7 Important Features of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a very versatile database management system that many organizations use for real-time analytics. Besides this, it can easily import data from various resources and can easily process it in just a few seconds. Overall it is very powerful software or DBMS. But what makes it so powerful and reliable the answer is its features. Keeping this in mind today we are going to share with you seven important features of this amazing and robust database management system.

Here are some of the most important features of the SAP HANA database management system.

In-Memory Database System

Unlike traditional database management systems SAP HANA stores data in the main memory.  This makes the process of analyzing and processing large data set very fast in comparison to traditional database management systems. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of in-memory database systems. Besides this, it allows its users to handle and store real-time data and develop apps that integrate business control logic at the database level/layer. Amazing, right?

Analytics and Data Processing

Using SAP HANA, you can easily process large volumes of data and conduct predictive analysis. The software uses various approaches/methods for conducting analysis that uses PAL (Predictive Analysis Library), APL (Automated Predictive Library), EML (Extended Machine Learning), etc. To learn more about using HANA for conducting data analytics feel free to join the SAP HANA Training Institute.

Columnar Data Storage

Traditional databases present data in the form of tables that consists of rows and columns.  However, SAP HANA does not follow this approach. The software comes with a Columnar data storage feature that encourages linear structuring of computer memory, unlike traditional databases. What does this mean? It means that the software serves tables in the row order or in the column order. This allows SAP HANA users to use various compression techniques like dictionary coding and cluster coding. Besides this, it also removes the need for additional indexes and defining and managing metadata.

Data Access & Integration

SAP HANA allows its users to access data from various resources of data for the purpose of performing analytics. The software comes with data adapters using which users can easily import data from various databases like Oracle, Hadoop, etc.  Besides this, it comes with powerful data cleansing features. These features allow you to enhance the data quality by removing irrelevant data like names, contact numbers, etc. from your data.

Application Development

Another great feature of SAP HANA is that it allows its users to develop on-premise or on-cloud applications. The software comes with various applications development tools like SAP Web IDE AND SAP Architecture Designer. Using these tools, you can easily develop robust applications that can handle a large amount of data. Besides this, you can also develop reactive web apps using these amazing tools of SAP HANA.

Real-Time Data

Using the software, you can easily process live real-time data and generate reports and find out trends, new opportunities, or threats. The software features in-memory technology and accelerated business intelligence functionalities that make the task of loading data from various resources and processing it very easy. As per a survey, SAP HANA can import and analyze data 10-times faster than traditional database management systems. What does this mean? It means the software can quickly import and process data and generate reposts using found insights. To learn how to generate a report using real-time data feel free to join the SAP HANA Online Training.


SAP HANA is a highly versatile DBMS and you can easily deploy it in a public or private cloud. You can also deploy it on multiple clouds or in a hybrid scenario. Besides this, it also supports transactional/analytical workloads on a single instance of data. Additionally, you can also scale it up easily when your business grows or expands without any difficulty. In simple terms, it is a very flexible and versatile database management system.


SAP HANA is a cost-effective and highly reliable database management system. Besides this, it comes with lots of powerful features like dynamic tiering, scalability, columnar data storage, etc.  Overall, it is a very powerful, flexible, and versatile database management system. So, if you want to gain access to all these features and get a versatile database management system for your organization then SAP HANA is a perfect fit for you. To learn more about SAP for Hana you can consider joining the SAP HANA Online Training.

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