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The Youtubers, Pro-Gamers and Bloggers

Youtubers, Pro-Gamers, and Bloggers are people who, after all, make a living doing what they love the most. This is the dream of all people and in fact, some privileged have jobs that they like, but doing what they like the most? With new technologies and the Internet, we have the opportunity to make it our source of income. Today we will see examples of people who have managed to unite these elements, being their own bosses and working doing what interests them.

The success of YouTubers

The clearest example of this branch is the Youtubers. People who post home videos on their channel with the content of interest to their subscribers and generate income based on the visits their videos get. Currently, it is very difficult to find a niche in this area since there are very famous channels for each type of content. Viewers are demanding more and more from the channels they usually follow, so you have to be very original and offer something new if you want to achieve the popularity necessary to be successful in this occupation.

Thus, we can find channels that are dedicated to cooking, giving beauty advice, giving physical exercise routines, commenting on video games, even simply commenting on current issues … The most famous YouTubers in the world have channels that deal with these last two topics. Examples of this are “elrubiusOMG” with more than 8.5 million subscribers, “Vegetta777” which has 7.1 million or “Willyrex” with more than 4.3 million.

As we have discussed, it is very difficult to be successful on YouTube. But it can be achieved with a lot of effort, dedication, and talent. An example is UkfProdigy, number fourteen in the world in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, who with only 20 years has managed to gain a foothold on YouTube with his videos about the well-known game, and thanks to his more than 10,000 followers he is already winning per month around 300 euros.

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Again it is very important, as he himself explains, dedication to his social networks, especially YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter: “I post a different video every day and it is very important to share it and be very present on the Internet. On the other hand, it is not good to be obsessed, you have to continue with your studies and your normal life ”.

Other channels that also attract a large audience are those that focus on beauty issues. In this field, the best-known Youtubers are women. They are Patry Jordan and Isabel Llano, although we can find them on YouTube as “Secretos de Chicas” and “Isasaweis”.

To make YouTube a way to generate income, it is necessary to create a personal brand, you must stand out in your videos both in their content and in their form, as well as promote yourself in the rest of social networks.

The case of the Pro-Gamer

Being a Pro-Gamer is another way to earn a living that has started to expand for a few years. In this way, those who best play different games manage to gain a foothold in that world: playing championships, streaming their games, F95Zone etc. Thus, many young people have found a way to earn money by doing what they like the most and showing it to others. The negative part of this is that it has reached a point where it is very difficult to “make a hole” since more and more people are dedicated to this, so you must have a high level in games.

One of the people who have succeeded is Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez, a video game player who earned more than 600,000 euros a year for playing League of Legends professionally. But how do you go from playing for fun to playing for work? It takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Ocelote started playing at home, initially without the support of his parents, until he managed to get into a team. Currently, he has managed to be one of the most mediatic Pro-Gamers creating his own personal brand, which together with the streaming of his games and what he receives from his personal sponsors has allowed Ocelote to create an entire empire or you can contact Retrocube for Game App Development.

Bloggers who have turned their hoppy into their work

On the other hand, Blogger is also someone who has managed to turn his hobby into his work. They generally have more than one blog and post multiple times a week. One of the best known in Spain is Dídac Lee, a computer engineer and a great entrepreneur whose focus is, today, on helping other entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses.

As we’ve been seeing, trying is easy, but being successful is very difficult. It takes patience, talent, dedication, and a lot of desire to make your hobby your profession.

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