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What is WordPress and Why Should you Use it?


WordPress was initially developed as a simple blogging and article posting platform; however, it soon advanced to a content management system quite rapidly, containing the future tools. It is a great tool when it comes to creating and managing your website. Blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, personal sites, and more can benefit highly by using this platform. It is a completely virtual and online platform which means you do not have to download any software.

To create and manage a website through WordPress, it is better to use different web hosting services such as SupportHost, which provides Ultrafast WordPress hosting and other facilities for users to start hosting their website without facing any issues easily. There are many features and types of accounts available for WordPress hosting services, so let’s see what accounts are present and why you should use them.

Types of WordPress accounts

There are many types of accounts available for WordPress hosting, and each one has its own features. The billing period of a simple WordPress account stat from 1 month period and then goes further to 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and lastly, 3 years. You can select any plan you want, depending on your website requirements. The accounts start from as low as $ 10 and go to as high as $ 975. You can select from different disk space SSDs available varying in 10 GB, 20 GB, and 40b GB sizes, different RA sizes, and can get 5 add-on domains to unlimited domain facilities depending on what type of web hosting package you select.

The best part is that you can always change your plans; cheaper and expensive plans have their own qualities and functions. For example, if you want to upgrade to a bigger WordPress hosting solution, you can always upgrade your plan. Though it will cost a few pennies from your pocket compared to your current plan, it will have more functions. The best is that you will only have to pay the difference between the two plans. Similarly, suppose you want to downgrade your current plan to a cheaper one, maybe because you are not using the complete resources of the plan. In that case, you can always get the credit back as the user credit in your user credit account. This will also be the difference between the two plans, and there will be no extra fees.

You can use the services freely for 14 days, and then after that, you still have a chance to get back your money after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the WordPress hosting. Of course, you can always request a refund, but if you want to ask any queries, you can also contact the support personnel available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to create WordPress hosting, you can always take help from the easily accessible web hosting services present online like SupportHost. There are many general features of WordPress, as you can read in the next section.

General Features of WordPress

WordPress content management system offers several features to its users. As a website owner, you can easily create or manage your website through a web hosting company like the one provided by SupportHost. You can utilize all these amazing features like free transfer, 99.9% uptime, c-Panel, free domains, online file manager, autoresponders, anti-spam, instant website activation, webmail, mail server, email filters, free secondary MX, free SSL certificate, the unlimited database uses, PHP versions, PHP my admin and many more such features are provided as well as password-protected folders, hotlink protection, error pages, IP deny manager, GD library, python and more.

Even though there are many features, why should we use this tool might be your question, right? So let’s find the answer in the next section.

The importance of using WordPress

There are many reasons you should use WordPress hosting as it allows you to stay protected from malware and virus. The security regarding the website and emails sent or received through a website is quite important, so that is why you need this tool as it keeps everything encrypted. Furthermore, the scanning for malware and viruses takes place in real-time, keeping your website completely safe.

Another reason for using it is that it provides superfast WordPress hosting, which is robust and always performs best. The servers used are high end and different Lite-Speed, and LS-Cache are used to enhance the performance, and constant monitoring is performed. As a result, the web page load times are always kept to a minimum, and overselling is easily avoided making the website extremely fast.

Then this tool uses custom isolation technology, which creates separate accounts to secure others from the hackers if one is hacked. There is a free SSL certificate and the complete encryption of the data present. Changing provider for your website is usually required, and it takes a lot of time and is quite difficult when performing it; some data can be lost, emails can be lost, and there can be many downtimes involved for your site to transfer completely. In this situation, a web hosting company is quite beneficial as they guarantee that your data is transferred without any leaks and is easily done.

 A web hosting company is preferred to perform such tasks, like the one presented by SupportHost. Moreover, this tool also provides users with the best support service, which means their response time to your queries is great. At most, the responses come in either hour or two with proper answers to your queries as well as there are customized phone calls available to discuss your issues at the time you prefer, which means you can decide everything.

If there is a function that you cannot perform through one of the control panels provided, you can always ask for tutorials and get them straight away without any delays. Then there are few attacks, such as brute force and XMLRPC attacks which can be stopped through an efficient security system. Furthermore, the services provided are GDPR compliant, always up to date, and provides daily backups, and your personal data is also safe.

 All these things can be done for you here, so why lose such a great opportunity? It is quite important to use these features to get the maximum advantage, create the best websites, and manage them with ease through these tools easily available for you to utilize in whichever way you want.

Final Verdict

WordPress is a great tool when it comes to creating and managing a website. This content management system is quite efficient in its services. It has many themes, plugins, and more available to allow users to create an extremely unique and intuitive website with easy-to-use controls panels and a continuous theme. This tool is great for anyone wanting to create or manage a website, and you should definitely use it as it provides an amazing list of features for you and makes the process quite easier.


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