Top 10 Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala is a lovely state that is eager to welcome investors. When compared to other comparable states, Kerala has acceptable operating costs for start-up businesses. Financial independence, learning new skills, living a preferred lifestyle, and many other benefits are available to small business owners. Is there a state that is more investor-friendly and cost-effective than Kerala for starting a small business?

Individuals can choose from several business opportunities. This state, located in the southern part of India, is notorious for attracting entrepreneurs looking for quick profits. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for small business possibilities and ideas in Kerala. Here I will discuss the top 10 business ideas in Kerala.

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Best business ideas in Kerala

Spices Trading

Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala’s spices are well-known around the world. Kerala’s rich flavor and variety have earned it a place in the global spice market. Cardamom and Keralite pepper have become world-famous. Turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and clove are some of Kerala’s other notable spices.

Spices are used in regular cooking as well as preservatives, traditional remedies, and perfumes. Spices will continue to be in high demand, and it currently provides a profitable opportunity to launch a small business.

Through internet channels, you can begin selling Kerala spices as packaged products directly to consumers. You can start with just one product and develop a reputation as a genuine spice dealer.

Business of photography

Social media have fueled the desire for photography among Indian youth. Because Kerala is a prominent tourist destination recognized for its natural beauty, photography is one of the most profitable small business ideas to start with minimal cash, high demand, and various other possibilities.

You can start a tourist photography business by offering to snap some of the best photographs of your tourists as gifts, and you can fast advance in this industry. A photography business requires little capital but a great deal of commitment and training. And there’s no good place to begin this business than Kerala, where you can take some amazing candid nature photos.

Post these photos and market your business on social media to attract more people to hire you. This could be a terrific option for self-employment.


Kerala is a culturally rich city with abundant natural beauty, including historic temples like Padmanabhan Swamy and Shabrimala.

On the other hand, Kerala has a 550-kilometer Arabian Sea coastline where visitors travel worldwide to enjoy and record golden memories.

Intelligent people can make money in this situation; for example, you could start a guide service for visitors unfamiliar with Kerala’s beauty. You are not required to guide the tourists yourself; instead, you may employ someone very familiar with every region of Kerala for a fee.

You might establish a Kerala Darshan Facility service, where people from outside the state would contact you, and you will arrange for them to travel throughout Kerala and see the sights.

The best thing about this finest business to start in Kerala is that it is an evergreen business, which means you will never be idle for a month.

The second point is that investment is not excessive; yes, if you want to open an office, you will need to make a small investment because Kerala’s rental is too low.

Services for Vehicle Maintenance (Spare Parts, Accessories, and Servicing)

The remittances from the Gulf countries have created a strong market for automobiles in Kerala. The 20 km stretch outside Kochi connecting Kalamassery to Aroor has the largest concentration of automobile showrooms in India, and Toyota’s largest showroom in Asia is in Kalamassery.

In Kerala, the mid-size car market has grown with the luxury segment. After the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a perceptible shift in people’s preference for private transport, further improving the state’s market for passenger vehicles.

You can start a business providing vehicle maintenance services for a certain brand and product line of automobiles. In the automotive services industry, counterfeit spare parts are a serious issue. The authenticity of replacement parts supplied through your online stores might help you establish your brand. You can also use your internet business to sell authentic, branded accessories. You can go into the servicing company when you’ve established your credibility.

Ayurveda therapy and tourism

Ayurveda therapy and tourism

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian treatment technique that has become a major attraction for visitors to Kerala. The benefits of Ayurveda are being recognized by people all over the world. Because Kerala has a natural supply of traditional medicinal plants, you won’t need to invest much to get started, aside from a reasonably priced property.

Kerala has a unique medical system that is strictly adhered to. Kerala is an excellent place to start an Ayurvedic business for all of these reasons. Some individuals travel to this lovely city to receive Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda is a complete philosophy that considers every area of one’s life. When correctly followed, it reduces impurities in the body and reduces the risk of illness. You can maximize your income by establishing Ayurvedic centers in tourist-heavy areas.

Making Agarbatti

In Indian households, lighting agarbatti for numerous religious occasions is a common practice. Some of us utilize it for spiritual purposes, while others appreciate the scent. As a result, you can make a fortune in a prosperous state like Kerala. This industry has a long and glorious history, and it could be a less risky venture with higher rewards.

Making agarbatti is a straightforward technique, and Agarbatti can be made by hand or with a machine. Making agarbatti is a profitable business, and depending on how many units you manufacture, you can make a lot of money.

Materials like bamboo sticks, charcoal powder, and scents are inexpensive in Kerala, so the initial outlay will be minimal unless you decide to invest in machinery. This agarbatti-making venture can be started for as little as Rs 50000.

Digital Consultation

The growing pandemic has brought attention to the necessity for businesses to adopt digital. Kerala has many small and medium-sized businesses in various industries, including seafood exports, coir production, and agricultural products.

Marketing and sales opportunities will become available as a result of digitization. Many companies have a simple website, and they will require services to fully digitize their marketing and sales processes. Here are some of the services are available to you.

Packaged Processed Foods

Kerala produces high-nutrient grains and pulses that can be powdered and packaged for sale. Foods with great nutritional value, such as jackfruit and ragi, can be purchased at a reasonable cost from wholesale food and vegetable markets. Solar dryers are used to dry these foods, and grinders are used to powder them. The equipment is inexpensive, and the space requirement is minimal.

This small business requires a minimum investment capital of INR 2 lakh. Because food is a priority industry, you may gain financial support from the government or banks. The Kerala government’s Integrated Rural Technology Centre can also provide training.

Home decoration business

If you are a first-time investor with no prior company experience, beginning a home decor business is a good choice. People are spending more money on their home decor these days. Candles, wind chimes, vases, wall arts, table lamps, baskets, antique pieces, floor lamps, dining accessories, and designer trays and candles are highly demanded. So, if you like home decor and have the necessary skills, this is a lucrative small business opportunity worth looking into.

Coconut based foods and oil business

Coconut oil-based food production is a profitable business with a minimal start-up cost. Making coconut products at home and selling them in the market is one of the greatest businesses to start in Kerala.

Snacks like Rava Ladoos, Banana Halwa, various types of chips, Sweet, Jaggery Stuffed Pancake, pudding, Kerala spicy combinations, roasted cashews, and other snacks can be created at home and sold online or to local stores. Coconut is loved by Indians and people worldwide for its flavor and health benefits, which is why this business might be a tremendous success for you.


Kerala has several low-cost business options, and we hope this article has helped you locate reliable investment alternatives. Finding the right niche, building a network, and being enthusiastic and dedicated to your customers are critical aspects of running a successful business.

Would you please share any other business ideas you have for Kerala in the comments section and any recommendations for possible business ideas?


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