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Android launcher is an application that can add fun to your phone’s home screen or act as a personal assistant.

The lack of permanence makes the launcher quite different from the aftermarket firmware replacement (often called ROM), which has guided Android’s custom spirit since the operating system’s early days. According to AMTricks, using an Android launcher is easier than you thought. Our website features extensive and curated tech-related posts and tutorials, and the best tech news you will come across.


ROM is not just an application; it is essentially a different version of the Android operating system, designed to replace the operating services that come with the phone. Although they provide a powerful way to completely change mobile phones’ appearance and working methods, there are disadvantages to using ROMs.


The installation process can be daunting and lengthy, and you will most likely invalidate your phone’s warranty during the process. In addition, you may damage the phone, making it unusable. As a result, the popularity of ROMs has declined in recent years, and transmitters have replaced them. This change has a lot to do with the ease of installation of the starter.



Nova Launcher is fast, stylish, and highly customizable. It balances extensive appearance, utility customization, and minimal performance impact, allowing you to set the home screen just right without sacrificing performance. It is easy to import the previous launcher layout, has lots of customization options—strong support and stability.

However, all options can be overwhelming, and Theming may take a while.


Niagara is a streamlined Android launcher designed to put your apps and notifications at the forefront and center while minimizing other interference. Notifications are displayed directly on your home screen, and spam and persistent notifications are automatically filtered out. The application drawer will automatically display your favorite applications and also provide convenient letter shortcuts. It is very fast, has a quick setup, and has an easy-to-use interface. However, there are Very limited layout options, and its gestures sometimes overlap.


With its simple “flower” favorite grid and sorted application folders, Smart Launcher becomes one of the favorites. The latest version of Smart Launcher 5 adds a lot of features and improvements. It has a simple setup and simplified layout, the tabbed app drawer is great, it’s the fastest theme launcher, and it has the best home screen app gestures. However, you cannot place the icon at the top of the home screen, and advanced systems can be confusing.


If you want the Pixel function in your smartphone, the Hyperion launcher comes to the rescue! It is the first option in all Android launchers. Many features have been added to one of the Android launcher apps, and under the leadership of the volunteer team, the app will be updated regularly. The launcher of Android apps seems to be inspired by many futuristic launcher apps. Therefore, the Hyperion launcher app is one of Android’s free launchers, with many features similar to modern launcher apps and some other features. Its characteristics are– Hyperion Dock, its

Polychromatic, portrait, typesetting, custom grid size, Google smart gadgets.


It is for those who want a new look and feel. Compared to any other launcher app, this is a very clean and minimalistic app. They are more complex, and this app can provide an Android feel on non-Android phones. They are now building Lawnchair 3, but it is still in the early testing stage, so we are unsure when it will be available to ordinary users through Google Play. It is Easy; there is easy customization, Great community support, and Open-source. However, it is not in active development; Colour picker and category settings can be used to work, we cannot import from other launchers.


This provides you with a new home screen, so you can use your Android device more efficiently. Honestly, I like this app because it has a clean gesture, and I don’t need to find any app.

Microsoft Launcher is a familiar sight for Windows Phone users, and it’s easy to see why. The app is relatively straightforward, but it can be customized in many different ways. Microsoft Launcher has various features that you won’t find elsewhere, and it’s also known for its


It has a Good corporate integration with a Very active development team. However, its Settings need to be refined, and the two-story pier is strange.


It is one of the best home screen launcher applications for Android. It changes the overall appearance of the existing Android and adds additional new features for good measurement. Its transition animation, scrolling dock, and scrolling habits are simply amazing. The Apex Launcher is one of the top paid launchers for Android. It sorts the apps in the app drawer based on title, installation date, or frequency of use.

This app is better than Microsoft launcher due to its quick ability to customize. It helps you to customize your good-looking home screen into a beautiful home screen. Optimized for both phones and tablets. It has an advanced theme engine, convenient home screen gestures, and hides apps from the drawer.

The Android launcher we use makes our device more convenient and provides us with a higher level of experience using our device, and we get a fully customizable device.


If you choose a launcher, which one would you choose?

No matter which of these launchers you choose, the beauty of test launchers is that they all have a free tier, allowing you to get a real good performance on the launcher and its performance before you unlock additional features through the Pro upgrade. Suppose you have a launcher that you like. In that case, you should buy a professional key or contribute to the developer to constantly update the launcher and keep it alive.


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