6 Reasons to Switch to a Pair of Wireless Earphones

Pair of Wireless Earphones

The continuous progress of technology has resulted in making our lives easier and simpler. And one such development which is impacting our lives everyday is bluetooth! It makes sharing any file accessible and secure as well as connecting devices to work together. And one of the most interesting applications of this technology can be found in wireless earphones! They have revolutionised our lives in ways that we could not have imagined before their arrival. Since, music is an integral part of our lives and living without it was not an option, we depended on wired headphones to help us sail through the day.

Well, to put it in literal terms: our lives were a mess! The tangled chaos of wires frustrated the hell out of us and made us waste hours. Not only that untangling them was a task, they were prone to everyday wear & tear, resulting in frequently buying our favorite gadgets. Also, not to miss out on the fact that carrying our wired headsets around was a pain.

Now you can say goodbye to all of this, all thanks to bluetooth earphones!

They are convenient, easy to use, give you unparalleled freedom from messy and tangling cords, no worry of breaking or pulling your cord or your phone off the table while listening to music. On top of it all, Bluetooth enabled headphones are the safest with experts unequivocally advising its usage.

Here are top 6 reasons why you should be switching to wireless headphones for an enhanced and easier listening experience:

1. They are wireless, duh!

A good morning walk with your favorite tunes is a perfect way to kickstart your day! You put on your shoes and reach out to your wired earphones! And oh no! Who will untangle them? You definitely don’t want to deal with that frustration early in the morning!

Well, that’s where wireless earphones win hearts! No cords mean no such fuss and not getting caught at random places, especially when in a rush! On top of that, you don’t have to stay glued to your system or carry your phones everywhere you go while using them. They allow you to move freely without anything holding you back.

2. You can carry your music everywhere

Home, office, metro, train, airplane, bus or any other place you can think about – with these by your side, you will never be without your favorite tunes. The fact that they are generally lightweight and highly portable, you can carry your music everywhere you go! Just put them in your bag or carry them in your pockets, you won’t have to worry about the wires getting all messed up.

3. Enjoy an active lifestyle

Another advantage of bluetooth earbuds is that you have the freedom to walk while you talk. Well, not just walk, you can even run, jump, do a headstand, and much more while still being connected to your favorite tunes! They sit comfortably inside your ears and allow you quite a hands-free listening experience.

4. They look futuristic & fun

We are sure that you would have already noticed someone talking to themselves on the metro or on the road or speaking to voice assistants and getting their tasks done without even lifting a finger. Doesn’t it look quite smart and easy? Some people will even go on to say that they give a ‘secret agent’ feel!

Well, not only that, they come in such styles and designs that make you stand out of the crowd instantly.

5. Live the hands-free life

The earphones with mic also allow you to have seamless calls while not reaching out to your phones every now and then. They come with easy integrated controls that let you take charge of your listening experience with a few touches on the buds.

6. They are less likely to get damaged

Since there are no wires involved, there is very less chances of them falling down just because they got somewhere. On top of that, they generally come with an IP rating that shields them from accidental damage and give you the confidence to take on new adventures, everyday!

In the end, we can say just one thing – these swanky bluetooth earbuds are here to stay and it’s about time that you get a pair for yourself and live the wire-free life. We have one such suggestion for you –

boAt’s Rockerz 255 Pro +! A splendid pair of wireless earphones which is loaded with an amazing battery life, a stylish body and offer powerful music.

Boat Pair of Wireless Earphones

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Packed with 10mm drivers, these pump out boAt’s signature sound with super extra bass. They offer you a monstrous playtime of up to 40H. Moreover, the ASAP fast charge technology can yield 10H of charge within just 10 min and a charge of 1H will get them fully charged.

Qualcomm aptX technology and cVc call noise cancellation technology further makes your listening experience seamless and make calling smooth and disturbance-free. With these, never shy away from any adventure as they come with an IPX7 water & sweat resistance.

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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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