Top Benefits of Using a VPS Server Hosting for Your Business

Have you recently planned on initiating a business? What if going digital is the only best option? Are you running a software or an eCommerce store or maybe a business website? What server is going to be the most effective for your small business? While there are plenty of options out there, virtual private servers are one of the most favored ones.

Why use VPS Server Hosting for Your Business

Unlike shared hosting plans, virtual private servers do not entertain more than a dozen other users sharing the same server instance. In a VPS server, every user works independently. When multiple users share a single server, it can automatically create functionality problems. However, when you use a VPS server to host your website, the incoming traffic surge is fairly low in comparison to shared servers and as a result, you get better performance.

In short, when you are using a VPS server, the functionality of your website isn’t determined by how many sites are hosted on your particular server instance.

Wondering why you should opt-in for a VPS hosting server for your website? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a HostNoc VPS server for your digital business.

VPS offers Great Performance

One of the reasons why a small business should opt-in for a virtual private server is greater performance. When you have hosted your website on a shared server instance, you get a virtual space in a shared environment where multiple other similar users are found using your server space. Whereas, when you are using a virtual private server, you get a separate server instance all of your own. Now, instead of using a shared server space, you get an independent server space.

Now the only traffic your website will observe will be the traffic of your own website and no other. So if you are somebody who is experiencing server degradation because of other people’s websites, VPS can offer a great deal. The functionality of your website will never depend on other shared sites.

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VPS offers More Robust Server Control

One of the most common issues that individuals face while using a shared server space is that they do not have access to the root files of the server. When it comes to accessing root files, they depend on the hosting provider where they offer you different unsupported software packages. If a user wants to access the root file, they have to make use of these software packages which can be a hassle. Not only are they difficult to operate, but they also raise security concerns.

When you are using a VPS server, you don’t have to worry about using any unsupported third-party software packages. With a VPS, you can freely implement any changes in the root files as you want.

VPS offers Immense Scalability

If you’re a stable business that is not looking to grow any further, then scalability mustn’t be the top of your concerns. However, if you are operating in the online world with the intent of growing your business, then a normal shared hosting isn’t the best option for you. When it comes to server scalability, nothing serves the purpose as effectively as a VPS does. While, shared hosting plans can be upgraded but because of their shared nature, they won’t make much of a difference in your site’s performance. However, with VPS you get greater scalability without risking your online presence.

If you are planning to expand your customer base without putting your online presence at risk, then VPS hosting is the most suitable option for you.

VPS comes at a Low Price

Back in the days, many organizations would favor shared hosting plans over virtual private servers just because they were costly. However, there are multiple Internet technologies that have significantly advanced because of which the cost of web hosting has greatly minimized. When you make VPS an option as a business, you get a private server space at as low as $10 per month which seamlessly equates to the price of that of a shared hosting server plan.

So if you are a bit low on the budget and you still want to get a VPS space for your small business website, then find a good hosting service that offers you the best price.

You will find plenty of options on the Internet such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostnoc, and Cloudways.

VPS comes with Great Customer Support

When your hosting is down, your business is off the grid and when you completely rely on your digital presence, taking such a huge risk can be troublesome. In case, at any point in time, if your server stops performing optimally, you want a platform that can offer you greater customer support in just a phone call. When you are operating in a shared environment, your technical support will come as part of a shared plan where a server downtime might be because of a traffic surge experienced by anyone particular user on the shared instance. Whereas, when you are running a website on a VPS, you get a separate customer support agent wholly dedicated to resolving your server problem.

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Plus, there are no other users on your server plan so you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s website traffic surges. And as a result, your website operates in an optimized environment.

Concluding Thoughts

We live in a day and age where Internet technology is dramatically growing and improving. As more and more businesses are leveraging the power of the Internet, they are getting exposed to more efficient environments. As the environments are becoming more flexible, the need for growing your business exponentially increases. With a VPS hosting environment, you establish environments that are more flexible and scalable and can adjust the incoming surge of traffic.

Are you searching for a hosting plan that can help you maintain a safe digital environment?

Then why not consider VPS hosting for a change.

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