How to show Battery icon in windows

Battery icon in windows

Are you dealing with the problem of the battery icon not showing on your Windows 11? Also, facing constant trouble in locating the battery icon on your PC? Follow this article below to get solutions to your difficulties.

People find the battery icon an important tool as it helps them to monitor and schedule their work process accordingly. And if it’s disabled, users will look for it and want it to get displayed again.

There are many causes that can be responsible for the missing icon, you must diagnose the cause and solve them accordingly.

Let us discuss first some of the causes responsible for the error.

Causes Responsible For Missing Icon

Following are some causes.

Above are the responsible causes, now further in this article let’s discuss some effective solutions to solve them.

Ways To Fix Missing Icon

Following are some ways to fix and display the battery icon again.

1.   Fix the taskbar

Most commonly, the reason behind the disabled battery icon is that it gets hidden in the extensions of the taskbar. To open extensions, at the right side corner of the taskbar, click on the ^ icon and look for the battery icon, long press and drag it out on the taskbar.

If you are not able to locate the battery icon in the extensions, then you need to fix your taskbar, to fix it go to Settings>Personalisation>taskbar, then click on select the icons that appear on the taskbar, and turn the power button on.

Then right-click anywhere on the taskbar, select settings, go to turn on/off tab, and turn the Power toggle on.

This simple process will enable the battery icon on the taskbar easily.

2.   Restart adapter driver

Even after fixing the taskbar, if the battery icon is still not visible, the issue must be due to the adapter drivers. To solve this you need to restart the driver.

To restart, go to Device Manager>batteries>Select Microsoft AC Adapter>disable the device. Wait for a few seconds, again select the adapter and enable the device. After enabling, restart your computer to check if the issue is resolved.

3.   Scan for hardware and reinstall

After the above step, if the battery icon is still not displayed, try this step of scanning and reinstalling.

Go to  Device Manager>batteries>Select Microsoft AC Adapter>uninstall device. Then select the tab Scan for hardware, this will perform scanning and reinstall the required drivers automatically.

Restart your computer to fix the issue.

4.   Fix windows explorer

Sometimes, restarting and fixing windows explorer can also help in resolving the disability issue. To restart, go to the taskbar and right-click anywhere on it, select the task manager, go under the processes tab, scroll down to Windows Explorer, right-click it, and select restart.

This will restart your Windows Explorer and will fix any bug related to the icon display.

5.   Troubleshooting

Running the troubleshooter can find and fix the issues easily. To troubleshoot, go to Settings>Update & Security>Select troubleshoot>Additional troubleshooters>Select Power and click on Run the troubleshooter.

Troubleshooting will fix your issues regarding power and will enable the battery icon on the taskbar.

6.   Fix corrupt files

Sometimes a system containing corrupt files can disrupt the working of your computer. The presence of corrupt files results in various errors and leads to malfunction. A disabled battery icon can also be caused due to corrupt files. Hence it is necessary to run a scan and repair all the corrupted files in order to fix the errors in your system.

7.   Update system software

Make sure to update your system software to the latest, as updating your system timely fixes a lot of issues and makes your experience trouble-free. To update, go to Settings>Update & Security then click on Check for updates. If there are any, install and run the updates.

After successfully updating the system, your issue might get resolved and the battery icon will be displayed again.


To conclude, in this article we have discussed the common issues regarding the missing battery icon and its solutions. Also, it has been found that in the latest update of Windows 11, users are facing this disabled icon issue. To get your solution, follow the steps discussed above in the article and resolve your problem.

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