What is Driver Monitoring System and why do you need it?

Driver Monitoring System

Can you answer one simple question? What does it take to stay alert on road? Coffee, tea, music, conversations, and window down for some people. But, is it the safest solution?

The answer is no.

As per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, around 42915 people have died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2021 which is a 10.5% increase from the 2020 report.

Then what’s the solution? With the recent advancement in AI technology, there is one technology solution is at your rescue and that is the Driver Monitoring System.

Let’s go through this blog and learn about Driver Monitoring System from scratch and how it is a life savior jacket for drivers.

What is Driver Monitoring System?

The driver monitoring system is an advanced safety feature that utilizes a camera mounting on the dashboard to monitor the driver’s alertness and drowsiness. In case the driver is getting sleepy and distracted driver monitoring system generates an alert and recommends taking a break.

This advanced safety feature is gaining huge attraction from car manufacturers, and as per a report the global driver assistance system growth is expected to reach $32 billion by 2025. And why not, who doesn’t want more safety while driving on highways and traffic.

How does Driver Monitoring System Work?

Driver monitoring system typically uses a driver-facing camera equipped with infrared-light-emitting diodes or laser light that can see the driver’s face even in dark. Using these diodes, the driver monitoring system can also check whether the driver is wearing sunglasses or not.

Isn’t it amazing? This advanced driver monitoring uses training datasets points to check the driver’s action and generate points. Let’s understand how the driver monitoring system works.

  • This safety system monitors the driver’s most recent behavior right from the head position, and eye, and further gives a signal from cars such as vehicle speed and traffic signs. According to the data accessed by the driver monitoring system, driver alertness is graded from 1 (attentive) to 4 (distracted). That’s how this information can be used to dramatically adapt driver assistance functions such as emergency car brake assist and blind-spot detection warnings.
  • Also, the driver monitoring system diagnoses the driver’s drowsiness level based on blink duration and frequency as well as eye-opening and closing frequency. Based on these points, the driver monitoring system calculates the drowsiness scale from 1 (alert) to 4 (sleepy). If the driver is sleepy it generates an alert immediately.

Benefits of Driver Monitoring System

The driver monitoring system is a boon in disguise to maintain driver safety and lower the count of accidents that occurs due to drowsiness and non-focus during driving. Some of the driver monitoring system benefits include:

  • Increase driver safety by generating alerts for drowsiness and alertness detection
  • Enhance comfort by offering automated parking and easy traffic sign recognition feature
  • Give a boost to autonomous driving L2+ and scalable solution for small and niche application
  • Help in avoiding collision and fatal accidents

Why Dataset is crucial for Driver Monitoring systems?

The first and most important step in building a driver monitoring system is a massive amount of training data. This training data helps the deep neural algorithm to perform multiple automotive AI process such as face identification, voice and image recognition, and object identification, by training this interference dataset give outcomes.

To identify objects, the driver monitoring system has to be trained rigorously on thousands of images that made it easier for them to identify the objects and the content in the image. And to make an autonomous driving monitoring system requires a large amount of labeled and unlabeled trained datasets that can navigate through complex driving scenarios at a faster rate.


Adapting to the next frontier technology is a must-have in the digital era when safety is the biggest concern. From maintaining driver’s focus to generating alerts to drivers in the case of emergency, requires the safest solution that can be easily accessible. And drive monitoring system is a solution that allows drives to maintain their focus on road and the rest will be handled by the system itself.

Its high time to adopt the design and innovation in drive monitoring system technology and offer drivers a more safe, secure, and comfortable ride without any fear of accident and casualties.


What do you think?

Written by Abhishek Chauhan

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