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How to install Antivirus Program on your PC pr Laptop?

How to install Antivirus Program on your PC pr Laptop?

Any unwanted program that enters a user’s system without their knowledge is referred to as a virus. It has the ability to self-replicate and spread. It carries out undesired and harmful actions that inflict damage on the system’s performance and the data/files of the user.

When it comes to antivirus, you can’t afford to put your head in the sand because there are several threats to your data. On the Internet, there are many viruses and spyware, and each one of them might harm personal data or the device’s operating system. If your computer does not already have an antivirus program installed, it is strongly advised to do so immediately.

Is there antivirus software included with Windows?

Windows Defender is included in Windows 10 and should safeguard your PC by default. It lacks several capabilities and cannot compete with the top security products, but it provides a remarkable level of protection, even outperforming some paid-for antivirus. If you only need basic antivirus, it’s a good pick.

How to install an Antivirus program?

Follow the steps below to install an antivirus program on your computer.

  1. Insert the CD or DVD into the device’s disc drive if you bought the antivirus program from a store. The installation procedure should begin automatically, with a popup appearing to assist you in the process. OR If you downloaded the antivirus program from the Internet, locate the downloaded file on your computer. Unzip the downloaded file to extract and retrieve the configuration file. Double click on the file named setup.exe, install.exe, or similar to open it. The installation procedure should begin with a window opening to assist you in completing the task.
  1. Check the screen for any check boxes, as antivirus versions may ask you to install additional safe web browsers, software from partners, or permission to share your information with ads. These aren’t necessarily terrible things, but before you click Install, be sure you understand what you’re consenting to.
  2. You’ll generally be asked a few questions about updating to other related products after the application has completed its installation procedure. Still, you can choose to do it later or not at all.
  3. The next step is to run a comprehensive scan of your computer so that the new software can ensure there are no malicious apps on your system.

After installation, update the antivirus software

Out of the box Antivirus software programs are out-of-date and lack the most recent virus and malware definitions. The antivirus program will not be aware of the most recently developed viruses and malware if it does not have the most recent definitions, leaving your system exposed to attack.

After installing the antivirus software, make sure it’s up to date with the latest virus and malware definitions. The antivirus program can now defend your computer from viruses and spyware because of the updates.

Enable automatic updates feature to keep the antivirus software always up-to-date. In many circumstances, the antivirus program will automatically look for and install the most recent updates. If prompted, choose Yes to update the antivirus software.


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