How Laravel Can Help Build Your Website: Best Practices 2021

The demand for productive apps and websites is going to increase in the coming years, with the rapidly flourishing smartphone market. So for all significant reasons, it would be better if you have a clear idea of various development frameworks available in the market. There are several web development platforms, and new ones will be launched frequently. So you should gain the knowledge of Laravel Best practices which can help you quickly adapt to them. Laravel is one such popular PHP framework suitable for your web development needs.

Web development is like chaos in your room, and Laravel is specially developed to bring calmness to your work. Besides this, it helps you speed up the web development process and organize tasks easily.

Before moving to the best Laravel practices in 2021 for building your website, you should take a look at Laravel’s impressive stats and popularity.

  • Laravel- Stats & Popularity

Laravel is now considered one of the most comprehensive PHP frameworks while building complex web apps securely with unique features such as sessions, coaching, routing, and authentication. Around 673k live websites use this fantastic framework, plus more than 620k sites that used Laravel earlier.

To make your web development with laravel a breeze, you need to follow Laravel best practices in your laravel web development project.

  • Best Laravel Practices for Your Web Development in 2021

Following are the best Laravel Practices to enhance the quality of your web development in 2021.

  • Artisan CLI

You can enjoy a seamless web development process with Laravel’s own artisan command-line interface (CLI), which has the Symfony Console component as its foundation. If you want to use a better development process, you should choose the best artisan CLI. That artisan CLI will affect your web development process positively. If you are attempting to follow the best practices for your project, you should use this tool.

  • Choose Plugins Wisely

If you are using large numbers of services and plugins in your Laravel web solution, then it is the right time to eliminate the ones which are not required. There are around 330,255 repository results for Laravel on Github. You can always switch off the plugins which are not needed for your web development project. This step will not affect the rest of the functions that are running in the web solution.

  • Choose the Latest Version

You should always use Laravel’s latest version for your Laravel application development. When you use Laravel’s latest version, you will get a web solution that is high-performing, extensive, and secure.

Version 8 is Laravel’s latest release that includes compatibility with Laravel Jetstream, improved authorization responses, model factory classes, job middleware, migration squashing, Tailwind for pagination views, sub-query improvements, among several other usability improvements.

  • Maintain Coding Standards

Laravel follows internal code development standards just like other popular PHP frameworks. Now, as long as all your variables support the composer, no restriction will be there from Laravel’s side for you to follow coding standards. Still, experts recommend that you should hire experienced Laravel developers who follow the PSR-4 and PSR-2 coding standards for a web development project.

The PSR-2’s is there to have a single-style guide for PHP code that results in shared code with a uniform format. The PSR-4 represents a definition for autoloading classes from file routes. It is fully operational in an internal environment and can be used to include several other autoloading specifications. PSR- 4 also represents where to store files.

  • Eloquent ORM

One of the most comprehensive features you can have for your Laravel web development is an eloquent ORM. This feature helps extract the data, which then, through a single query, will be presented to the end-users. It offers the service for naming convention of your website model is one of the Laravel best practices. You should follow this while developing the website using Laravel. When you follow this rule, you will become able to ensure that the website you are promoting will not have to face problems related to eloquent.

  • Optimize Load Speed and Time

The bounce rate probably increases up to 32% when the web page load speed goes from one second to three. This means that you have to increase the webpage load speed of your website. Webpage load time has a direct connection with web performance.

It is the main thing that directly impacts the UI and user engagement. So based on the data given above, if the webpages on your website take more than three seconds to load, it will affect the bounce rate, and later, the user will leave your website.

They will start looking for other options and may never come back to your website. So you must optimize your site in terms of webpage loading speed and offer a UX that will improve the traffic on your website.

  • Choose SSL, HTTPS

You must use SSL certificates in your Laravel project. Product owners use SSL to keep sensitive data encrypted over the web. This way, when information is sent to someone, only that person could access and decrypt it. In short, SSL makes the data unreadable to everyone except the recipient.

One more thing that you should use for your Laravel website is HTTPS. Using HTTPS rather than standard HTTP will help you if your web solution contains very sensitive data. This is crucial as the former option will transfer all such information like customer information and passwords in plain text over the web. It will make your website or application vulnerable to cyber attacks.

  • Conclusion

Laravel is one of the most famous PHP frameworks out there, helpful in building websites and apps. To ensure you have a robust website built, you should follow certain practices throughout the web development cycle. Following these Laravel development best practices will help you ensure moving in the right direction in your Laravel project.

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