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Best Mobile Device Management Solutions of 2021

mobile device management solutions

Introduction to Mobile Device Management

The use of mobile devices is increasing for the past few decades. Mobile devices are in use by people worldwide and are irresistible sources of information and communication. An increasing number of employees are bringing their own devices like laptops, iPads, Mobiles to their workplaces. The escalation in the use can be attributed to the increased capabilities of these devices. With enterprises moving to cloud-based infrastructure, mobile devices have replaced conventional desktop systems. More and more enterprises are now adopting a mobile-first workplace.

Along with the surge in the use of these devices, there is an increase in security breaches. This becomes a matter of concern and security for organizations and corporates when people are using these devices containing important data. Thus, IT managers are in need to find a way to protect precious data. So, what can those big corporations do? Well, all they need to do is incorporate the use of Mobile Device Management software or MDM software.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

An MDM software manages and secures the laptops, mobiles, and other devices of the employees of a workplace. This software not only helps in eradicating the misuse of the information but also enhances data security by monitoring, managing, and securing the mobile devices that are used in the enterprise.

But, before moving on to suggesting you buy some MGM software, let us find out the benefits of using MGM.

Benefits of using MDM

  1. Simple Solution: An MDM proves to be a simple and efficient solution for the security issues that a company might have. The IT professionals can use MDM to protect sensitive data and control data usage. It can be deployed on-premises or in cloud environments, providing convenience for business-specific needs.
  2. Easy Management: The deployment of an MDM solution is effortless. An IT administrator can easily manage the applications that are in use by the employee over his/her mobile device. It can also be used to manage multiple Oss including Android, Windows, macOS over multiple devices.
  3. Remote access: This is another benefit of using an MDM solution that is easy to access. The IT personnel can have access to the mobile devices anywhere and at any time This provides seamless integration of information and technology.
  4. Improvement in Efficiency: Many websites and links to which a company does not want its employees to have access. The MDM solutions can blacklist and whitelist the websites as per the company’s needs.

Best Mobile Device Management Solutions of 2021 for Small Business

The MDM software is a requirement of almost all companies as this software protects crucial data and keeps a check on mobile devices. Every year new and more versions of this software come up with more and more advanced features. According to the company’s need, the MDM solutions can be used to keep the data safe. Here are some of the best MDM software of 2021 that companies can use.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a Mobile Device Management software that is named among the top MDM software of 2021. It is Cloud-based software. The software secures, manages, and protects all the endpoints of the workplace. It allows the application of essential policies as per requirement. This helps in the creation of tight security over all the endpoints. This software can

This helps in creating security over the endpoints. This software can run on almost all operating systems including iOS, macOS, Windows, Apple TV, and Chrome OS devices.

Microsoft Intune

This is another software that is known for one of the best Mobile Device Management services. It is a product of Microsoft. Microsoft always keeps itself up to date with all the security policies and keeps making amendments in the applications it makes accordingly. Therefore, Microsoft Intune becomes one of the finest MDM software. It efficiently protects and secures the information that one will access over his/her personal device. It makes sure that the company is successfully meeting the security and health criteria. Not only this, it helps in checking whether the device in use is compliant or not.

Soti MobiControl

It is another MDM software that helps in safeguarding the data of enterprises or other businesses. It helps in managing the devices like laptops, tablets, phones, and computers. One of the main features involves its integration with the applications and securing them. A very important feature of this MDM software is that it is compatible with all OS. In addition, it has Xtreme technology that helps in reducing the time needed to distribute data over the devices.

VMware Workspace ONE

This software is used by many small and large-sized organizations and aids in enhancing the security and safety of the data. This software is in demand by the companies that run on iOS and macOS. One of the vital features of VMware MDM software is that it works on almost all the endpoints a company has. These endpoints include laptops, screens, PCs, etc. It works on AirWatch mode ad helps in securing every layer of the business. Because of its compatibility with almost all the apps, it helps in increasing the productivity of the company.


ScaleFusion Mobile Device Management Software offers wide range of security policies that lets IT administrators keep the company’s critical data secure and prevent data leakage. Enforce strong security policies to protect corporate data.


Concluding it all, Mobile Device Management software comes among the essential software that a company should possess. This software comes with the promise that there will be utmost security for your data. The mobile devices will be protected to maintain a healthy and smooth workflow. A company or business can choose its MDM software according to the size and requirement of features. Most of the MDM solutions run on almost all of the operating systems and thus are highly compatible. Due to the ease of use, these are easy to learn for IT professionals. The customizations lead to the development and employment of new policies useful for the company and benefit in the long term.

Although the MDM software is available on official websites, one can also buy the software from resellers. Wroffy technologies are an authorized partner with Microsoft. The company ensures the provision of genuine licenses to keep you updated and provides installation services so that work is made easy for you.

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