Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Powerful Instagram Marketing

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know the importance and impact of Instagram on business. The platform alone has opened the door to innovative marketing strategies that were once unthinkable. It has emerged as one of the most influential social media platforms and hence has a special place in businesses’ marketing plans.

Businesses are using Instagram as a marketing tool. And there are various reasons why. Some of them are – it provides multiple creative and engaging methods to spread a message, helps capture more audience, and assists in building brand awareness. So, if you aren’t using Instagram for marketing purposes, you are missing out on a lot.

While it has a significant impact and relevance, it also demands some smart techniques to reach the target audience. In this blog, we have listed some of the powerful marketing strategies that might help you in the long run. You can apply these techniques and assist your business to reach business goals.

Effective Instagram marketing techniques

Instagram consists of a huge user base, which helps you create a brand reputation and recognition. But it would be best if you still had some smart ways to capture maximum benefits from the platform.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Consider this as a primary step of any social media marketing strategy. Businesses often think merely creating an Instagram account is enough. People will find the brand on the platform and start following it, which is a wrong assumption. There are ample brands that are using Instagram as their platform; hence it is essential to stand out from the crowd. And for that, the basic need to have an Instagram account that people can easily find and, at the same time, get to know about the brand.

While building your Instagram account, make sure to use an easy and short handle that people can easily remember or search. Take H&M, for example; the Instagram handle for the brand is @hm. This handle is short, easy to remember, and easy to search. The brand has ‘&’ sign in their name, but they have avoided using them for their Instagram handle, which is a smart move.

Next is – Instagram bio. Using 150 characters, you should have an impressive Instagram bio. Try to provide a brief about your brand, convey its personality, and tell people how your brand or product can change the user’s life. Again, you can take Tourism Vancouver’s Instagram account as an example. They have ticked all the checkboxes on how Instagram bio should look. Also, they have mentioned their website URL, which stands necessary.

Adding a website URL adds a great benefit, as it introduces users to your website and helps you divert Instagram traffic on the website.

Provide a pleasing look to your profile

Visual-look of a profile helps to create an impression. And while you are on the platform with a huge user base, it is essential to have a good impression. A good impression often helps build a brand’s reputation and gives a great vibe.

Believe it or not, colors do have a psychological impact. Hence, most brands that are into the food industry use red and yellow as their color scheme. Hence, find a particular color scheme for your brand and try to post using that.

Using a particular color scheme also provides a visual appeal to the profile. Take Skullcandy’s Instagram profile as an example. It uses a color scheme with the launch of its product and uploads content using that color scheme only. As a result, it creates an everlasting impression on visitors and makes the Instagram profile stand out from the crowd.

Embed Instagram feed on website

While Instagram provides great help to businesses in attaining more audience, more people must get to know about your Instagram presence. In simple words, if you want that Instagram algorithm boosts the reach of your profile, then more people must engage with it. And for that, you need to market your Instagram profile.

You can easily create awareness of your Instagram profile by opting to embed Instagram feed on website. Various social media aggregator tools help you in this cause and provide a simplified embedding solution. You can find these tools on the internet with ease and use this for this cause.

It provides a sneak into your Instagram presence and, at the same time, improves the visual appeal and functionality of your website. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

After all, consumers often determine the quality and reputation of a brand based on its social media presence. Therefore, you can strengthen your Instagram presence and improve your brand reputation with this strategy. Also, as mentioned, it enhances the website’s visual appeal, which also helps in enhancing brand reputation.

Summing It Up

Instagram has a huge user base and, hence, has a great impact. It provides a great aid for businesses to capture new audiences and offers them a platform to express themselves in more creative and engaging ways. To extract great benefits from the platform, one should have some fantastic tricks and strategies. The techniques mentioned above are tried and tested to make the most of the platform and stand out from the crowd.

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