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OneDrive vs. Google Drive – Which Cloud Storage is Better?

onedrive vs googledrive

During recent years, cloud storage gained fame in the digital world. The new technology has obsoleted the traditional means of storing data. It is now a growing demand for every individual and companies like those listed in global B2B companies directory. With this change, it has become easier to access voluminous data from any part of the world.

Gone are the days when data handling was a headache for everyone. We used to be furious about the data loss and transmission from one system to another. If we see the advancements in computing technology, cloud storage is nothing but a deserving blessing.

You can see how easy it has become to share, store, and retrieve information from any device and any place.

Can you name a few cloud storage services that have been a great deal to all of us? OneDrive vs Google Drive – the two competitors with which you can achieve several benefits without a doubt.

OneDrive vs Google Drive Comparision – a competition that is fun yet the biggest challenge we can never think of. These are products of the biggest Tech giants that offer us compelling features for our ease and convenience.

Can you completely compare these two cloud storages? Definitely, not. But, I can tell you which way to go when choosing the best platform to store voluminous data easily.

OneDrive Vs Google Drive – The Battle Begins Here:

There can be a lot of factors to compare technology and its services. When it comes to cloud storage, you have to check out a few important things that make one platform superior to another.

OneDrive Vs Google Drive – don’t make yourself confused at all because these two are the most effective and efficient cloud services that are commonly used across the globe. If you are looking for any cloud storage, you should give these a try concerning storage and file sharing.

It is finally here; the solution that we all needed to avail for storing and sharing the bulk of data.

So, below are a few factors that will help you in deciding which platform to choose. OneDrive Vs Google Drive is a tough competition for sure.

1. Pricing

Despite the cloud services being achieved for either business or personal needs, the pricing plan is based on the storage capacity offered to the users.

OneDrive and Google Drive have different pricing plans, which are based on storage rather than the mode of use. Hence, you can avail any of the offers whether you are using it for personal use or business purpose.

The most prominent difference noticed in OneDrive Vs Google Drive is the pricing. OneDrive’s free plan gives you a total of 5 GB of storage services. In contrast, Google Drive offers you a free plan for 15 GB of storage space.

One Drive for business comes in a package with Microsoft 365 Plans which starts at Rs. 1500/usr/yr and offers 50 GB Mailbox storage, 1 TB OneDrive Storage, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office Web Apps. While G Drive also comes in a Package with Google Workspace (Previously known as G Suite) subscription which starts at Rs. 2200 /usr/yr and offers 30 GB Mailbox and combines Google Drive storage, Google Meet, and business apps.

2. File Sharing

When it comes to debating on OneDrive Vs Google Drive, one must keep in view the file-sharing feature. It is one of the most important features in cloud storage that allows users to share files from remote locations.

Cutting it to short, file sharing is all about accessing information from anywhere and anytime. In cloud storage, the feature also includes file syncing and retrieving. This means you can avail the service by accessing more options other than a storage facility.

In the present situation, cloud storage is required for effective online collaboration. It makes file sharing easy and convenient among the users.

Surprisingly, OneDrive and Google Drive have the same options included in their services. It means that the users are facilitated with the file-sharing feature, which makes it effective for them to share any file with remote users.

The user only has to right-click on the file and select “Share”. A window pops up on the screen, which will require email addresses of all the participants with whom you would like to share the file.

Not only this, but you can also share the custom link. Again, right-click on the file and select “Get sharable link”. A link will be auto-generated that you can send to the desired participants. Make sure that the file can only be accessed by the users who have permission to access the file.

3. Privacy

Privacy is a crucial factor in judging the best cloud storage platform. Concerning information privacy, the area of knowledge has become significant for the users and experts due to advancing threats.

Cloud storage platforms provide the users with a fundamental concept, i.e. personal digital space. However, the concept is quite confusing because nothing seems personal even in a personal digital space.

Do you know that Google is alleged to data-mine its users? Indeed, the tech giant uses private information for various non-malicious purposes. Also, the information is widely used for targeted advertising, which is pretty bad in terms of violating privacy without permission.

Although personal information is used in such campaigns, we, as a user, cannot digest this violation at all.

With respect to Microsoft, it scans the users’ files and any sort of content. The practice isn’t objectionable because the users are not annoyed with too many advertisements on their screen.

Well, this difference makes it clear. OneDrive is the best solution to your privacy concern. It is already giving you so many things with limited storage space in the free plan, but Google seems risky.

4. Data Security

Data security comes next to privacy. It is also important for any cloud storage platform to ensure data security so that the users can avail the services without any objection.

Since cloud storage provides remote access, you can access the data from anywhere and at any time. In this way, data security seems extremely difficult. If your chosen platform has no methodical setup enabled for data security, you can face a severe data breach. This is one of the weaknesses in cloud storage that can let you suffer from big losses.

Data protection is vital, no matter what the service you are availing. Every cloud storage faced data violations in past years. Google was attacked a number of times, which made it an unsecured place to store bulky data.

In contrast, Microsoft takes data protection seriously. It focuses on security objectives and executes security techniques to make it a safer place for the users.

If you compare the two platforms concerning data security, then OneDrive is everything you want. It ensures data protection while reports no data breach cases until now.

5. Encryption techniques

Another point to compare OneDrive and Google Drive are encryption techniques.

Google Drive is said to execute AES 128-bit encryption technique to protect in-transit or in-motion files. However, the rest of the files are protected through AES 256-bit encryption technique.

In contrast, OneDrive follows a slightly different rule. It is said to protect in-transit files by AES 256-bit encryption technique, but there is no specific protection strategy for other files. However, if you have subscribed to OneDrive for business, only then you can achieve file protection.

From this point, Google Drive wins the battle against OneDrive. Yet, the votes are still for OneDrive due to massive contribution in data protection.

Since Google Drive was affected in previous times, OneDrive is a safer place to store, share, and retrieve files.

6. Productivity apps

There was no such app in previous times like cloud. Currently, individuals and businesses use cloud storage for a variety of reasons, and now they collaborate in real-time.

Hence, you should choose a platform that is beyond storage and information. This means it must offer you functionalities that improve productivity.

With Google Drive, you can use an online suite that is a browser-based app for collaboration and productivity. It has all those functionalities that help you in managing files beyond imagination. Not only this, but you can use the feature in offline mode as well.

Apparently, Microsoft’s OneDrive has more power over these features. Like you know, all the products it offers to the users. It gives you a comfortable interface to manage all the data in desired clicks.

Key Takeaway

We can never judge anything by its name or cover. If we really want to know more about anything, we need to dig it in-depth. Only this way, one can find all the strengths and weaknesses upon which a decision is made.

When it comes to choosing the best cloud storage platform, everyone becomes confused. Definitely, the matter is quite severe because one has to store multiple files with varying size so that it can be accessed and shared to/from any part of the world. This post sheds light on the two products of tech giants, i.e. Google and Microsoft.

I believe that both cloud storage platforms have significant features. One stands out from the other one in terms of a few extraordinary features, whereas the other one carries some compelling services that make us skeptical. But on the whole, I would recommend you to use Microsoft OneDrive for business for all the reasons mentioned here. But if you think security is not a matter for you, Google Drive is the best choice to go with.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business – Basics and beyond


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