5 Top Salesforce Backup Apps Enterprise Users Can Consider

Salesforce Backup Apps

Salesforce is a powerful and functional CRM, which now lets enterprises across the globe improve their sales administration and productivity. By ensuring easy and increased conversion of the leads and with many addons available at AppExchange marketplace, you can now use Salesforce for even wider applications. Third party apps bring on more power and function to Salesforce as a CRM platform. In light of the need for Salesforce data backup, we will explore seven top-rated Marketplace apps that serve this purpose well.

Top Salesforce Backup Apps

  1. Conga Composer

This app exists from 2009 onwards and lit lets to create proposals, presentations, and many other important sales documents along with a backup of data. You can transform the objects and field data into detailed plans and documents using the Conga composer app. It also makes it easy to prepare the contracts instantly. You may do this by using simple tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. You can also use this tool to create custom quotes and invoices in PDF format and create HTML mailers with Conga. Conga Composer can be integrated with the Salesforce workflow without tampering with the existing rules to generate and distribute custom reports.

On Conga, you can also deliver the report completed over Google Drive and SpringCM apart from Salesforce. You can also send them as e-signatures with DocuSign,using Sertifi, and EchoSign, etc. Conga Composer also helps boost organizations’ productivity through various functions like triggering the events and scheduling solutions.

  1. FunnelSource

This comes under the analytical category, which is largely used for data analysis for forecasting.  FunnelSource is now considered as one of the top analytical applications on AppExchange. This app was first released in 2009 to increase the effectiveness of an organization’s sales, and it also features pipeline analytics to analyze the sales team’s performance.

Funnel sources can enable clean forecasting with more accuracy and precision. It can also help optimize data integrity, and you will also get the whole team together in a self-monitoring work environment. In its actual sense, FunnelSource will serve the purpose of Salesforce automation software in real-time. It also helps to automate the process and can further drive in more sales and add-on revenue.

  1. ClickTools

ClickTools was introduced in 2006 as a Customer Service app, which is a survey tool. It is there at the Salesforce AppExchange. Many Salesforce users leverage it as a very professional survey app. ClickTools can help get customer feedback through various web forms and call scripts for needed data. By gathering responses from customers, this tool can help integrate those and provide an appropriate context. It also enables the users to respond to customer feedback through personal communication. There is no wonder why ClickTools has become one of the best service apps in AppExchange.

  1. Apsona

Apsona is another wonderful Salesforce app, which is considered a big-time saver for the administrators while doing their tasks. With Apsona, it is now much easier to create dashboards, handle pivot tables and charts, etc. With many advanced features and support available, Apsona enables multi-object reporting and cross-object searches, etc.

Apsona will also let you carry out the data entry tasks with increased speed and enable you to carry out a mass update and object deletion. You may also use the CSV data files to import, update, and export objects. It can also support the processes like grid editing and offer a comprehensive calendar view for the date fields.Apsona will also make it possible to generate the documents through Excel, Word, PDF, and mail merging, etc.

  1. SalesGenius

This is a Salesforce app that comes under the marketing category, released in 2006. SalesGenius now offers various solutions in marketing automation, email marketing, and demand generation, etc. You can do the marketing on SalesGenius on various online platforms like social media, email, etc., and you can also do offline marketing through different channels. You can also create different automated campaigns for marketing and target the leads and prospects better. As soon as your prospects show readiness to buy your products and services, SalesGenius can notify the reps through the Genius Engagement Alerts.

Salesforce data backup

While considering the usage of third-party salesforce data backup apps for add-on functionality, it is also essential to consider the routine data backup and restoration avenues. When it comes to Salesforce data backup, it is also important to consider both data and metadata backup. There are many third-party apps available at the AppExchange marketplace in terms of Salesforce data backup too, which the users can explore.

Salesforce native solutions for backup

Salesforce has a lot of native backup solutions which are available to back up the data. Such solutions can take a copy of your data but cannot offer much in terms of automation. Let’s explore a few such options.

Data Export– This will let you perform the manual backup of data and scheduled backup through the Salesforce native UI. It can organize the data backup in CSV files, which can be retrieved the same way in case of any data loss.

Data Loader – It will let you export the data by using Data Loader. Data loader needs mainly manual steps; however, it can give you better control over the data you export.

Report Export – This is another simpler method for data exporting out of Salesforce with the user of a reporting interface.

Change Sets – This can be used for metadata back. With its use, you can use the Change for copying the metadata from one org to another.

Sandbox Refresh – With the Sandbox refresh, you will ideally be creating a parallel copy of the production Org.

Migration Tool of is another advanced data backup and migration tool, which can be run through CLI to migrate the changes between orgs.

With all these, in case of any disaster and you have left with no other avenues for data restoration, Salesforce offers their Data Recovery Service, which costs about $10,000 but may take many weeks to restore your data and metadata.

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