Importance of Applications of Mathematics Learnt in School Days

Applications of Mathematics

Mathematics plays a very crucial part in our lives and so do its concepts. Formulas, algorithms and expressions are some of the most important aspects of mathematics that help us in daily life. It makes you move towards the path of smart work instead of hard work. There’s an old saying that quotes if you are smart in your mind, you will be counted smart overall. If anyone in this world will be asked to test someone’s smartness, it would be a mathematics question.

 If you are a dear friend of mathematics, you will be a dear friend to the world as well. This subject may be oddly boring to some students while others consider this as their favourite subject. HCF, LCM, factor multiplication, time distance formulas are something that should be understood by the heart. But the truth is that the world would not be able to function without the existence of maths. Therefore, if you want to be a working and successful individual who wants to live on his terms, you should be well versed with the basics of mathematics. Let us know about the importance of applications of mathematics that we have learned in school days: –

  1. Helps to manage the budget

Everyone uses some of their earnings for consumption purposes and some of those earnings are saved. But how much of your earning is to be saved or consumed depends upon the liabilities that you have to pay off. These liabilities include home rent, electricity bill, grocery bill etc. With the help of calculations through addition, subtraction etc. you will be able to find out your spendings and the rest of the amount can be saved. Calculating percentage is also a concept of maths that we use in daily life. It may be used while calculating an off percentage on the sale of shoes, grocery or clothes.

2. Helps to keep up the pace while working out

All of us have one such friend who hits the gym daily. But how are these people able to know about their ideal weight, mathematics has a role to play in that as well. A person undergoes hours of training or workout sessions just to keep his body fit. The ideal weight of a person’s body is calculated through BMI. This concept of BMI is taught to us in primary grades and its applications are used throughout life. The number of reps that one has to undergo while training is also a part of mathematics.

3. Used while driving

All of us have been taught speed, distance, time formulas, we hardly gave any importance to such formulas. Now, since this pandemic was at a peak for the last few months and its effect has dropped now, people are travelling everywhere. The time of travelling is calculated through the distance that one has to cover and all of this is dependent upon the speed. Those formulas may sound non-interesting at that time, but it rules our travelling journey. It helps us to make the right decision if we are able to reach on time or not if we would have to gear up with the speed etc.

4. Mathematics is used in weather forecasting

The chapter on probability is considered to be the student’s favourite chapter. Since it helps them to gain marks for free and isn’t a very complex formula. They love doing probabilities, as it is all about fun with mathematics. The weather forecasts are also based upon the concept of probability. If there is going to be a warm or sunny day today or if it is going to rain heavily, it depends upon the conditions of probability. Different concepts of mathematics are used in different scenarios and are dependent upon various factors. But all of these formulas make sense when understood deeply and keenly.

The top listed five applications of mathematics are those applications that we use the most. We never forget to hit the gym or count the money left in our wallets, and the existence of mathematical applications arises. Cuemath is one such reputed online mathematics platform that guides students based on real-life examples. It is important to understand the concept rather than just to cram it. Either you can rule the world by understanding the applications of mathematics or else the world will rule you. Get yourself enrolled with them and witness the best results.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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