How to become an expert in Information Security and Digital Forensics?

Information Security and Digital Forensics

To become an expert in information security and digital forensics domain attending a master’s degree programme can help you advance the knowledge that can land you a dream job. However, let us first introduce you to the two buzz terms!

Information security (infosec)

It is primarily the practice of preventing unauthorised access, inspecting, modifying, recording, or destructing physical or electronic information. The information security domain spans across the research areas, including mobile computing, cyber forensics, online social media, cryptography, etc.

Digital forensics

Digital forensics is the branch of forensic science that aims to identify, acquire, process, analyse, and report the data stored electronically to identify computer crimes.

With the latest teaching tool, a master’s in Singapore university delivers quality education to nurture your potential to thrive in the sector of your choice. Singapore is an open city-state and an island country that welcomes around 86,000 international students from 120 nations every year, becoming one of the leading destinations to pursue a post-graduation programme.

The renowned colleges in Singapore offer a diverse range of master or post-graduation programmes to national and international students. One of the most sought-after master’s courses is the information security and digital forensics programme that spans over 12 months of intense academic learning. The well-designed course is a unique blend of theoretical and practical understanding to develop sound knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the industry.

Through the course curriculum, the students can develop their analytical abilities and professional skills necessary to fit in an advanced career in the information technology (IT) industry. Students can build additional expertise in skills, including computer vision, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Here are the core topics covered in the structured information security and digital forensics master’s programme:

  • IT and Internet Law
  • Digital Forensic
  • Computer Security
  • Security Management
  • Mental Wealth- Professional Life

A Master of Science in information security and digital forensics programme can be your first step towards achieving expertise in the domain with an advanced course. The course primarily focuses on developing industry-specific skills to build competency in evaluating the architectures of computers, wireless networks, and mobile devices. The evaluations are held with the security perspective along with identifying the security gaps in the electronic devices.

The post-graduation degree is necessary for students who aspire to enter the world of information security and digital forensics. A specialised master’s degree can gain you a competitive edge that can establish you as an expert in the industry. These graduates are highly employable with their enhanced transferable skills that can be applied in a range of careers. The Bureau of Labour statistics estimated growth in the information security and digital forensic jobs to grow by 32% between 2018-2028.

Become certified information security and digital forensic expert in 12 months by learning from the expert and experienced faculty. The booming sector requires skilled and qualified professionals. Hone the skills and knowledge to get an opportunity to work in the private and public sector industries across borders. Apply now to know more about the master’s programme!

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