What are Some of the Best TV Wall Mounts and How to Install Them?

TV Wall Mounts

Despite the invention of smartphones and tablets and the easy availability of the internet to watch movies and TV series, cable TV is still popular. During the pandemic, many people subscribed to quality cable connections such as Super internet deals to have access to quality entertainment in their homes. Even though you may not be watching TV regularly, the room in which it is has to be perfect. And that includes having a TV where it should be – on the wall! The best fix in such a situation is to mount it properly. Not only will such a setup help to save up the space in the room, but the room will also look nice and tidy.

But that could be tricky. You may face some difficulty in installing a wall mount. Read this blog to install it with ease. Furthermore, you’ll also learn about some of the best TV wall mounts you can directly buy from Amazon.

How to Install a TV Wall Mount?

The installation of a wall mount is quite a challenging task for many people. By just investing 30 minutes of performing simple tasks that include drilling, tightening, and screwing, you can install a wall mount. You can also use the instruction manual to install it properly.

The first step to install a wall mount is to decide its particular position in your home. Make sure to install it near a power source so that you can easily plug in the TV. Furthermore, if you like to stream movies on your smart TV, it is advisable to install the TV near a Wi-Fi source so that the stream does not lag. After this, it is important to locate the wall studs and match them with the respective part of the wall bracket. Now, use a pencil to mark the holes. Drill in these holes now.

Carefully search for the plugs and screws in the box the wall mount came with. These are necessary to make sure the wall mount is tightly attached to the wall. Once this is done, it is time to place the TV on the wall mount. Now, the process is complete and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. Make sure that you are aware of the total weight that the wall mount can support. If your TV weighs more, refrain from placing a heavy TV otherwise the TV wall mount may break.

Mounting Dream TV Bracket

There are many TV wall mounts present on Amazon that have the highest review scores. However, the Mounting Dream TV Bracket definitely deserves praise. It comes with powerful options to tilt the TV according to one’s viewing comfort. It also has a retractable moment. The installation process is very easy to understand. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to set it up completely. Furthermore, you can place a TV of up to 99 pounds of weight on this wall mount. You can also use the bubble levels to ensure that the TV is correctly placed. Furthermore, you will also get a 9-inch HDMI cable in the package. Do note that you drill in the holes in the wall mount on a well-cemented wall. This is necessary to prevent damage to the wall.

Perlesmith Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket

The Perlesmith Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket is quite useful for those who only want to tilt their TV only. This wall mount is made from very strong metal and can easily hold a TV screen of up to 115 lbs. Apart from this, the mount comes with 7 degrees after of tilt as well. Therefore, you can easily tilt the screen for a better viewing experience. This wall mount is easier to install in comparison with other ones present in the store. You will only require 15 minutes for the complete setup.

Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket is ideal for TVs ranging from 32 inches to 80 inches. This walk mount is quite durable and can support the heaviest of TV screens. If you have a large and spacious living room and a large TV, make sure to purchase this wall mount. It provides 5 degrees of upward tilt. The download tilt is also 15 degrees. Make sure to use the spirit level and HDMI cable for perfect installation.


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