How To Attract The First Customer To Your On-demand Startup – Detailed Guide


The on-demand business market is dominating the market of mobile app development for the last decade. On-demand businesses have attracted many entrepreneurs as it ensures profitability and makes people’s lives easy as it was never before. On-demand services have taken over conventional businesses by serving people with online and quick solutions.

According to the survey released the previous year, more than 43% of people have used at least one of the available on-demand services, whether it could be food, taxi, grocery, or hiring handyman.

You run an on-demand business. You have a product or service to offer. Soon you will release it. (maybe have released).

Now? Now, what will you do?

Now it’s time to acquire customers because you won’t have a substantial business without a solid customer base. No doubt, these days, we have digital marketing tools that help business owners to acquire customers quickly. Here we have addressed feasible best five techniques that help you get the first customer for your on-demand startup.

Attract the First Customer With……..

Today, social media plays an important role as it helps business owners engage with maximum customers and allow them to build a strong online presence. But it is not enough; you have to invest time and effort to get the desired results. Here we have shortlisted the most effective strategies that help you attract the first customer to your startup. So let’s get started.

Lesson 1: Think Like A Customer

“Think like a customer” is one of the best ways for business owners to get into the mindset of the new customers. We all know that a strong customer base is the backbone of any business. Your potential customer has an unfulfilled need, and the business needs to think like that to grab that opportunity.

These days, the food delivery business has gained huge momentum as it let food business owners skyrocket their sales in no time. Many entrepreneurs have already developed an app similar to foodpanda to maximize their ROI.

So ask yourself some simple questions that help you think like a customer.

  1. How does the customer find your business?
  2. What you have something unique from your competitors
  3. Why would they want to buy from your business?
  4. What extra features and functions help you to get them to back (repeat customer)

Answering these questions will help you think like your customers. Stepping into your consumer’s shoes is the most effective and best way to identify their needs. If you can think and act like your customer, you can automatically improve user experience and improve your product.

Lesson 2: Engage With Target Audience

This is another simple yet powerful way to attract customers. Having your customer’s profile in your mind helps you build strong relations with them. This is the first element in the customer acquisition process that lets you engage with them on a personal level.

People are more likely to buy products or services if they are approached personally by a brand or community. Communicate with them clearly. Send them personalized emails, offers, and learn more about their preferences.

Social media platforms, blogs,s or websites will work great for that. Brands that adopt this strategy can attract a number of new customers daily.

Lesson 3: Deliver a Better Experience

In today’s highly competitive climate, delivering better customer experience and customer service are becoming two hot topics to discuss. Customer experience is key to keep your customer happy. Brands have to be accurate, honest and deliver the seamless service they promised.

Loyalty awards, discounts, coupons, etc. attract customers towards your services. Besides, brands also should try to deliver the services they promised; it will foster brand loyalty and help you earn more profits.

Delivering a better experience really impresses buyers and ensures that they will come back in the future. A better experience becomes a valued and unique asset for your on-demand business.

Once you deliver a better customer experience, they will prefer doing business with you. As we all know that acquiring a new customer costs seven times more than maintaining an existing one. Thus, delivering a better experience to existing customers will pay off and give you positive results.

Lesson 4: Giveaways

It seems simple, but giveaways and free stuff always attract customers. If you are new to the on-demand business and want to increase the customer base, giving away your product and services for free could positively affect your business.

For instance, if you are engaged with an on-demand food business, offer free beverages with meals and lunch, it will attract customers and makes your brand more visible. Further, you can reach people who are interested in your products but have not bought anything. If you can give them free, they might like it and visit your app in the future.

After all, customers love “free products and services” because they have nothing to lose. By attracting their attention towards your business, you give them a chance to experience something unique. Moreover, you can also measure your product value.

Lesson 5: Social Media

Along with the app and website, having a strong social media presence can give you better results than anything else. Social media is definitely changing business dynamics. This is why you should be aware of its specifics and the importance of various social media networks.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are very popular and useful that promote your on-demand business beyond imagination. Nowadays, more people depend on social media for information, so investing time and money in social media will give you the desired results.

Since more than 4 billion people use social media to get information, it makes sense, or you can be where your potential buyers are.

Final Thoughts: Attract and Retain Your First Customer

In a nutshell, there is no formula or rocket science theory to attract the first customers to your on-demand startup, but you have to work smart not hard. You have to come up with practical and feasible online strategies that grab the user’s attention and deliver a seamless experience.

As mentioned before, with the right plan and right tool, you can do everything and take your on-demand business to the next level. However, the lessons mentioned above will help you maximize ROI and ensure the highest possible conversion rate.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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