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Microsoft teams better than Skype?

Microsoft teams vs Skype

Are Microsoft teams better than Skype?

Communication is a forever ongoing process. It needs to be established among people existing in a workspace for the purpose of better outcomes and efficiency. Today, when we are in this online world, everyone is looking for ways to set up systems to communicate with their teams better. To help us keep up with communication, we now thankfully have video conferencing software. Microsoft Teams and Skype are among the most common and easy-to-use applications in the market. But recently, Microsoft Teams have emerged as a better application as compared to Skype. Microsoft created it in 2017, and since then, it has constantly been serving as the best video conferencing and calling program. But why and how?

Let us compare these team communication apps. Here are some of the features of each of these services.Talking about Microsoft Teams, it has many exciting features and benefits. The advantages that Microsoft Teams have over Skype:

  1. Availability of a free plan: The unique element to bat off directly is the availability of a free plan. However, the services in this are limited.
  2. Integration with Office 365: Another critical advantage that Microsoft Teams have is its integration with Office 365. Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one team collaboration tool. It offers access to other applications such as SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Excel, etc.
  3. Persistent chat: Users can easily track down the conversations they had in the past and search the chat logs.
  4. Persistent group chats: This allows Team’s members to collaborate even if they are not online.
  5. Mentions: This is the feature that helps to bring someone to attention. You can mention the person in the group chats and catch their attention.
  6. A dark theme: Change of the theme to black to suit the eyes of viewers.
  7. Copy and paste images directly in-line with chat: This is another advantage Microsoft Teams have over Skype. The users can exchange or transfer files while they are online.
  8. GIF integration and emojis: Users can use GIFs and emojis to make their conversation more humanistic and fun.
S. no. Microsoft Teams Skype
1. Schedule Meeting Audio and HD video calling
2. Screen sharing Screen sharing
3. Smart messaging Smart messaging
4. Call recording and live subtitles Call recording and live subtitles
5. Phone calls Calls
6. Whiteboard Private conversations
7. Custom background  
8. More than 650 integrated apps and services  
9. Security and compliance  
10. Up to 500k internal and external users  
11. File sharing  

Comparative features of Microsoft Teams vs Features of Skype

Hence, when choosing between Microsoft Teams and Skype, Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly the best option. One can put the finger on and buy Microsoft Teams for better connectivity and video conferencing. To buy Microsoft Teams, you can contact Microsoft’s authorized partners and enjoy the installation services along with it. Wroffy Technologies, along with being the trusted Microsoft partner, specializes in providing genuine licenses for the products they offer. So, hurry up! Contact the Wroffy team and get full loads of benefits of other products also.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan

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