Office 365 Migration to G Suite – Follow the Steps to Export

office 365 to gsuite migration tool

There may be various reasons why you are considering Office 365 to G Suite Migration.

Google Workspace (Formerly known as G Suite) has been adopted by over 5 million businesses because of the mobility it offers. In order to get things done, high speed and painless usage are in demand.

It is also possible that a user who has just switched to another organization may want to migrate from Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) to Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite).

It may be because the organization that he/she has switched to uses Google Workspace and all the data of the person is in Microsoft 365.

Another reason to migrate O365 to G Suite is that G Suite offers the best results by taking fewer actions whereas, Office 365 lacks in the part.

There can also be a case where you may want to switch to G Suite to separate your work and personal data.

For example, you have a user account on Office 365 wherein you receive all your emails, work-related and personal emails. And to keep these separated; you would want to move from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

Both the suites – Office 365 and G Suite – are a lot similar in various aspects. But can be differentiated on the basis of ideologies to present a clear picture before you move.

Here, you will understand the strengths and the weaknesses of both the suites and then migrate.

Outlook 365 Migration to G Suite – Differentiation between the Suites

The only matter of fact is how the suites fulfill your needs even though there are both strengths are weaknesses. Below we have mentioned the benefits that are offered by both the suites.

Office 365 Strengths:

Robust Security and Reliability

  • The cost of purchasing expensive hardware for server rooms and the salaries for the full-time staff is eliminated if you store all your data on the cloud.
  • Microsoft takes up all the responsibility of keeping your data safe on the cloud freeing up your IT Team to focus on other aspects of the enterprise.


  • Microsoft 365 has a number of inbuilt features offering absolute self-sufficiency. These features provide users with full autonomy.


  • It has been a pretty long time since Microsoft Office has been around. Most of the users are familiar with MS Office apps and know how to use them.
  • All those who are familiar, prefer using Office 365 as they have all the knowledge and do not require having to get trained on new things.

Now, let’s check out the strengths of G Suite and then learn how to migrate O365 to G Suite.

Strengths of G Suite:

Fast Speed 

  • G Suite is way ahead of Office 365 when it comes to speed. You can access documents, send and receive emails, preview attachments, and all the other actions in lightning bolt speed.


  • You do not need to have a powerful computer to use G Suite. That is the case with Office 365 only. It is possible to access files on G Suite through any device as it runs on a browser making it the main reason for Outlook 365 migration to G Suite.
  • You don’t have to install anything on your computer also, nothing is lost in the features if you use the mobile app.


  • The documents can be opened and edited directly from the mailbox. There are no delays or any need to access apps separately.
  • Everything can be done in your mailbox, and you will be able to see all the edits in real-time.

Methods to Migrate O365 to G Suite

The easiest and the most secure solution to migrate your data from Office 365 to G Suite is by using a third-party tool. Since the tool has all the features and benefits for the users to perform migration quickly.

There is another workaround for exporting Microsoft 365 data using the manual method. Although, this method will take time to complete as all the items are migrated separately. First, you have to set up accounts and then perform Outlook 365 migration to G Suite.

The first solution we will be explaining is the software for migration. Learn how the tool helps and also check out how the manual method works later in the blog.

After understanding both the methods, you can decide for yourself which solution is better suited for your business.

Professional Tool to Migrate O365 to G Suite

This is an amazing technique to get your data moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace. The solution is Office 365 to Google Apps Migration Tool which migrates O365 mailbox data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents.

You can easily transfer multiple Office 365 mailboxes to Google apps only in a single shot. Those users who want to migrate selective data can also use this tool as it offers multiple filters to do so.

Outlook 365 migration to G Suite can be done in minutes with just a few clicks. There will be no data modification as the tool maintains data integrity and the folder structure.

In case you receive emails while the migration is in process, you can choose the Delta Migration option after the process completes. This option will only export the newly arrived data without any duplicity.

This software is compatible with Windows OS 10 (64-bit).

outlook 365 migration to g suite

Now, find how the manual method helps in migrating.

Manually Migrate O365 to G Suite

The first stage of this method requires you to set up roles for Office 365 accounts.

Stage 1 – Office 365 Accounts Roles

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account and go to the “Admin Panel”.
  2. Now, choose the “Apps” option in the desktop app and hit the “Security and Compliance” option.
  3. Now, go to the web version of Office 365 and select the “Exchange” exchange
  4. Move towards the “Permission” section and choose the “+” option.admin roles
  5. You will be redirected to a new window where you have to fill the “Name Field” and scroll down to find “Roles” and hit “+” again.
  6. Here, you have to first choose the role “ApplicationImpersoation” and hit “Add”. Repeat the same with the second role “View-OnlyConfiguration”.user roles
  7. Hit the “Save” button and then navigate to the “Users Roles” block.
  8. There, hit “+” to add your admin center
  9. The process may take around 10-20 minutes to complete the process and after that you can perform Outlook 365 migration to G Suite.

The second stage of this method involves the migration of the data.

Stage 2 – Migrating Data

  1. Log in to G Suite and go to the “Admin Console”. Choose the “Data Migration” option.
  2. Select “Email” and choose Microsoft Office 365 in the “Migration Source Field”.
  3. Now, choose “Exchange Web Services” in the “Connection Protocol” field.
  4. Enter the credentials of the role account in the “Role Account” field and hit “Connect”. 
  5. After that, you will have to choose a date range and selective email folders that you want to users
  6. Choose the “Select Users” option and specify the source account you want to transfer the data from. Also, enter the destination account to move the data to.
  7. Hit the “Start” button and you will migrate O365 to G Suite. The process takes time according to the number of emails that are to be migrated.


The migration process of data from Office 365 to G Suite is a difficult task. The M365 to G Suite Migration tool that we have given for export is the best shot for users to migrate the mailbox.

The manual method works fine but is a lengthy solution that is not ideal for most of the users. Also, this solution migrates data selectively. You cannot transfer data in bulk

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