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Introduction of Tally Prime

what is tally prime

Tally is user-friendly accounting software that facilitates various kinds of accounting solutions in a simplified format. It was developed by late S.S. Goenka in 1986 and launched by Bharat Goenka in 1988. Tally’s use is to record daily business transactions like sales, purchases, received payments, taxation, etc. It is a product of Peutronics Pvt. ltd, now known as Tally solutions. Pvt. Ltd. This company is an Indian multinational company and specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The location of the headquarter of the company in Bengaluru, Karnataka. By far, it is serving as the best accounting package software. Almost every industry and enterprise are using Tally for the management of their account. The company keeps improvising and updating the previous versions and launches the new versions of Tally.  

The first-ever launched version of Tally was- Peutronics Financial Accountant, an MS-DOS application that served only the essential functions of Accounting. In contrast, the latest version is Tally Prime, which has many features to offer a growing business. Tally Prime is a new era tool to handle Accounting, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Process, Payroll and Statutory Compliance, Budgets and Scenarios, Point of Sale, MIS Reports, and Audit. 

Features of Tally Prime  

Tally Prime is becoming essential in the companies for the features and benefits it offers. It is a fast, reliable, flexible, and simple software that makes you more efficient and your work manageable. The features of Tally Prime are: 

  1. Generation of Invoice– With Tally Prime, one can generate GST invoices like tax invoices or e-way bills. Not only this, one can add the company logo to the invoice, print it, and email it. 
  2. Multiple Formats for Billing: Tally now has various formats for keeping records and generation of bills. One can choose the one suitable for the company out of the different formats. 
  3. Change view option: This option helps in viewing a single report in other alternative ways. This gives us related and better insights into the report. 
  4. The Go-To feature: A new feature is now available in the top menu. This “Go-To” feature helps in navigating the required data or report. 
  5. Special reports: This option has a list of reports that stand out in the data and require immediate attention. 
  6. Multiple Price Level: The price reports are available at different levels, e.g., Wholesaler, customer, etc. Moreover, one can add the information about the discount applied in the price lists. 
  7. Multiple addresses: The company can add different addresses (Branch address or factory address) for mailing and ledgers. The company can use these addresses later on according to the requirement. 

Tally Prime Benefits 

  1. Easier Navigation: The new Go-To feature helps in getting more comfortable access to the business data. It works like the search feature of any other web page. 
  2. Multi-tasking made easier: The top menu has options like Import, Export, Email, and Print. These options help in performing other operations without leaving the task in progress. 
  3. Insightful report Generation: It is now easier to generate reports according to the needs as more actions are available against each report. One can get access and print the report accordingly. 
  4. Simplified Data Management: The addition of details in any report can be done by clicking of “More Details” option, thus making the work precise and less time-consuming. 
  5. Secure and Fast Payments: Tally Prime enables e-payments to the banks, which is much more comfortable and safer than the traditional payment method. 
  6. Easy Migration from the Previous Version: Tally Prime allows easy migration of data and reports from the Tally ERP 9. All you need is an update of the License. 
  7. Ease of Usage: Along with better multi-tasking, Tally Prime provides the functionality of global keys like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for the functions. 

Tally Prime Plans & Pricing  

Tally Solutions is providing different plans, and one can purchase the program according to the size of the business. These plans are available for both single and multiple users and have price differences based on subscription for number of months. One can visit Wroffy technologies to purchase and get installation assistance for Tally Prime.

How to Install Tally Software? 

The step-by-step guide to install the software is: 

  1. Download the setup from the official website:
  2. Setup.exe will be downloaded in your preferred location. 
  3. Double click setup.exe. 
  4. Click Install 
  5. Start Tally Prime 

Once you install the setup, here are some of the points that are worth consideration: 

  • The next critical step is the activation of licenses. Tally Prime has options to try it for free, Reactivate License, activate new License, and Use License from the network.  
  • One can choose the option according to the need and continue to configuration. 
  • If you are already using Tally ERP 9, prefer downloading Tally Prime in a different folder. 
  • You can also migrate from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime by merely clicking on the option Migrate.  
  • For better assistance with the installation process, one can visit Wroffy Technologies. Wroffy technologies are authorized partners of Tally and will assist you in a successful installation of Tally Prime.  

Previous Versions of Tally Software  

 Tally is in the market since many years and has launched many different versions. Here is a list of different versions and the features provided by those versions: Tally Version Release Year Updated Features 
1. Tally 3.0 1990 Supports only MS-DOS 
2. Tally 3.12 1991 Updated but similar to 3.0 in features and operations 
3. Tally 4 1992 Similar to both 3.0 and 3.12 
4. Tally 4.5 1994 Quick completion of operations 
5. Tally 5.4 1996 Graphic Interface 
6. Tally 6.3 2001 Supports Windows OS 
7. Tally 7.2 2005 Fastest, Includes VAT values 
8. Tally 8.1 2006 Multi-lingual version, has Payroll feature 
9. Tally 9 2006 Includes excise, TDS, FBT 
10. Tally ERP 2009 Business Management Solution, includes GST calculations, multi-user login 
11. Tally Prime 2020 Better multi-tasking, use of global copy-paste keys 

Why should you upgrade to Tally Prime?  

Tally Prime is the latest and finest release of Tally Solutions. The newest version of any software is always an improved version. It is made after noticing the pros and cons of the previous version. Thus, Tally Prime is also an error-free version of the Tally software. 

  • It has a better navigation system to give you easy access to the files. 
  • Reports can be generated easily. 
  • Tally Prime uses global key commands. 
  • The security of data is now improved. 
  • The software interface and functionality are now improved. 

Why should you buy Tally Genuine Licenses? 

When you get the License of software, you get a legal right to use that software. This legal right entitles you to get support whenever you need it. No doubt that Tally Licenses come at a price but to keep a good rapport with your business, you should buy only genuine licenses. Moreover, the crack versions are always at a risk of getting hacked. Therefore, using genuine software will not only give you regular updates but will also help in your personal development. 

Why should you not use Pirated Software? 

No wonder that crack versions save many bucks but, such a version is not good for businesses. One should know that piracy in India is illegal. These crack versions can put the company’s private data at risk. The Indian Legal System protects the software under Copyright Act, 1957, and one using crack or pirated software can be tried by the law. 

How to buy Tally Prime Through Tally Authorized Partner? 

Buying the software from a Tally Authorized partner ensures that the software is original and fully licensed. The authorized partners not only ensure the authenticity of the software but also provide you the legal and genuine license to use that software. 


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