Top 10 PDF Editor & Reader for Windows and Mac

We use PDFs in our daily life. Either we work personally on a computer or laptop, we have encountered the use of PDFs. Whether we must attach a document somewhere or upload any resume, most sites and companies require that document in PDF form. The whitepapers, e-books, or for any other purpose, there is a need for PDF. But have you ever wondered what does this PDFstands for? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. But the documents that we type on our laptops or PC or mobiles are not usually in PDF format. We need to convert them into PDF.

We expect that the printed work should be well-designed and in a suitable format. That format comes from PDFs. But how can we make a pdf? PDFs are made using PDF editors. There are many PDF editors & Readers available in the market—this software aid in making PDFs and enabling a reader to access and read those files easily.

A PDF reader is made to help you read the document like a book. It gives you the feeling of flipping a page as you do while reading a book. You can also highlight the words or sentences you want. Furthermore, it lets you search different terms in the text and comment wherever you want. Moreover, you can also put a digital signature on the forms in PDF form.

These 10 PDF Editor & Reader solutions help in increasing the productivity of our devices. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 PDF Editor & Reader for Windows and Mac.

  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Foxit Software
  • GoNitro
  • Abbyy Fine Reader
  • SodaPDF
  • PDFZilla
  • Javelin PDF Reader
  • PDF Xchange Editor
  • MuPDF
  • Sumatra PDF
  • Google PDF Viewer

#1 Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe is the birthplace of PDFs. Therefore, Adobe proves to be the leader of PDF readers. Adobe Acrobat DC is a product of Adobe and comes as a comprehensive set of all PDF tools. It helps create PDFs that one can send for any professional or official work and can view easily. 

Some of the essential features of Adobe Acrobat DC are:

  • The user can easily print and comment on the document they are considering in PDF.
  • The user can interact with all the content available in PDF format, including the forms and presentations.
  • One can download a free version of the software for trial purposes.

#2 Foxit software

Foxit software is another PDF viewing software that comes with its personal and professional versions. It can run on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web. In Foxit PDF editor for Mac, one can edit text, annotate, convert, compress, and sign. This is a feature-rich PDF reader that also allows organizations to sign and fill forms. 

Features of Foxitsoftware are:

  • It utilizes a familiar user interface.
  • Allows easy insertion of photos and videos in PDF
  • It can integrate existing workflows of the enterprise on mobile also using Cloud storage

#3 GoNitro

It is a simple software that is easy to navigate. One can easily drag the document to the GoNitro software and convert it into PDF. In addition, it allows the setting of passwords that uses 40-bit and 128-bit encryption.

  • The home tab is customizable.
  • Allows highlighting, stamping, and underlining words or sentences.
  • Allows securing the document by setting a password or digital signature.

#4 Abbyy Fine Reader

Abbyy Fine Reader is a PDF software that empowers organizations to be more efficient. It helps in easy conversion, digitization, and editing of the document. It uses Artificial Intelligence and OCR technology to help you do better in your work. It provides many benefits as the feature include:

  • Editing of PDFs
  • Searching and replacing of words
  • Comparing different PDFs
  • Splitting up the PDFs

#5 SodaPDF

It is easy-to-use software. It contains all the tools that one needs for editing a document. The software allows you to work across multiple devices. One can access the software online or download a desktop version from the official website. Features include: 

  • Viewing the document and commenting wherever one wants to comment. 
  • Changing fonts, inserting links and images. 
  • One can easily combine PDFs and compress them to the required size

#6 PDFZilla

PDFZilla also comes among the top PDF Editor and Reader software. It supports over 20 languages. The features of the software are interesting. It allows conversion of PDF files to other formats, including Word, TXT, HTML, etc.

  • One can edit the PDF files using MS word.
  • It allows conversion from PDF to Word.
  • It will enable Batch conversion in which one can convert over 1000 files at a time.

#7 Javelin PDF Reader

Javelin PDF Reader is a comprehensive PDF reading and editing software. It It runs on Windows, iOS, Android OS, and OSX. Although the software has only read the feature and does not offer to edit, it comes with the advantage of being fast and straightforward.

  • Straightforward and fast interface.
  • Allows viewing, reading, and printing.
  • Provides markup and annotation feature.

#8 PDF Xchange Editor

It is software that allows the reading and editing of PDFs. The software is available for Microsoft Windows. It is a small, fast-running, and feature-rich software. 70% of its feature do not require any license and are free. Whereas, to access advanced features, you will need to get your hands on an advanced version.

  • It has a document spellchecker.
  • You can use custom stamps while editing PDF.
  • Enables extraction of text from the PDF.

#9 MuPDF

MuPDF is available as an open-source PDF software. It is a customizable and versatile PDF software that offers rendering and PDF viewing. With a small size of 2MB, it gives good quality work. The features are:

  • Has the options for text search.
  • Enables form filling and adding a digital signature.
  • Allows conversion of PDF, XPS, and E-books.

#10 Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is another open-source and free software. The software is for Windows. However, it can run on Linux. With a minimalist design, the software is straightforward to use and has many features.

  • It is a multilingual software with almost 69 languages that are community-contributed.
  • It can help you read documents in different formats, including CBZ, CHM, XPS, DjVu, and many more.

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