How has the EdTech Industry changed the way of learning and teaching?

EdTech Industry

Over the years, the role of technology in education is growing prominently. With the various advancements that technology is making, it has successfully made its way through the education sector. The rise of online teaching platforms, learning platforms and social learning networks is opening up many opportunities for both educators and learners.

The Edtech industry is continuously transforming into a better place for learners giving them more control over their curriculum. Many online tools are being adopted by educational institutions to make the teaching and learning experience feasible.

Let’s look at some of the examples to see how the Edtech industry is changing the way of teaching and learning.

  1. Implementation of AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the face of education by making the work easier for educators and learners. By using AI, educators can automate a variety of tasks like evaluating learners based on grading software that uses AI. This reduces their administrative burden thereby focusing more on improving the educator-learner collaboration.

On the other hand, learners can gain valuable knowledge by making use of AI-based learning which curates and presents the best information. It also opens up customized learning experiences for them.

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  1. Digital Study Materials- With the ease and availability of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc the books that learners refer to can be made available digitally. This is quite convenient for educators and learners as they can create and access various study materials over their smartphones. However, if one learns through a social learning platform then this content is already made available to the learners.
  1. The popularity of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)- MOOCs are made by educational institutions and universities that provide free online courses to learners. Here they can opt for multiple courses that are available for free.

However, the time through which one can learn on these platforms can be limited i.e. generally the university decides the duration of the courses to be made available to the learners.

One such example of MOOC can be an online learning platform that provides tons of tailor-made courses and educational study materials for learners.

These were just a few of the examples that showed the role of the Edtech industry in education.

The next most trending and popular aspect that has been adopted by all the educational institutions is online teaching. It is where educators teach students over the internet via various mediums such as audio-video or recorded sessions.

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This form of teaching and learning has shown positive response among educators and learners. Let’s look at some of its benefits that have changed the way of teaching and learning in the education sector.

  1. Flexibility Over Teaching & Learning

 Online teaching offers total flexibility for both educators and learners. They can teach and learn from anywhere around the world and at any time. This gives them the zeal to conduct their online session with full energy and enthusiasm.

Here learners also get complete control over their online learning meaning they can access and attend the courses and study materials anytime they want to.

  1. Social learning Platform on the Go

With the availability of various social learning platforms, both educators and learners can easily create and access online courses and study materials.

We know that today almost every individual possesses a smartphone with an internet connection which makes it easy to access and create these educational content. Along with this, the platforms are a boon that allows for better collaboration between educators and learners.

  1. High Engagement Rate among Learners

As compared to the traditional education approach, learners tend to engage more in online learning. This is due to the various factors such as easy access to educational content, tailored educational content, flexibility over learning, etc.

On the other hand, educators can focus more on providing quality content to the learners. They can even solve the doubts of learners at a quicker pace by communicating on a face-to-face level which in turn again increases the engagement of learners.

  1. Easy to Evaluate Learners

The administrative tasks of educators are reduced in an online approach as they can take the help of various software to evaluate learners, assign tasks, etc. This way learners get instant and timely feedback from educators.

The same was not possible in the traditional approach and educators faced a lot of difficulties. However, with the change in the Edtech industry, they can now make the most of technology to handle these administrative tasks.

  1. Affordable Teaching & Learning

The importance of social learning networks can be witnessed here as this approach is quite affordable for both learners and educators. The money spent on buying books and paying extra fees to educational institutions is not needed here.

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Learners have to just pay their one time online course fee and they are good to go. While Educators save money spent on traveling to the physical location to teach their learners.

However, the complete shift to digital learning is not possible, many educational institutions are adopting the blended learning approach. It is an approach that involves the presence of both learners and educators. Here educators can teach learners online. While doing this, learners can have some control over their learning, time, and location.

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It is a mix of both traditional and online learning which makes the approach much more effective.

FACT: Do you know? The Edtech market expected to grow at the rate of 1.7 Billion till the end of the year (2020)


we can see these stats and the overall advancements like teaching and learning through an online teaching platform, digital study materials, and various other technologies in the Edtech industry. We can definitely say that these aspects have changed the way of teaching and learning and bringing more progress in the education sector.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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