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Best Pro Chromebook Tools In 2021

Pro Chromebook Tools

Every day is a brand new day in the world of technology. Every moment spent improving and innovating the previously created creations. It might feel a bit challenging to choose what kind of devices and tools we should use to make our everyday activities even better and faster. This site ( ) has access to all tools and devices you can try this 2021 with guides and more. Innumerable tools and applications can be found on various platforms, but the ones that are efficient and user-friendly are the ones that last longer.

I am pretty sure most of you are aware of what Chromebook is, but for those who might still have some doubt regarding what it is- here’s what you need to know:

A Chromebook is a laptop/tablet that runs on the Linux-based Chrome OS as its main operating system. It can perform a variety of tasks via Google Chrome and, since 2017, can also run.

Android apps. Chrome OS has support from many quarters, including the Web, Android, and most recently, Linux. It essentially means that Chromebook is enjoying millions of native apps from multiple subsystems.

Chromebooks are excellent productivity machines, especially once you get the correct tools to get your job done.

So, here is a list of tools that are most topping the charts and which I’d suggest to the Chromebook users. In this article, the devices have been categorized, and under each category, you will find the names of a few tools with their respective descriptions.


Google Docs:

Does Google in an introduction? Not. With Google Docs acting as a substitute for Microsoft Office. It helps the user to save their files in whichever format ranging from PDF to DOC to DOCX.

Microsoft Office:

I am not sure if this is a con, but you won’t find an offline version of Microsoft Office. You may use the web version free of cost, with all the offline features of Microsoft Office.

Google Keep:

If you’re a person who keeps a note for everything or requires scribbling something important for later purposes, my friend Google Keep should be your go-to tool. It syncs with your Google Account automatically and gives you a hassle-free working environment.

You may also check out Slack, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Calmly.


Canva: One of the most well renowned and widely used photo editing tools, with a vast

range of templates provided for free of cost and paid as well. Canva is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. One of the best tools for making digital posters and pamphlets. You can choose the dimensions of your choice, set a background, and start with your photo editing.

Google Canvas:

Nowadays, most Chromebooks come with a touch-screen display to give the user an experience similar to an iPad. If you are a beginner at Google Canvas and want to learn how to draw, then, in my opinion, Google Canvas is a very efficient tool.


This is a web app similar to Adobe Photoshop with countless advanced features and editing tools decked up.

This site ( ) has access to all tools and devices you can try this 2021 with guides and more.

You may also try Pixlr, Sketchpad, PicsArt, Polarr.


Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics:

Helps to pinpoint network issues.

 Chromebook Recovery Utility:

Creates bootable media to restore your Chromebook in case anything ever goes wrong.

Chrome Remote Desktop: This tool is used when you need to access other

computers that run Windows OS or macOS.

You can also check out Crosh Window, Crouton Integration, File System for Dropbox.



It is probably the most famous OTT platform. It is widely used despite being quite a pinch on the pocket. While you can use Netflix on Chrome browser, I recommend the Android app version, which lets you download movies and TV shows for later offline viewing.

Amazon Prime:

Another famous OTT platform, which has a wide audience.

Spotify and Google Play Music:

Who doesn’t like music? And you have probably picked a music player of your choice. Spotify being free of cost, one has to pay for Google Play Music; otherwise, your download songs can only be played. If a poll is done, then Spotify will win for sure.

You may also try Hulu, Viki Rakuten, Pandora, Kindle.

So here’s my pick for the best Chromebook Tool in 2021. I’m pretty sure there are many more that haven’t been mentioned here. At times certain applications that do not gain the limelight are the ones that are more user-friendly than the so-called famous ones. So keep exploring and innovating. And keep yourself updated about the latest applications and tools that can make your devices even better. As the digital and technical market is forever expanding, make sure you do not lag back. Keep learning!

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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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