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Why is Shopify good for the eCommerce business?

Shopify For Ecommerce

In this digital era, the eCommerce industry landscape is continuously changing and evolving. The customers are becoming more detail-oriented and hence want access to every piece of information at their fingertips. It becomes necessary for the business owner to fulfill their needs suitably so that they can survive in this cut-throat competition.

The online presence for businesses is important as online customers are increasing at a rate of knots. According to the research by Statista, retail sales amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars worldwide and in 2022 eCommerce revenues are projected to increase to 6.54 trillion US dollars Therefore, every entrepreneur is planning to build a powerful eCommerce website to serve a large customer base.

In the ocean of websites, most of the websites are not even visited once due to one or the other reason it is extremely important to choose a website development platform wisely. For building, technically robust and user-friendly websites business owners need an eCommerce platform that matches with all their requirements. Shopify is an eCommerce website development platform that best matches with most of the entrepreneur’s prerequisites.

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Why choose Shopify for your eCommerce business?

Shopify is an acclaimed platform used for building e-commerce websites. Shopify’s mission is to “Make commerce better for everyone”, and since its inception, it is proving this. This platform has features for everyone from the beginner who has no technical knowledge to a web developer who can build complex websites.

Shopify platform provides different plans so that the business owner can choose the right version and plan according to the need and size of the business. Due to its various variations, business owners can select the best plan that fits in the budget. Here are the variations of Shopify:

❖ Shopify lite
It is an affordable plan which allows you to sell products on an existing website. Shopify Lite has a buy option that business owners use to add products to another website without Shopify hosting. The entrepreneurs can sell products both online and offline, through Facebook or using the Shopify backend system for selling products in physical places like market stalls, events, gigs, etc.

❖ Basic Shopify
This is the cheapest plan that allows users to build a fully functional, standalone online store. Basic Shopify plan has blogging functionality which plays an important role in increasing website traffic thus pulls potential customers to the online store. This plan consists of paid as well as unpaid themes and gives a lot of search filter options. It provides customer support to its users through phone calls and chats.

❖ Shopify
This plan includes the feature of in-depth functionality with the help of which entrepreneurs can get access to a wider range of summaries such as retail sales reports, marketing reports, customer reports, etc. If entrepreneurs deal in heavy sales then reduced transaction costs will help them in saving annual costs. ‘Shopify’ plan has lower transaction fees along with lower fees for using third party payment gateways.

❖ Advanced Shopify
This plan allows users to easily manage their data and make custom reports with the help of selecting various dimensions and metrics. The merchants who deal in selling large amounts of goods can make advanced and bespoke reports for future reference. Along with this, it has a third-party real-time carrier shipping facility available which helps users to calculate a carrier shipping rate automatically at the same time when an order is placed.

❖ Shopify plus
‘Shopify plus’ is used for the big merchants and enterprises looking to scale as it requires a decent budget. It offers high priority customer support, API, and security to entrepreneurs. This plan also consists of a feature like multi-currency selling which automatically detects the country from which the user is browsing and accordingly showcases the product prices in the local currency.

It can be clearly stated that the Shopify platform is made for all business types, either it is a startup or a large business firm. Each business category can select its plan according to the budget and feature that best suits their requirement. From the above discussion, you must have gained clarity about various Shopify plans, and now choosing one amongst them is a cakewalk for you.

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Shopify platform consists of all the indispensable features that an eCommerce platform must-have. So without any further delay let’s discuss some compelling reasons for choosing Shopify amongst its competitors.

Compelling reasons for choosing Shopify for your eCommerce business:

  • High security and reliability
    Security is very crucial for online platforms as customers share their personal and financial information on the online shopping stores. Shopify provides full safety to its customers and it is a reliable platform through its hosted solution that provides continuous upgrades and maintenance.
  • eCommerce platform
    Shopify is a complete package to build an online eCommerce store. It is embedded with required features like managing inventory details, sales reports, marketing tools, analytics, shopping cart system, and mobile access which are prerequisites to run an eCommerce store efficiently.
  • Easy to use system
    The business owners can simply manage their tasks and dashboard without any technical knowledge. The admin interface of Shopify is intuitive yet user- friendly. It is a cloud-based setup and itself provides hosting services to entrepreneurs.
  • Suitable for all business type
    Shopify offers you different plans for your business website development. The business owner can choose the plan according to the features and pricing. Shopify provides a solution to all businesses either it’s a startup or a big company.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools
    Social media is a powerful tool nowadays. Shopify provides the option to integrate into platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to enhance product sales. It has inbuilt marketing tools that allow editing of a meta description, unique URLs, and also has the option of making pages visible and invisible.
  • Offers advanced functionality
    Shopify provides advanced functionalities and features to integrate into your online eCommerce store. Its engaging themes and plugins are easy to install and use which helps in developing user-friendly and visually appealing websites. The websites can be downloaded very quickly and the platform also has its own payment gateways for smooth transactions.
  • Mobile responsive
    The number of mobile users is increasing at a great speed, it is necessary to have a mobile responsive website and online store. Shopify platform themes and websites are mobile responsive and can be managed very easily and efficiently using your smartphones. A business owner can track their sales and inventory requirements from any corner using their smartphone.
  • Technical support
    Every website owner requires technical assistance while running an online eCommerce store. Shopify provides round a clock technical support to its users. Support through Shopify experts is available 24/7 via, live chat, email, phone calls to solve the queries of business owners that help in conducting the selling and buying process seamlessly.

Final thoughts

With every coming year, the features and functioning of the Shopify platform and  shopify rss feed are improving according to the advanced technology. It provides various plan options to the entrepreneurs so that they can choose the right one that best fits their business requirements. If a business owner does not have any technical knowledge then also he can build a website on their own but if he wants an advanced website with robust features then he requires a team of dedicated web developers of ecommerce website development company for Shopify website development.

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Shopify has a large list of clients like Tesla, Turtle beach, Red bull, Homegrown meats, Electric visual, Kylie cosmetics, Nescafe, Sephora, etc which are proclaiming its authenticity. So what are you waiting for? Select your Shopify plan and use its amazing and engaging features on your online store. Reach out to the experienced team of web developers and get your robust online store with all advanced functionalities.


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