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Microsoft 365 Review

microsoft 365 review

What is Microsoft 365?

Office 365 (Now known as Microsoft 365) is one of the highly used business productivity software suits in the world. As per one recent survey, it has been recorded that around 1.5 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office. It’s been more than two decades that people are in touch with popular Microsoft desktop applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, emails, or messages to do on Skype. When we simply talk about Microsoft 365, it is basically Microsoft cloud subscription services that provide the business email, Microsoft desktop office application plus other services such as one drive for business – Microsoft’s cloud storage solutions, SharePoint, Microsoft teams, etc.

A huge number of present-day small medium and large organizations depend on the Microsoft 365 cloud suite to run their business operations seamlessly and in a more connected manner. Yet, there’s significantly more to M365 than numerous clients acknowledge, especially since the arrival of Office 365. It has come out as one of the successful strategies from Microsoft and aimed at any user of the office. A number of plans are available when licensing Office 365, including versions for personal use, multi-user households, students, business, non-profit educational institutes.

Microsoft 365 Plans

Microsoft office is a subscription-based service, which means rather than buying a copy of the suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, users instead pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service at a level of their selection. Microsoft 365 comes in different plans – Personal, small to medium, and Enterprise. Every plan is a little different in cost, features, price, etc. However, each comes with 1TB of personal cloud storage space included.

Microsoft 365 for Home

  • M365 Personal
  • M365 Family
  • Office Home & Business 2019

Microsoft 365 for business

  • M365 Business Basic
  • M365 Apps for Business
  • M365 Business Standard
  • M365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

  • O365 Enterprise E1
  • O365 Enterprise E3
  • O365 Enterprise E5

Office 365 provides business email facilitating and distributed cloud storage space, so clients can have their data on the web and access that from any place and whenever they need to, from any device that is connected via the internet.

Pros and Cons for Microsoft 365

Small businesses can easily switch to a cloud-based productivity suite where they can store data online is one that’s worth buying M365. Apart from this, Microsoft Office 365 has so many benefits, but it might not be suitable for every business. To help you choose if that works best for your business, here are the pros & cons of Microsoft 365 for business.

Pros of Microsoft 365: 

Work from anywhere, anytime with Internet access:

Microsoft office 365 allows users to work from any location, anytime on any device, only you need is an active internet connection.

Increase productivity:

M365 business applications such as Microsoft Teams provide collaboration and communication features that help increasing work productivity and saves time.

Reduce security risks with advanced compliance and security features:

Advanced security features such as data loss prevention, threat intelligence, mobile device management, advanced security, multiple flexible plans tailored to businesses.

Cons of Microsoft Office 365:

You always need an Internet connection to access to manage files:

The greatest advantage of Office 365 is its capacity to let users work from anywhere anytime, yet this can likewise be its greatest drawback.

Compatibility problems:

Although Microsoft provides continuous updates with advanced features, they tend to only be compatible with devices that are capable of handling sophisticated pieces of software.

Data Security:

Microsoft 365 can decrease your burden off by assisting with dealing with the security aspects. Some businesses might not be comfortable with this as they want their data controlled by their own employees rather than surrendering it to an external company.

Features of Office 365 :

  1. Integrate with Office 365 Apps: O365 Integrates with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft solutions like OneDrive, Microsoft Teams etc. All you needed is a couple of moments to buy Office 365 plan.
  2. Collaboration – Work together Anywhere Anytime: With M365, clients get web-empowered admittance to email, reports, contacts, and schedules paying little heed to whichever gadget or program they use. This openness empowers brought together joint effort among workers.
  3. Flexibility: With multiple options in the Office 365 suite, enterprises buy only the office solutions they need and convert CAPEX into OPEX.
  4. Single Sign-on (SSO) – Users can store their password in the system tray of their machine to avoid having to repeatedly sign in.
  5. Multi-Factor Authentication – By setting up MFA, you each easily add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft 365 account sign-in.
  6. Support: Users can get benefited by receiving business class services including IT support through phones, backend support, geo-redundant data centers, disaster recovery, robust security, privacy, and security controls.
  7. Security: Office 365 has built-in security and continuous compliance. You always know where your data are, and who has access to it.
  8. No Licensing Issues: Office 365 includes all licensing and it can be deployed company-wide. This means everyone has a similar version of Microsoft Office and gets the updates at the same time.
  9. Get Organized: Emails, calendar, and contacts are all synchronized in Microsoft. Provide automatic updates once you update a contact on mobile phones and it will be updated across all your devices. One can access the same data from any device or save a document on your PC and continue working on it through gadgets.
  10. Real-time Collaboration: Teams can collaborate with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. A user can see constant edits or increases their associates are making to a report. Automatic savings, ensuring quicker and simpler collaboration between employees and departments, resulting in improved productivity, so you can revert to older versions easily. Ensuring a quicker and simple collaboration among workers and divisions, bringing about improved efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Pricing

If you have decided to buy Microsoft 365 for your business, you can choose between M365 Business Basic, M365 Business Standard, and M365 Business Premium, as well as the M365 Apps for Business. If you want to buy Microsoft Office for personal usage, buy an M365 Personal subscription, M365 Family for up to 6 people, or Office Home and Student 2019 for a one-time purchase.

Microsoft 365 Plans
Microsoft 365 Personal
₹ 4,199
Microsoft 365 Family
₹ 5,299
Office Home & Business 2019
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
₹ 1,500
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
₹ 7,920
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
₹ 15,840
Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
₹ 6,540
Office 365 Enterprise E1
₹ 6,360
Office 365 Enterprise E3
₹ 15,840
Office 365 Enterprise E5
₹ 27,780

Microsoft 365 Coupon Code – 10% OFF

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How to buy Office 365:

If you have decided to go with Microsoft 365 and looking to buy Office 365 business suite for your entire organization, we have listed the top Microsoft Resellers in India so you can buy the productivity solution without any issues. These listed 0365 Implementation vendors will also help you in the implementation of M365 so you can make the most out of it.

Alternatives of Microsoft 365

  • Google Workspace ( Previously known as G Suite )
  • Zoho Workplace
  • Zimbra

Microsoft 365 – once in the past known as Office 365 – is something beyond Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It offers amazing features like business-class email, cloud storage, and collaboration features that you can access from anyplace anytime. Collaborate with teams in Microsoft Teams that make purchasing M365 more beneficial.


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