How to Extract Text from Locked PDF Documents? Multiple solution

Portable Document Format files are commonly known as PDF files. In today’s world, most of the MNC’s and home users are using PDF documents to send and receive important & confidential information. But, most of PDF owners add a password on PDF files. Do ever think why PDFowners add a password on the PDF document? Yes? A lot of PDF owners do this so that users can’t extract text from locked PDF files and protect all the data from being misused, replicated, or copied.

Most of the users have this query that “how we can extract text from secured pdf file?” So, here we are, with the best solutions. In this write-up, we are going to discuss about multiple ways to get a text from password-protected PDF files. Stay connected till the end of the write-up.

Professionally Extract Text from Locked PDF

This PDF Extractor tool is one of the safest tools to use. Go through the procedure given below to easily get a text from a password-protected PDF:-

  • Download and run the PDF Extractor automated tool on your PC
  • Hit the “Add File or Add Folder” button to insert the password-protected PDF files
  • Click on the “Change” button to search for a location to save the extracted files
  • Now, select the item type as “Text” and apply the “Page Settings” to filter out data
  • Finally, hit the “Extract” option
  • In the end, the tool will display a “The PDF files are extracted successfully” message.
  • After this, you can check your extracted files and simply exit from the software panel.

Prominent Features Offered by Automated Tool

  • Allows extracting PDF files in batch
  • Supports extracting all the images in one go
  • Provides feature to remove wrongly added files from the software panel
  • The tool gives you the feature to apply the image settings to filter out images
  • Support to give header-footer feature
  • Software always maintains the formatting of PDF files
  • The user gets different attachment filters
  • Allows extracting data from restricted or password-protected PDF files

These are some of the features of the PDF Extractor Tool. Now, let’s have a look at the manual solution as well.

Manual Solution to Extract Text from Locked PDF

We have mentioned the automated tool to get text from password-protected pdf files. Users can use that software, it is safe and secure to use. But, if you want to go for free methods then jump to the next section. Here we are going to discuss about manual methods to extract text from secured PDF file.

Extract Text from Locked PDF using GoogleDrive

Step1:- Login into Google Drive Account

  • Enter credentials and login to Google Drive, or create an account if you don’t have it.
  • Open the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • A pop-up window will appear, select the “Convert Uploaded Files to GoogleDocs Editor Format” option and hit “Done”.

Step2:- Upload the Password Protected PDF Files

  • Open Google Drive hit the New >> Upload Files option.
  • Now, drag and drop your password-protected PDF file in the Drive.
  • After adding the file, do a right-click on the file and click on “Open With”, then select “Google Docs” to open the file.
  • Now, simply copy all the data which you want to extract from the file.
  • Open any word document file or any file, and paste the copied data in it and save that respective file.
  • Or you can also click on the “File” option, from the drop-down list click on the “Download” button and then select the “Microsoft Word” option.

These are the steps of this manual method. If this method doesn’t work for you, then you can jump to the next solution.

Extract Text from Secured PDF File using Google Chrome

Follow the steps mentioned below to know the steps of this solution:-

  • Firstly, Open the folder where you have saved your PDF file.
  • Do a right-click on the file and go to the “Open With” option and then select the “Chrome” option.
  • Now, go and click on the print icon.
  • Select the “Save as PDF” option and again re-save the PDF document.
  • Here, install a PDF Reader application.
  • Open the recently save PDF files using the PDF reader application.
  • Now, copy the text which you want to extract and paste it into a Word document file as per your convenience.

Wrapping Up

In the above write-up, we have mentioned about multiple ways to extract text from locked PDF files. Users can opt for any of the above methods to get a text from password-protected PDFs. We suggest our users to opt for the professional method as it is safe and secure to use. But on the other hand, the manual method doesn’t provide a guarantee to safely extract text from the locked PDF documents.

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