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How to recover The Lost Data from Mac Hard Drive?

How to recover The Lost Data from the Mac Hard Drive - Featured

No matter how good is any product that always has pros and cons. Here, we are talking about media storage, and there has always been a risk of data loss. We store numerous types of data on our computers like photos, music, videos, etc. this a great way to store our files/data, but what if we lose them? If you have lost your data and worrying about how to get it back then you are at the right place. Through this article, we are going to help you with the crux of your problem i.e. recovery of your lost data from an external hard drive on Mac. You can also recover deleted and formatted files from an external hard drive on Mac.

Some problems such as virus attack, external hard disk crash, Mac disk formatting, etc. may cause trouble in using the data that you have stored (or in some cases deletion or formatting of files on the external hard drive). No worries, below are some techniques that you can use to recover your lost data from the Mac Hard drive:

Mac External Hard Drive Recovery Software

You can go with data recovery for Mac reliable external hard drive recovery software. Download this software now and recover all your lost files/data such as photos, music, emails, audios, and other files from any storage device. The software is effective and safe. Mac External Hard Drive Recovery Software can recover data from recycle bin, digital camera, memory card, flash drive, and camcorders and provides file preview for recovery quality. To help you a little more, we have added some steps that you have to follow in this process:

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Step-1: Select the disk location where you lost your data and files. It can be internal or a removable storage device. After selecting the location of the disk, click the Scan button.

Step-2: Your screen will display the EaseUS Data Recovery page. It will immediately scan your selected disk volume; you can see the scanning results on the left panel of the screen.

Step-3: Select the files from the scan result and click on Recover Now. By following these steps, you can recover your lost data or files with the help of this software.

External Hard Drive on Mac

If you use data recovery software, then it will be easy for you to recover lost files from an external hard drive on Mac. You have to download Recoverit external device recovery on your Mac, and the other best option will be to go with iBeetsoft Data Recovery Mac that is one of the most popular options for data recovery on Mac. Follow some of these easy steps given below:

Step-1Connect the external hard drive to your Mac by using a digital cable and let it detect the device.

Step-2:  (You can download iBeetsoft Data Recovery Software. It is virus-free and will give you the best result). Your screen will appear with the list of all the hard disks. Now, you have to select the location of the external hard drive where you lost your data or files. Click on the Start button.

Step-3: Recoverit will then start the scanning process. After the scanning, you will see a list of found files on the screen. Select the file from that list and click on the Recover button to get your data.

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This is another easy method that you can use to recover your data from Mac Hard Drive. Also, keep in mind that you do not save any files on the external hard drive where you lost files as anything is written to the drive may be written over lost files and this may cause a problem in the recovery.

These were some steps that you can use to recover your data by downloading the recovery software. Some people may want to skip the option of downloading software. For all such people, we have come up with some more simple ideas which may help you to recover your lost data or files without the need to download the Mac data recovery software. These are the simple and easy ways for recovering your data without installing any external software. These methods are Recovery Mode and Reparation.

Recovery Mode

It is a very commonly used method among people for most of the problems whether for mobile phones or computers. Here, you can turn your computer off before turning it on again, if your Mac is causing some trouble in the startup process. In simple words, we call this method “restart”. As said, it is the most common and easy method and can also give you positive results.


The next method that you can use to recover your lost files is by repairing the hard drive. Until there is some major damage, MacOS can repair it. Open the disk utility program in the “Utilities” folder (which you will find inside the apps folder) and choose the disk you think is broken and needs to be repaired. Click on the First Aid prompt option; you will be asked to confirm. After confirmation, click on the Run button and let your Mac do the rest. This method will work best with external hard drives; you can also use internal hard drives if you want.

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These short and easy methods may also help you but if in case there is severe damage like a cracked disk then it is recommended that you download the Mac data recovery software, as it is effective and the last resort for your problem. The software may demand a little space on your computer, but it will consume less amount of time and will resolve your issue.

Wrapping It Up

We hope these easy methods may help you recover your lost photos, videos, emails, music, or other stuff. Now you know how to restore your lost data with the help of the Mac hard drive recovery software or without installing the software. Use the method that you think is appropriate to solve your problem, and you can help yourself or any of your friends who have lost their data/files from their storage device.

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