How to Get Success as a Freelance Content Writer?

Content writing is an emerging field due to the rising trend of e-commerce businesses around the globe. These days, Silicon Valley isn’t the only place one would look forward to. This has resulted in many new jobs and new posts that the companies never needed before.

While creating and managing content was a key need of an eCommerce business, there was never such a rapid need.

These days every firm needs quite a large number of writers. Since the competition in the eCommerce market has been rising at a fast pace, every brand needs more content to compete. They want to create new and updated content every day and engage customers.

Without toping the ranks with useful and optimized content, an eCommerce brand cannot do well.

One key piece of advice that most eCommerce agencies give to their clients is to generate more useful content every day so that whenever a customer visits their website, they find some new advice or recommendation.

Content writers are not responsible for making this entire content strategy about what topics to write on and when to post. They solely take the responsibility of writing out the content and making sure that a product is marketed the right way and meets the readability score requirements.

Types of Content Writers:

Copywriting: This is purely the kind of writing in which the content writer is aiming to persuade an audience to buy a certain product. For instance, to lure people into buying an electric vehicle, one might be writing about why electric vehicles are a top trend in 2022.

This means that throughout the article, the writer will be talking about the modern pros of electric vehicles. Copywriters use language and tone that is from the marketing sphere of eCommerce.

That is, there are more rhetorical questions, less complex words, and a chattier tone. Now there aren’t many content writers who look into writing tactics that look more like ‘marketing.’

The thing is, content writing isn’t something people train so much at, but if you’re looking to start a long career, you should. You can start as an intern, and our advice is to start with copywriting before moving to anything else.

SEO Writing: there can be marketing in this type of writing as well, but the end goal is different. SEO means ‘search engine optimization, which is a method of achieving success in the eCommerce sphere.

Search browsers like Google or Bing have mechanisms for organizing the various websites and pages on their database. That also means they have different strategies for how an eCommerce business can reach more people and rank on top when it comes to exposure.

All an eCommerce business needs are exposure, and the right content writer can help them achieve that goal. So what SEO content writers do is that they follow the instructions strategy makers give. They have to achieve a certain readability score and make sure the language is easy and the content is on point.

News Articles: This type of content writer doesn’t have to work under many restrictions. The only instructions one is given are the ways to write a news article. Online book printing service also outlines several techniques for this purpose. There are no major primary or secondary keywords that one has to follow.

The news just has to be genuine, based on facts, and, most importantly, to the point. When newbie news content writers start writing about everything surrounding the headline, it seems less like a news article.

The post then resembles an essay or opinionated blog post. Therefore, news article writers also have rules, but they can’t be measured on a scale like the readability score. However, one always has to make sure that a news article is ample enough to provide all the details and not too brief.

On the other hand, many content writers create more informational content. This can include Wikipedia-type informative articles that are meant to aid with research.

For instance, you might have seen articles that focus on the biography of a certain event. If you search about the ‘Israel-Palestine’ or ‘Kashmir’ conflict, you will get articles of this sort.

Job Versus Freelancing

This is a common confusion when freelancing in any field, be it graphic designing or content writing. Most freelancers face much hassle when starting. Many struggles to make a constant income for quite a long time.

If you’re one of those, you need our advice on this. Freelancing can surely be more troublesome and hectic than a job. In a 9-5, you will not have to impress individual clients and make sure they stay. You have to operate like one component of the entire system.

So while the overall workflow of the system does depend on you, there’s no pressure that your income will halt if you lag behind a little bit.

However, keep in mind that a job is not so permanent these days. Most companies have started keeping people on contracts rather than having them as permanent employees.

This is the basic reason the competition in the overall market has risen significantly, and there are many content writers out there. If you wish to enter the competition and sustain it, this can help you learn a great deal about writing in the eCommerce industry.

Thus, you should spend more time making loyal freelance clients rather than being in one job. However, if you want a stable income, no matter what that is, you can opt for a company that is looking forward to making a long-term contract with you.

We usually advise people to go with a combination of both. You can build freelance content writer clients for a few years and then also make a worthy CV for a good job opportunity. This can help you diversify, and you won’t be at risk once the contract ends.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, though managing freelancing and a job as a content writer aren’t very easy, it is a good option.

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