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What Is SEMrush and How Can It Help You Improve Your Site?

Improve Your Site

Today, you’ll find over 1.5 billion websites around the globe. Out of this, about 200 million are active.

You might wonder how you can stand out in this sea of competition and feel overwhelmed. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There are tools that can help you improve your stats, but what are they? Read this guide to answer the question, what is SEMrush, and find out how it can help your website today!

What Is SEMrush Used for?

SEMrush is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your website for search engines. It includes a SEMRUSH keyword tool, Google Ad campaign optimization, and more.

They recently partnered with the Hoth. You can click to learn more about how they can improve your website traffic.

SEMrush Benefits

You can perform an SEO audit on your site to see where you can improve. This will allow you to increase your website traffic overall.

It’ll also let you know how difficult it’ll be to rank for certain search queries. Find out your domain’s analysis to see the overall quality of the domain.

Metrics include:

  • Competing websites
  • Top keywords
  • The total number of external links
  • The total number of visitors
  • An authority score
  • Advertising stats
  • Search intent
  • Anchor text

SEMrush Keywords

Find out how hard it’ll be to rank for various keywords and see alternative suggestions. It’ll let you know who is ranking for that specific keyword. You can also find out how hard it’ll be to rank for that keyword.

Once you input a keyword you’ll see the sites that rank for it as well as the difficulty. The difficulty means how hard it’ll be for you to rank with that keyword.

You can also see how many searches per month that keyword has on Google. It even offers you the option to break it down by country too.

For each keyword, you’ll see how much traffic will cost for ads (cost-per-click). Take a look at the keywords that brings the different sites the most traffic.

Paid Searches

SEMrush can be used for campaigns when you’re trying to figure out what keywords to use. Find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on the most.

See what ads competitors are using with specified keywords. If an ad has been running for a long period of time, then it more than likely has higher conversions.

Keyword Suggestions

SEMrush has a Keyword Magic tool. The Keyword Magic tool will give you suggestions based on what you type in.

Here you’ll get to see the cost per click, keyword difficulty, and the number of searches per month. You’ll also be able to see the keywords that are easier to rank for.

The range can vary from very easy to very hard. You can also filter what words to exclude, searches per month, etc. It’ll also allow you to filter by language and country too.

There’s even a keyword intent feature. They include informational, commercial, transactional, and navigational.

This is the user’s intent. The transaction is a purchase, navigational is when a user wants to find a certain site or page, commercial is when they want to check out services or a brand, and informational is when they’re looking for an answer to a question.

Keep in mind that it’s for Google searches only. But most searches do occur on Google.

SEMrush Toolkits

SEMrush toolkits are tools and reports to understand your campaign better. Customization options are present as well.

Think about your goals as you plan to use your toolkit. This will also help you decide on the best tools to use.

SEMrush Pricing

If you choose to pay for the year all at once, you’ll save up to 17 percent. They also have the option for you to try certain plans for free.

The lowest plan is $119.95/month, the next is $229.95/month, and the business plan is $449.95/month. If you’re unsure if it’s right for you they do let you request a demo.

Receive Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are what help you build your website’s traffic. They’re incoming links to a webpage when a site links to yours.

Backlinks are important for SEO (search engine optimization) since they can improve your trust in Google. SEO is when you have organic (non-paid traffic) to your site.

It’ll let you know how you can earn backlinks if you don’t have any yet. You can also check to see what backlinks your competitors are using.

Rank Tracking

Once you input keywords, you can see how they’re performing on your site. You just enter your site plus the keywords that you’d like to track.

It’s a great way to monitor the progress of the keywords over time. If keywords aren’t doing well anymore, you can always switch them up based on suggested keywords by SEMrush.

Another option is to input a competitor’s website. Over time, you can see how their keywords are performing compared to yours. Email notifications are another option to know when something major happens with the ranking of your site.

Answering the Question, What Is SEMrush?

You should now be able to answer the question, what is SEMrush? SEMrush has several benefits that can’t possibly be covered in one article.

It’s best to check out their features right on the site and give it a try. Would you like to read more digital marketing content with business owners in mind? Be sure to check out our other articles today!


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