable chatbot development company deploys superior and robust technologies to create smart chatbots for diverse platforms like Facebook, Slack, SMS, Telegram, and more. These companies wield the power of artificial intelligence for all sorts of business enterprises.

They have the goal to leverage professionalism with edge-cutting solutions to maximize value for the business.

Why Business should use Chatbots

Businesses should use chatbots for using modern technologies like NLP or Natural Language Processing to comprehend and analyze humans’ speech, learn their proper responses, and later revert it to a language that humans understand.

The objective of NLP is to ensure the interaction between humans and computers is as smooth as possible. The process involves-

  • NLU- Natural Language Understanding or NLU, where the chatbot can transform the text that is typed in by the user into data that is structured for machines to understand.
  • NLG- Where the data is transformed into text that humans understand.

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There are constant improvements in NLP technology where chatbots can identify subtle conversational tones, both spoken and written. There might be some struggles in interpreting metaphors and similes; however, advanced methodologies are being created daily to overcome these challenges.

Choosing a good chatbot development company

There are several good chatbot development companies in India, and selecting the best one for your needs does become a challenge. It would help if you did some homework to choose the best chatbot development companies in India for custom chatbot development-

  1. The reputation of the company.
  2. Customer Reviews.
  3. Level of experience and skills of the team.

Custom Chatbot Development and the top 3 companies in India

The top chatbot development companies in India are widely reputed for custom chatbot development and the superior quality of services they offer-

1. Capital Numbers- Based in Kolkata, this esteemed company is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified in digital solutions with more than 400 skilled professionals in 3 delivery centers in Sweden, Australia, and the USA.

It has received several awards from eminent names like the Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Economic Times, Financial Times, Deloitte, and others. It serves both small scale to large companies. Highly relied upon-

  • AI/ML
  • UI/UX development
  • Web and Mobile needs
  • DevOps

2. Ziffity- It is a chatbot service based in India with offices in Bangalore and Dallas. It is a transformation company with a team of dedicated experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This reputed company has effectively created and delivered many chatbot messenger bots that offer predictions with a high level of accuracy. The team here provides experience design, B2B, and B2C eCommerce services.

3. Hidden Brains- This chatbot development company is one of the largest in the nation. It creates different kinds of chatbots for several enterprises dealing in eCommerce, stock markets, banking, food apps, and more.

It takes immense pride in serving clients across India and has been in operation for over ten years in India and worldwide.

Consult chatbot developers from these companies for deciding on the right chatbot platforms

Chatbot platforms are different, so you should ascertain them before choosing the right one that caters to your business’s unique needs. A good chatbot development company will help you to determine the suitable platform ideal for your needs. Let us take a look at the below-

1. Integration levels- All chatbots are not the same. They have different integration levels. Take, for instance, IBM’s Watson and Dialogflow; they can allow integration to back-end systems with web services and RESTful APIs.

The chatbot needs to be integrated with the internal system to explore an extensive range of cases that cover customer, FAQs, and lead generation support.

2. The price model- You need to determine the price model when developing a chatbot for your business. There are usually three types of price models for the chatbot platform, and they are-

  • Payment based on performance- Here, the total cost is determined on how the chatbot performs.
  • The payment as per usage- Here, the cost is determined on the statistics that reveal the chatbot usage and the volume of API calls received.
  • Subscription- This is a model where customers can create many chatbots for a fee paid either annually or monthly.

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Besides the above, the chatbot’s total cost depends on its functionality scope, the nature of the technology applied, and its integration levels.

3. The available metrics- To boost the chatbot’s performance after its practical implementation, it is prudent to collect metrics. The nature of the metrics collected by you will depend upon the type and nature of the chatbot made.

There are some cases where metrics are essential, like in the case of:

  • Rate of the completion of the goal- Here, the whole percentage of engagement successfully undertaken by the chatbot is taken.
  • Message- It involves the number of messages that the chatbot has received.
  • Rate of retention- This is how often the customers return to the chatbot in any specific time duration.
  • The user’s satisfaction- This is the scope of how often users will recommend the chatbot to other people.

The metric element is crucial when your business wants to choose a paid chatbot as per performance.

4. Features available for security- Security is a crucial factor when choosing any chatbot platform for your business. A chatbot development company gives you the fundamental protection that is encrypted from the start to the end of the conversation.

Here, the network used must be robust, and the privacy of the data should be given top-most importance. Both the platform and the chatbot should not store any sensitive information of the customer. It should offer optimal transparency through an auditable platform.

Therefore, with a good chatbot development company, you can boost customer support and engagement with smart and interactive chatbots created for the significant transformation of your business with success.

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