The Real Cost of Vandalism to Your Business


You may not think that vandalism is a huge problem for businesses, but the overall cost can be immense. Any business can be targeted by vandals, and the knock-on effects extend further than the repair costs and the inconvenience. If you are a business owner, it’s important that you have a plan in place to try and prevent it.

The Knock-on Effects of Vandalism

When considering the costs of vandalism, most people think in terms of the expense of repairing property damage. That can be very expensive for your business, especially if windows are broken and expensive equipment is destroyed. It’s likely that you’ll have to hire a specialist to repair the damage, as well as pay for the materials, so the costs quickly add up.


Your insurance will cover part of this outlay (as long as it covers vandalism), but you may have to pay out of pocket. Your insurance premiums will also go up once you have made a claim, so there will be a long-term cost.


Loss of revenue is another significant cost of vandalism. If you own a store, for example, and somebody smashes all of the windows, you’ll need to close while you replace them. The same is true for an office space if it isn’t suitable or safe for working. So you can add lost revenue on top of the cost of shelling out for vandalism. Visit for some great tips on how to manage a temporary business closure.


Vandalism has a big impact on your reputation too. It makes your business look unprofessional and unkempt, and it could also cause employees to worry too. If your business is constantly being vandalized and it never looks its best, this affects the public’s perception of you in a big way. Ultimately, this can lead to lost revenue.


Vandalism isn’t just about the initial damage – it also causes long-term harm to your business as a whole, so you need to tackle it properly.


How to Prevent Vandalism


Preventing vandalism is key, if you want to avoid any big losses, and there are a few simple ways you can do it. Anti-loitering devices are excellent for keeping troublesome teens away from your premises. Check out to learn more about security systems that emit high pitched noises to disperse groups of young people.


As well as anti-loitering devices, you’ll need some good lighting. People are unlikely to commit crimes if they can easily be seen, so security lights are very effective and a relatively cheap solution.


Installing fences is a good option too. Vandals cannot vandalize a building if they can’t get close to it. Naturally, criminals may still find a way of getting past barriers but having them in place makes a business a much less attractive target for offenders.


Finally, if vandalism is a serious recurring problem for your business, you could consider hiring security guards to patrol the area. This is perhaps the best deterrent there is, although it is more expensive.


Don’t underestimate the damage that vandalism can do to your business. Take action now to protect your property – peace of mind is priceless.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan

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