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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: The Future of Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is doing well in the business today. But if you look closely, you are bound to think about its growth in the long run. Of course, the future of SFMC is bright as ever, given the varied advanced benefits that it promises to offer. Also, the way it takes the responsibility to improve customer engagement, elevate business performance and skyrocket leads is bound to make it one of the top technological tools in the coming years. But if we had to take a moment to embrace the future of marketing automation, we would like to dive deep into this article. Let us read more.

What Is The Future Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The form of Salesforce Marketing Cloud growth that we have seen over the years makes it obvious that there is a future to talk about. According to some sources, the company had its revenue spiked up by nearly 215.7 % this year. So, you can obviously expect a lot more in the long run.

In the coming years, one can expect SFMC to integrate big data potentialities with that of Data Science. Such a thing will help promote the idea of customer service tasks. But that is not all. With such arrangements, it is also obvious that marketers will be able to make the most of data for both targeted and predictive forms of marketing. Since most businesses are intelligently investing in big data and Artificial Intelligence, this could pave the way for a brimming and profitable future for Salesforce Marketing Automation.

What Else Do We Know About SFMC’s Future?

We can already see how Salesforce is penetrating into the world of Internet-Of-Things and Healthcare seamlessly these days. This will happen on a larger scale in the coming years, allowing the diversification of Salesforce to expand further. As far as the main function of the brand is concerned- CRM solutions have a brimming future too here. Recent sources suggest that the SaaS CRM solutions will have accelerated to nearly 85% from 80% in the next few years. This is most likely predicted to occur by 2025. In fact, sources suggest that the software market itself might see an advancement of 14% per year in the coming years. We can already see some of it becoming a possibility right now.

In the long run, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will have potentially acquired more global customers, becoming the one-stop solution to any CRM solution.

The Bottom Line

The next-generation marketing automation surely belongs to Salesforce, given the benefits and numerous features it offers. The future scopes too look bright for a variety of reasons. SO, if you are looking to improve your business growth and revenue, do not keep waiting. Make the most of Salesforce Marketing Cloud from now itself so that you can enjoy bright opportunities in the years to come for your brand. Its success will be standout, even amidst a dozen competitors. Try it out and now see the difference for yourself. You will not be disheartened.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan

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