New Christmas Decoration Ideas for This Holidays

Christmas Decoration Ideas

When it comes to Christmas decorations, people tend to shy away from new ideas. This could be due to fear of standing out or seeming to be anti-tradition. The truth is, there is no set theme that has been universally agreed for Christmas. Of course, you can have the Christmas trees and Christmas lighting, but decorations involve much more than those two. You can fully change the way your home looks and feels this Christmas holidays by trying out these cool new tricks.

Try Several Christmas Trees

The traditional image of a Christmas decoration setup usually involves one Christmas tree with Christmas lighting placed somewhere centrally. You can change things up a bit by having more than one tree and this will not only add more color but also liven up your whole living space. For homes with larger living rooms, having several trees makes the room cozier and this helps to bring the whole family together in a way you could never imagine. Some setups could involve replacing your normal indoor plants with smaller Christmas trees, each with different sets of Christmas lights.

To make this idea work even better, you could plan earlier in advance and plant your own trees of varying lengths or even of similar lengths. Then, if your family is big, each person could have their own tree and decorate it as they see fit. Try this out and see just how overwhelmingly impressed your visitors will be.

Get Different Types of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights add more character to your decorations and though the traditional shape and lighting in Christmas tree lights have largely remained the same, there are some stores with very unique lighting that can fully bring your home alive. Try different shapes, colors, tones and arrangements to make your tree livelier and your home cozier. You could also try arranging the lighting in new ways to lighten up the darker corners of your home.

Decorate Each Room Differently

Each room in your house serves a unique purpose. The bathrooms and bedrooms don’t have to be decorated the same. Since you are looking to change the mood in every room, you can decorate each with its own Christmas theme.  For example, the bedroom could have its own romantic Christmas theme with love hearts and roses. Red roses mixed with colored glass will add a magical effect to the bedrooms. The children’s room could also have different decorations for the boys’ and girls’ rooms. Of course, boys and girls want different things depending on their ages. So don’t think twice about adding some snacks to the Christmas tree or a few dolls instead of socks for the wall hangings.

The bathroom also needs some Christmas decorations designed to make it fresh and intimate. You could add some scented candles and a humidifier to get some good scents in the air. Dim lighting on the floor with Christmas themed mats could really add some of that extra mood. In essence, getting the right decoration for Christmas should be about what would make you feel happy and loved.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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